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C.Chokkalingam R.Vinayakram
Pre-final year Pre-final year
Electronics and Communication Information Technology
Velammal Institute Of Technology Velammal Institute of Technology

ABSTRACT : always scans the person’s eyes for the blinks, if the
An automatic system to avoid almost all the reason doesn’t blink, the system can’t wake him
means of accidence could be developed using an up. And also if the tyres are in good condition or
integrated Smart System. The proposed method punctured condition there are no sensors to alert
uses a large number of topics such as alcohol the persons so accidents are automatically
detection and sleep avoidance, speed aggravated by this way.
governance, driver authentication, temperature
There is no system to maintain the temperature of
control etc. Similarly by using this system 90%
the product in container, because of which due to
of accidents caused by Lorries could prevented
some disturbance in travelling the product under
and at the same time loss of properties such as
goes tremendous change and the original form of
goods, vegetables, petrol, gasoline etc could be
product is disturbed. There is no system for sensing
avoided. This would ultimately help in prevent
the storm sensor in order to avoid fire accidents by
in loss of damage and losses occurred by
lightening. There is no external; covering to the
accidents. This paper is a first of its kind.
container to avoid such accidents. There are
systems for speed governance but no system to
Keywords: Alcohol detection, speed governance,
control the speed based on the load on the
authentication system.
container which protect the lorry from overturning
due to velocity greater than critical one. There is
Existing system: The existing system only no system to avoid corrosion by acid rains which
consists of detecting whether the driver is drunk or may affect the product in theContainer. There is no
not by using manual alcohol detectors used by the system for authentication of drivers.However all
cops.So the new system already has automatically these flaws are eliminated by our system.
detects the alcohol smell in the cabin. Also it
Introduction: same time also make alcohol smell sensor which
would eliminate the accidents occurred due to
The main aim of this project is to build a system drunk and drive.
that avoids 90% of accidents and at the same time
the material losses are also minimized to TYRE CONDITION DETECTION:
considerable extent. This project aims on
The system would allow developing a system
developing a system which would actually
which would sense the tyre condition and set alarm
minimize all the possibilities of truck accidents.
if its burst or punctured. So the driver could action
The first aim is to create a system which would be
regarding the condition of tyre. The sensors are
used for sleep mode deactivation and drug or
used similar to the sensors used in F1 races. A
alcohol detection. Similarly this system would
camera is supposed to be fixed inorder to monitor
allow developing a system which would sense the
the condition of rear tyres.
tyre condition and set alarm if its burst or
punctured. Further a GPS system would able the GPS SYSTEM
driver to decide which route has more traffic or bad
road condition which would cut short the The company would give would track the truck’s
transportation cost . The next feature is to develop position, its speed and also guide him to take the
a system which would help to maintain the shortest route possible or bad road condition.
temperature in the container ultimately maintaining When it comes for government projects the current
the product consistency and also develop a layer traffic about the location concerned can also be
coating which would be a inert element thus updated to the truck driver, which would cut short
protecting the element or product. The other the transportation cost.
feature is the development of speed governance.
Along load weight sensor ultimately maintain the
speed based on the load in the container. All the
above mentioned systems are integrated by a micro
controller and thus synchronizing every systems
activity together. Hence this system would not
allow accidents because of the over speed due to
velocity greater than the critical velocity.

Proposed system:

The blue eye technology is designed whether the
driver has slept for sufficient time or not and will
alarm the system and it would be used to wake the
person if he doesn’t blink his eyelid and at the
BURST AVOIDANCE SYSTEM: The future works related to this work can be that
The temperature controller and burst avoidance the entire vehicle can be controlled on the basis of
system aims on burst avoidance by sensing of the the biometrics which could be used to control the
current temperature and checking with the speed of the vehicle by brain activity. The pit
abnormal change in temperature conditions inside identifying system is would to developed in order
the container of the truck. A pipeline containing to identify pits in water stagnant conditions. An
water is been placed in the inner part of the idea of fully automated driving system is also to be
container and the water will be sprinkled based on developed in future.. This would be implemented
the intensity of the fire inside the system. in almost all the vehicles in the near future. by this
the Artificial intelligence system of vehicle could
take immediate actions in the case of accidents.
The specialty of our system here is enabled in
Thus the system aims on 95% accident avoidance.
order to protect the product from acid rain and at
However the cost of implementation is bit costlier
the same time from storm lightening. When there is
than the normal price tag which could mostly
acid rain the system would automatically cover up
affordable for the projects of the government
the product by a special layer which would be inert
related to the R&D. This system could be
to acid rain. Ultimately it would protect he product
converted to also a vehicle compatible with the
consistency. Similarly whenever there is
arms and ammunition which could be used in
lightening, it could cause the product to burst out if
military relating projects.
the product is inflammable in nature.
The speed governance system in this system is 2.
different from the normal one that exists today. //
This system governs the speed of the vehicle
depending on the load in the container. The torque
that is required is decided on the basis of the load
in the vehicle. The torque is directly dependent of 5.
the load. This helps to control the critical velocity
of the vehicle on the drive over the curves 6.
preventing it from overturning, thus preventing the TemperatureSensors
accidents on the road.