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My name is Ahmad Iqbal Rahmaddan, I studied in the University of HKBP Nommensen and I

took department of English, Group D.

And this is about my diary :

Date 09-09-2016

My first day of college, but unfortunately I'm not on the first day because I was still confused
look at his schedule. I did that last Monday came to college, but I went straight home because
still confused look at the class schedule Nommensen and I lecture on the second day.

Date 10-09-2016

Second day of school, after the first day I did not study at Nommensen. After I went to college
and met well acquainted with many friends in English majors, as well as in other majors. The
first person who shook hands with me is Francus, he is my good friend. He his the humorous,
clever, and interested. Then, I met again with another friend named Suriadi. He is also a good

Date 11-09-2016

The third day of college , our college has started lessons at Nomensen . First , we start the
lesson Speaking 1 at the time. We all introduced ourselves to our friends and to other
professors who teach Speaking to us .

Date 12-09-2016

Fourth day of college , we entered the Grammar 1 lesson taught by professor Sir Dedi
Suresman . We also have not started the lesson at that time and we just
Introduce our selves respectively .

Date 13-09-2016

Fifth day of college , we did not go to college because there is no schedule . So I help parents
in my stall and as usual I did my activities all day.

Date 14-09-2016

Sixth day of college , we entered the Islamic lessons by Sahaluddin pack and we still
introduction at that time . Not to start our lesson, but I'm starting to get acquainted with my
comrades there age.

Date 15-09-2016

Sunday was a beautiful day for me . As usual I woke up late in the morning but every so often
and I 've used up a long time ago like it . Because , to me that Sunday is a day of peace and
quiet. But, do not forget I'm also helping my parents her every day .
Date 16-09-2016

Begin classes in its second week and all of my live was fun , but do not forget to also focus on
the lesson. On that day I came there , but there is no schedule for me and there I was Monday
met with Rizky my friends who are Muslims too . But , just for Christians who have a schedule
that is subject of Christianity because , Reading lesson lessons substituted for Tuesday . So ,
we both go home and come back tomorrow.

Date 17-09-2016

We come to college and start a lesson by Sir Rev. Reading 1 . Partohap Sihombing . We
started the lesson on Sport 1 , entitled " Team Choosen " . We followed that lesson well
without any constraint . And then we were up again at 2 with subjects English Basic
Competence 1 by Miss Bernieke

Date 18-09-2016

We begin with a lecture course by Ma'am Mona Speaking 1 . Ma'am Mona teach well and
politely . I like the same as Ma'am Mona , his people is pretty and sweet .
I'm happy with her and also to the lessons he taught us .

Date 19-09-2016

On the same day we also started with a lecture course Introduction to Education by Mr.
Janwar Tambunan and our members have direct task , which is also in the book and write a
paper about the percentage of our subjects.

Date 20-09-2016

That day we also attending in Grammar 1 by Sir Dedi Suresman and initiate courses of Noun .
I like the same Sir Dedi because of his humorous person , like to make us all laugh . Anyway ,
it was fun at the time.

Date 21-09-2016

Saturday bright , I came to Nommensen following the lecture by Mr. Sahaluddin Islam and
the father was taught well and there is also a bit of his humor . But , the father was always
the focus with her lessons .
Date 22-09-2016

As usual in Sunday I woke up late , because I stayed up late every night of the week and
always online until midnight . I was up late , every day of the week is always wake up at 10 .
But , do not forget to help parents always too and if there is free time I walk around this
Siantar .

Date 23-09-2016

On Monday her every week because I do not go to college , it was my day off . There are no
scheduled classes every Monday , so I'm helping my parents and keep my little sister at
Date 24-09-20113

The third week , I went to college with his usual subjects English Basic Competence 1 . After
college , I went home and immediately keep my sister . And , I do not forget to rest as his
usual .

Date 25-09-2016

Speaking courses start first by Ma'am Mona and we immediately forward to the bench
talking to a friend about our topic language week ago . There , we practice direct
conversations so that we 'll get used to things like that .

Date 26-09-2016

We entered the lecture Introduction to Education by Mr. Janwar Tambunan and discuss the
topic of Chapter 3 on education as a system . After that , I went home to perform daily
activities .

Date 27-09-2016

I came to Nommensen to follow courses Grammar 1 by Sir Dedi is funny and fun . As usual ,
Sir Dedi always provide good service . Besides, we learn , sir it also makes jokes that made us
laugh till .

Date 28-09-2016

Islam begin classes by Mr. Sahaluddin , after we want to go home . However , our senior
brother and brother came to announce to anyone who would follow the Muslim Maskrab on
next October 19 and pay the fee Maskrab of 155 thousand corresponding the department
quoted each of which have been previously been treasurer .

Date 29-09-2016

His usual Sunday , I always wake up late . But , do not forget also to faithfully help my parents
at home . After all is done, I go play and do not forget to come home to work on my other
activities .

Date 30-09-2016

On Monday , as usual I did not go to college . I helped my parents to selling , and after helping
my parents , I keep my sister is the smallest in the house and do not forget to feed him and
put him to bed .

Date 01-10-2016

Tuesday , I went to Nommnesen to begin classes as usual . I listened to the courses of Danger
In The Desert by Sir Pdt . Partohap , and he always gives science beyond material provided by
our faculty .
Date 02-10-2016

By the fourth week I was in college , I prayed to begin our lesson is Speaking 1 by Mona
ma'am . Once finished , we went straight home respectively . Not forgetting also , I helped my
parents in the stalls and also keep my sister .

Date 05-10-2016

Wednesday , we start the lesson Introduction to Education by Mr. Tambunan Janwar on topic
Chapters 4 to 12 noon . And , after coming home I helped my parents as usual .

Date 04-10-2016

Thursday , as always learn Grammar 1 by Sir Michael will provide humorous until 7pm . Once
home , I helped my parents to close our shop because , it was already starting to show at 8
pm .

Date 05-10-2016

On Saturday , we started the Islamic religion lessons and after we got home . However , our
senior sister and brother back for the second time to discuss Muslim Maskrab and provide
guidance as well as a notice to be given to each parent .

Date 06-10-2016

As usual , the week I always wake up late and always help my parents as usual . After its all
done , I went for a walk for a moment to release fatigue .

Date 07-10-2016

As usual I did not go to college because , there is no timetable . So , I helped my parents in a

stall and keep my sister and give food to my little sister and put her to sleep .

Date 08-10-2016

I went to college as usual , with courses Reading 1 to 10 hours , it usually describes Sir lesson
and at the same time dealing with the sciences which he gave to another . And furthermore ,
in connection with subjects English Basic Competence by Miss Bernieke .

Date 09-10-2016

Introduction to Education courses start Chapter 5 by Mr. Janwar Tambunan . While explaining
the material , the father was also an example that relates to the material provided . After that
, we worked on the material in Chapter 5 with a group of friends .
Date 10-10-2016

At 4 o'clock I left the house and arrived about 4:20 o'clock in Nommensen to start lectures on
Noun Clause , Adjective Clause, and Adverb Clause. As always his , Sir Dedi Suresman always
giving the funny thing in addition to the material provided by it .

Date 11-10-2016

I did not enter college until next week , because there was a meeting in the Auditorium
Nommensen HKBP pastor during the week . So , I helped my parents like his usual and also
keep my sister .

Date 12-10-2016

The second day I was off , his usual activities I do that , always helping my parents sell . In
addition, also , I do the work that so many are given by the lecturer . So , I'm doing it while
playing games online on facebook .

Date 13-10-2016

Sunday morning , I woke my dad at 5 to find Sampoerna cigarette box . We surrounded

Siantar city , to seek cigarette box . Once we find him, we eat rice cake which was near the
Office of the Director General of Taxation Siantar .

Date 14-10-2016

On Monday , we sell as usual and I even helped my parents . After that , I keep my sister
while I was online in the virtual world .

Date 15-10-2016

Tuesday is the feast of our great Muslim Eid al -Adha is . And , because we were not selling , a
great day for Muslims . Slaughtering sacrificial animals carried everywhere and our family
also gets the meat . Then , I took it in the mosque of Al - Munawarah at jln . Dr. . Wahidin .
After I took it , and then my mother cook . Really delicious aroma making me hungry .

Date 16-10-2016

On Wednesday , we 're back after a sell off after the feast of sacrifice . Although , the feast of
sacrifice is over but , when it does not bias forgotten . Moreover , the rest of the meat is
cooked rendang last night and I still have some left over which depletes .

Date 17-10-2016

Thursday , I helped my parents sell . After I took my sister to the smallest school , I went back
to did many task of lecturers .

Date 18-10-2016

Friday , as usual which I do every day is to help my parents who work and also at home to
accompany my sister to wait for Friday prayers prayer . I was rushed leaving Friday prayers
every day .
Date 19-10-2016

Saturday to be exact , I went to Tuk - Tuk on Samosir Island Siadong in order to attend the
activities of Muslim Maskrab held 19-20 October 2016 . On that day , I was happy because I
set off at once the streets after bored at home kept no roads anywhere. There , I was active
to followed events who given our senior sister and brother and also I became acquainted
with some English friends of the department and outside the department English. And , there
also I was interested in one girl named Novi usual call Ofi . He majors English department also
like me , but he was in group A. I love him but I'm ashamed of my feelings to her because I'm
her shy .

Date 20-10-2016

On the Sunday , we were members of the Muslim Maskrab home from there . After a few
days we were there, we quite enjoyed the scenery there. Although somewhat pretty tired
and some are sick , my friends until there are angry because of this activity . He said the
activities of Muslim Maskrab not good . But , according to me it's nothing like I imagined .
Instead , the Muslim Maskrab makes me very happy and would like to add more time
Maskrab Muslim .

Date 21-10-2016

After returning from the Tuk - Tuk , I went back to do my day-to- day activities as usual .
Muslim Maskrab activity was still lingering in my mind , because the happy moments I passed
with my friends . Would have loved to , I repeat as I followed the Muslim Maskrab .

Date 22-10-2016

As usual , I always helped my parents to open a shop . Then , after all finished I left for college
to attend courses Reading I by Sir Pdt . Partohap Sihombing . And later connected with
English Basic Competence I by Bernieke miss . At Miss Bernieke lesson , we were all in order
to make a short story on the topic of the Present Continuous Tense . After that , I ventured to
come forward to make short story and then I was nervous and shaking up , all my stories
awry . But , it does not matter what his name is also learned for sure there was a mistake that
we make .

Date 23-10-2016

I came there to attend courses Speaking I by Mona ma'am . Ma'am Mona explained well and
told us to do the exercises in the book , but then Ma'am Mona was upset because she did not
like her if there are students who do not say a word to her liking . If doing it again , he did not
hesitate to eject us if there is noise she did not like . Then , we promise not to do it again .

Date 24-10-2016

On Thursday , we started the course Introduction to Education by Mr. J.Tambunan of

educational foundations . After completion of the discussion , we were told by Sir Janwar to
create a group to discuss the foundations of education . However , we are doing nothing
because the father was out because of some business he had to do . There also are working
but some are not .
Date 25-10-2016

On Friday , we started our lessons as usual her . We start courses Grammar I by Sir Dedi
Suresman . As usual , Sir was always making jokes that always made us laugh . Each of the
courses he taught , is always on the side it always makes us laugh . Sir Dedi is a lecturer of the
nicest and funniest .

Date 26-10-2016

We started the lesson by Mr. Salahuddin Islamic religion at 8 am Saturday . I met again with
my friends who used to follow the Muslim Maskrab weeks ago . Many mutual courtesies
scolds me and some are not familiar with me , because there are also some of my friends who
do not follow the Muslim Maskrab . So , they are less familiar with one another . However , I
know almost all of my friends even though not all of us including the men . We have 9 men
and followed the Muslim Maskrab last week , so we know each other . And , I also met a girl
named Ofi ago minngu Maskrab also Muslim . I saw him and he saw me , but he's a little bit
cool . I do not know why he's like that or maybe he pretended not to know me or the other ,
but I should not think like that . After completion of the course the religion of Islam , then I
went and met him under a tree on campus . I say hello to him who was playing with his
laptop named Bella , and then I went to those who are working on their group assignment .
And there , they started to bother me , especially friends who endlessly to seduce me .
Meanwhile , he saw impressed me ignorant but that's okay . I'm pretty patient wrote to face
him .

Date 27-10-2016

As usual , on Sunday, I always wake up late because often stay up too late at night . However
, this Sunday my parents went for a gathering at 1 pm next to the place. So , I keep both my
sister in the house at the same time I'm online on my laptop as usual which I always do .

Date 28-10-2016

As usual it on Monday , we did not go to college because we were not there usually as
schedule . So , I always helped my parents and do not forget to keep and euthanize my sister
as I usually do .

Date 29-10-2016

On Tuesday , we started the Basic Competence English courses I by Miss Bernieke for the last
week because we will followed midterms . But , before we follow the course we listen to the
examination materials will be exam later . After the lecturer gives the material ingredients ,
we then study at home.

Date 30-10-2016

Wednesday morning , we start the lesson by Ma'am Mona Speaking I and we were told one
by one to come forward for the presentation of tourism in each country . So , after all I was
called the next is the last to come forward . There , I was very nervous until I hold my hands
shaking all the books . But , I remain confident for the future and his present was not in its
guess I read so fast and smooth to shock my friends .
Date 31-10-2016

The next day , we entered the introductory lesson by Mr. J.Tambunan education . The man
gave the last material that is Chapter 6 , and after the father had explained we were told to
discuss it as a group . After that , we go home because time had expired .

Date 01-11-2016

Friday afternoon , we entered the lecture by Sir Dedi Suresman . Sir was explaining the
material he taught for midterms later . But , do not forget also to continue to provide humor
to us all . We all burst out laughing because , given by Sir joke was .

Date 02-11-2016

Sunday , our family is preparing a social gathering of friends SMP father .

I helped my father in the stall event , because the event was held at my shop . After
completion of the event , and my parents went to a party .
Date 03-11-2016

Sunday , our family is preparing a social gathering of friends SMP father .

I helped my father in the stall event , because the event was held at my shop . After
completion of the event , and my parents went to a party .

Date 04-11-2016

The first day I had midterms the Introduction to Education course , I really do not know what
you want me to answer . Because , I do not study at home . I kept messing around and never
learn , but oddly enough I still remember when the first study and answer the questions that I
still remember when studying Introduction to Education .

Date 05-11-2016

Tuesday , I did not go for a holiday no exam schedules . So , as I usually do is help my parents
and my sister keep at home .

Date 06-11-2016

The next day , I entered the second day on the midterm courses Reading I. I can answer that
question , though I'm not sure that the answer is I do not fill it all right .

Date 07-11-2016

Today, we did not get in because there are no scheduled exams . So , I and my friends came
and gathered on campus to discuss the exam Speaking first to be held tomorrow and also
gave the task that has been ordered by Mona ma'am . We joked laughter at this beloved
campus as well as doing our job .
Date 08-11-2016:

On Friday afternoon, we followed the Reading test with a fairly strict supervision of the
supervisor. I was told to move to sit in the front but, I do not want to. Then, I do the exam I
could. And finally, I finished well all though it's rather difficult.

Date 09-11-2016 :

On Saturday , I again followed midterms and this time the subjects are Introduction to
Education . I was quite confused as well to answer questions about eye exam because the
test requires the mind . But , I'm sure I can answer it and finally finished .

Date 10-11-2016 :

Day of the week as usual , I always wake up late . Because , this is the end of pecans so I kind
of relaxed a little bit even though the test has not been completed . As usual , the activities
that I do and I go out to refresh the mind . And in the evening , I want to study for tomorrow
exam .

Date 11-11-2016 :

Today, I followed the last exam that tests English Basic Competence . Whereas in the last
exam schedule on November 10 , 2016, but because it was the day of the week so replaced
Monday . I also completed all the exam questions , although a bit difficult as well but I sure
can . Then , I went with my friends to relieve boredom after the duration of the test .

Date 12-11-2016 :

On this day , I do not study for a holiday after a week following the midterms . So , as usual I
always help my parents and my sister keep at home .

Date 13-11-2016 :

Today, I'm so bored at home once because I kept no roads . But where else would like , it has
been my activities as usual so I had to get used to it all . I will never give up in life .

Date 14-11-2016 :

Thursday morning , a beautiful day for me and as always I'm always working on my activities
every day . I always get up early to help my parents , but I was always a passion to do it .

Date 15-11-2016 :

On Friday , the day which is quite bright in the morning because I was a bit lazy today too .
Although , I always work on my day-to- day activities but I never made a mistake in my life
every day .
Date 16-11-2016 :

As of today , I'm happy because I love people who always call me . In fact , she was my only
close friends but I do not know why . Maybe , I like him but he has no girlfriend . So , I can just
limited to friends with him .

Date 17-11-2016 :

As usual in the week , I always wake up late because I was already a habit . Until my mother
sometimes scream to wake me , but fortunately he was not alone watering me with the
water . It's funny that I remember the past .

Date 18-11-2016 :

First day of school, after the length of the holiday at the end of midterms . I'm bored at home
constantly, so I'd better be on campus to gather together with my good friends.

Date 19-11-2016 :

Tuesday morning , I entered the Reading course by our faculty . He , discuss the chapter in the
book . He explained about the discussion and also connects with everyday life . I like the way
lecturers teach like that , although he sounds a bit small .
And furthermore , the Basic Competence English courses by our lecturers are gorgeous .
Though beautiful , she is also a bit chatty .

Date 20-11-2016:

On Wednesday afternoon, I came to the campus to attend courses Speaking by Mona ma'am.
On this occasion, he gave material with a happy face and we were delighted with the given
subject by Mona ma'am.

Date 21-11-2016 :

Thursday morning at 10 , I came to the campus to discuss the papers that we have done and I
was sitting with my close friends are my dear . We are eager to compete for asking questions
that we made , but I just is not so eager to ask a question . That's because it is caused by,
feeling lazy and I do not know what should I replied .

Date 22-11-2016 :

On this day , I am the spirit to leave college because I will come to campus to meet with the
people I love and also met with a humorous lecturer . I will not forget the time very happy .
Date 23-11-2016 :

Saturday morning , I attended a course of Islamic religion and my arrival was greeted by my
friends that the men and they greet me . They had been friends I consider as my own
compact , but yet close times . We did the usual course to undergo this friendship , but not so
close times .

Date 24-11-2016 :

On the day of the week usually , I always wake up late and after I helped my parents . After
all finished , I went with my cousin to the streets to get rid of the sense of boredom at home .

Date 25-11-2016 :

On this day , I do not go to college as usual because there is no timetable . So , such activity is
usually what I do to help my parents sell and do not forget to euthanize my sister most small
and keep at home .

Date 26-11-2016 :

As of today , I'm really scared because I did not Reading assignment and I was dating late to
campus . Once there , I was about providing my duty and my professor did not accept it
because the reason we're late . I was really disappointed and did not get any value and I
decided to do it all .

Date 27-11-2016 :

Today is a rather disappointing to me because of my close friend named Sarah she always
makes me disappointed and he always ignored me . In fact , I love him but the way he was
always just makes me upset and disappointed .

Date 28-11-2016 :

Thursday morning , I and the group will discuss our papers in class on chapter 3 and I was the
first opening with speeches and words of thanks . I was really nervous and shaking when it
brought the opening of our paper , but in the end I may as well finish held a question and
answer about our paper .

Date 29-11-2016 :

Friday afternoon , I came to the campus to attend the course as usual and I was wearing a
blue dress shirt that made my classmates at all surprised and also make surprisingly close
friends . In fact , I was late and Sir Dedi was angry with me and says I'm always late every day
, but not really what he said . We also gave him the task order and all our work is rejected
because there is the same , its just one of my friends who received other duties because of
the other . As well with me , my job was also denied by our professors that. I'm really
disappointed and really upset about it .
Date 30-11-2016 :

I came to campus today at 8 am and I was late , because I was helping my parents around 6.
And as soon as I quickly came to the campus , after we got there, I sat down with my good
friends and they also provide a place to sit empty for me . They were really nice to me and I
was glad that day .

Date 01-12-2016 :

Early in December 2016 exactly on the day of the week , I always do my activities as usual . I
always wake up late every day a week , I do not care though because early entry has been my
habit . I wonder why I can be like this , no change at all and I was always trying to change all
my bad habits .

Date 02-12-2016 :

On Monday usually , I do not come to school because my schedule does not exist . So , I
helped my parents in the shop and do not forget to keep my little sister in the house .

Date 03-12-2016 :

Tuesday morning , I was waiting for my close friend named Sarah on campus that day . Then ,
I met with a friend he was also on campus . So , we decided to wait for him together because ,
I want to ask my reading books that have been borrowed by him . I got tired of waiting for
him as well , he take forever . In the end , he came with haste , but I really love it when near
him . Then , we went in together .

Date 04-12-2016 :

Wednesday afternoon , I came to the campus to attend courses taught by lecturers speaking
we called Ma'am Mona . I was very pleased with the way he's teaching and he also is an
adjunct professor and lecturer pretty sweet .

Date 05-12-2016 :

Today, we return to a percentage of our paper and there is now the turn of another group
after our group . I can only read the text given by their group , and I want to ask a question
but I do not know what would make inquiries . So , I just could not say anything in my seat to
face upset and disappointed especially at the Sarah , my best friend .

Date 06-12-2016 :

Friday afternoon , I was late and also some of my other friends . Our lecturer named Sir Dedi
Suresman punish us , especially me . Sir was telling me to buy him juice as punishment . I was
upset , but that's okay . Maybe it was an appropriate punishment I received .
Date 07-12-2016 :

Saturday morning , as usual I came to the campus to attend religious courses are delivered by
our faculty . So , I came late as well as an overnight thing but , my professors still always good
to all students . I also like the way the father was teaching , although somewhat less
understand a little but I still concentration .

Date 08-12-2016 :

Day of the week , I always wake up late because influence sleep until late at night . So with a
sleepy face , my mother woke me up to tell fetch some ingredients such as vegetable , corn ,
oil , eggs , and cooked noodles in a stall for my house .

Date 09-12-2016 :

Today, I did not go to college because I had no class schedules . So , I helped my parents in the
shop at the same time I was playing a laptop also to eliminate boredom . After that , I tuck my
brother and keep it at home .

Date 10-12-2016 :

Today, I came to the campus to attend courses taught Reading by Sir Partohap but I came too
late . So , with shy haste and I walked into the classroom . Once I got in , I follow the lessons
as usual .

Date 11-12-2016 :

Today, we entered Speaking to follow courses taught by Mona ma'am . We only studied for 1
hour , because Christians would attend a Christmas event held in the hall of our campus . So ,
I went home and my close friend Sarah who is unfortunately also the most I have to attend
the event . He asked me to wait until the show is finished , but it is impossible for her show
up at 8 tonight . So , we both decided to just short message and asked him how the show
progresses and he said that if the show is a bit messy and up to a misunderstanding . But , I
still make him keep the spirit .

Date 12-12-2016 :

Today, I was upset at her because she does not care coupled with a misunderstanding of
conflict over the Christmas show last night . So , we finally have been quietly alone and no
one said a word . He did not seem to care about me , so I was so well with him . I just get a
peek at what he was doing because he sit together with me , but she was still so well . And in
the end after coming home , he gave me a message whose content he wants to ask for his
money back since that day I 've borrowed money . After that , he wants to tell me to ask what
happened to me and I can only say " it's okay " to him . After our story at length with him , I
went home with her with listless face .
Date 13-12-2016 :

Friday afternoon , I came to follow Grammar courses taught by our faculty are funny . He
always asks about the topics we discuss mainly to my best friend , Sarah . He was a shy
person , when asked he could only smile alone . He did so from the first , and I do not know
why she could only smile and laugh when asked by each lecturer . Thus , he was always being
targeted by our lecturer named Sir Dedi Suresman .

Date 14-12-2016 :

On Saturday , I came to college with a well-dressed and good . I came late and went inside to
the room to follow the Islamic religious lessons are taught by our faculty . And , my friends
are men always making something funny to make all my classmates laughed all .

Date 15-12-2016 :

Sunday morning was sunny , cool , and peace . I got up with the lazy and sleepy face , because
I always sleep late until midnight. I do it every day of the week only , if the days are usually
not able to do because I'm afraid I'm too late .

Date 16-12-2016 :

During this week , I and my friends last to follow the course of our faculty . Next week is
already off , because the Christmas holidays of 2016 and New Year 2014. In fact , I did not go
today because as usual there is no timetable . So , I helped my parents as usual in the shop .

Date 17-12-2016 :

Tuesday morning , I came to the campus to attend courses Reading by our faculty . Once
finished with the material being taught , we went home and then I came to the campus at 2
pm to follow the Basic Competence English courses . We all complain , our lecturer named
Miss Bernieke provide enough task for us because next week is already the Christmas and
New Year's holidays . So we were quite troublesome as well , because not only from her
alone . From our other lecturer was also so , provide considerable task . So , we would not
want to do the project work that much so we do not forget to learn at home , despite the
Christmas and New Year holiday for 2 weeks .
Date 18-12-2016:

Today, I came to the campus to attend courses Speaking by our faculty. Such things
yesterday, our lecturer also provides considerable task and quite complicated. After
discussing the subject in the last chapter, he gives two assignments to us all. The first, the
task of the book and told us to make our activities in 1 day starting from morning till night in
the English language. Secondly, to my diverse Christians to bring their New Year cakes on
January 6, 2014. Our lecturer told them, to bring the cake and explain the procedure of
making their own cake. This second task, a group with friends one bench to present materials
and ways of making their own cakes except for those Muslims who have 2 people only, I and

Date 19-12-2016 :

Today is our last day to follow the course " Introduction to Education " . Next is another
group in my office , and they divide the text right from their papers . We also listen to it , not
least by me . However , I could just sit and read , and I 'd like to ask a question but , I still can’t
do it.

Date 20-12-2016:

Today is also the last day for us to learn and also to collect the duty to fix our bad quiz grades.
On Friday last, we were already collecting task but we all pretty much the same task. So, our
professor was rejected. Finally, our professor told us to look for any books about the English
language. Then, I took the book on speaking and writing a summary. My lecturer said to
remember what the core of our job, but we could not. In the end, we all gathered tasks have
told him to fix our values.

Date 21-12-2016 :

Saturday is also the last day to study religion together with friends - my theme . After our
faculty teach all the material , the sudden coming of our senior brother on campus when we
wanted to go home . He said , that we are all participating in the study were held in mosques
eraser once a month . Apparently, not many of my friends who participated in this study . So ,
I was also taking part in this event because , for me this activity is a positive activity .
However , the activities of lectures held in January 2014 , precisely on Saturday at 10.00 .

Date 22-12-2016 :

Day of the week , I always woke up late with a sleepy face . So , I woke up at 10 am and
rushed to shower , eat , and work on my activities . After that , I went out of the house to get
rid of boredom .
Date 23-12-2016:

Today I did not study for 2 weeks because, Christmas and New Year's holidays. So, this is my
first day off and I just stay home. In fact, I'd love a walk to where my uncle is in Medan. But, I
can’t because I am helping my parents sell. So, inevitably I had to help my parents and also do
the work that many of my professors in college that I started from today and I'm also in the
online virtual world.

Date 24-12-2016 :

The second day , I'm on vacation and I'm back doing my work in the shop . I work seriously ,
so that later I do not think of my job that much . So , little by little I repay my assignment
from the lecturer .

Date 25-12-2016 :

Every day , I do the work of the faculty and do it sincerely . Because , every day I do the work
of lecturers then slowly began to diminish my job . That's because I was diligently working on
the task properly , even though it is a holiday .

Date 26-12-2016 :

This Thursday , I'm back doing my duty as usual . Today also , I 'm working on the Basic
Competence English assignment carefully . After all the tasks I do, I was online on a laptop to
relieve boredom .

Date 27-12-2016 :

I relax for a moment on this day , although I have not completed all the tasks I'm working on.
But , I still remember when I was there duty . So , I spend some of my time to shop online and
look for papers for all religions unfinished task . After that , I was rushed to the shower
because I was leaving Friday prayers at the mosque .

Date 28-12-2016:

Today we are quick to close our shop because this afternoon around 3, I and the family want
to go to my village to commemorate the death of 2-year grandmother from my father. So,
before leaving my father told me to buy bread and cake for my aunt and uncle who were
kampong. But, when we already want to leave all of a sudden heavy rain came and forced us
had to wait in the house until the rain stopped. We set off together, though not as swift as
the rain was only light rain only. I, my mother, and my sister set off by bus while, my father
boarded the train. Once there, I shook hands with my aunt and uncle who were in the village.
After that, the show was held in the evening after Maghrib prayer time is finished.
Date 29-12-2016 :

Sunday I was still in the village and today also we are planning to rush home to Siantar ,
because there is still work to be there that we do . So , around 10 am we set out to return
back to Siantar and not forget us all as a family to go home to say goodbye . Before going
home , my uncle gave us Rambutan’s fruit and Cempedak’s fruit much as 1 sack . I was very
happy when he received the first sack of fruit from my uncle and I would also like to thank my
uncle .

Date 30-12-2016 :

On Monday , as usual activities I do every day . This time , I re- do the work of the campus .
I'm working on term papers religion , but I'm just looking for from the internet and have not
been fully worked because I was lazy to do it .

Date 31-12-2016 :

Today is the last day in the year 2016 and welcome the New Year 2014. I see a lot of people
who go along with their lover , while I could only see them making out because I do not have
a boyfriend . So , I decided to take a stroll with my cousin to see the New Year's Eve . Then , I
bought a trumpet -shaped tube and my cousin did not buy anything around 8pm . Then , I
around with my cousin brother to monitor any location where fireworks are held . Fireworks
no longer held in the field H.Adam Malik , because the mayor has planted many trees around
the field . Many people who protest and also insulting the mayor because tree planting is
done in the field . I and also my cousin brother , his final monitor the location of the first
fireworks that are in Jln . Farrel Pasaribu precisely in such a vast field . Not so many people
present at the spot , because most people do not know the place and also not so crowded
place to visit . So , I just saw a few people who live in that area alone , and there is also
nothing that comes from outside the district . I saw a concert that were there along with
artists from the province as well . Then , I went home from that place and headed to the
location of the fireworks are both located on Jl . Sangnaualuh her right in the field dorm
Brimob , Siantar . I see , so crowded and congested vehicles of people who bring their lover . I
also see there are also concerts held there before the fireworks started and I put my cousin
brother also train outside the dorm side . Once we sat on the train about 30 minutes and then
we go home , because we were tired of waiting in that spot . After that , I went back with my
cousin brother , riding his father's wagon and we went to a boarding Brimob . But , do not
forget I also rang the trumpet that I bought earlier with a vengeance to the other riders and
the communities that exist around us see when I honk the horn . About 100 meters from the
hostel Mobile Brigade , already there is congestion on the road . There have been many who
crossed the road and rail riders are mostly on the road , plus heavy trucks as well as cars .
Then , I and my cousin sister drove slowly to the train for fear of accidents . Upon arriving
there , there is no place for us and plus a lot of police patrolling around the dorm . Finally , we
went home and did not get to see a very happy event in the New Year's Eve . Over in the way
, I also rang the trumpet that I bought premises so hard that many people are seeing .
Suddenly , I sound the trumpet that it broke and fell in the middle of the road . Indeed , it is
the trumpet model of unloading and pairs so that's how that happened . Terompetku part of
it fell in the middle of the road, how embarrassed I was at that point so I did not dare to take
the trumpet part that I fell in the middle of the road . So , I told my cousin not to take part
that fell off my trumpet and added it again as many vehicles were speeding , I'm afraid of
getting hit by my cousin . So , he told me to take it because it's part of my money to buy it .
And he also told me too bad if not taken , then he took it and we were rushing to get home . I
arrived at the shop owned by my cousin , because I want to get online in my laptop at the
time . However , they want to close the laptop and plus I did not catch wi - fi network . Then ,
I had closed my laptop and then the clock is show time at 00:00 pm and I was not able to see
the fireworks because it's that much . I was very disappointed , but that's okay because I can
still see the fireworks that exist around the road. After the fireworks did not show up again, I
rushed back to my house to rest for 3 hours next morning, I and my family would like to visit
my grandmother's house to congratulate the new year 2014. But, I overslept and family so
that we neglect if there are events in my grandmother's house. So, we decided to go there
early in the morning around 8 am to congratulate the new year to the grandmother, uncle,
and aunt. Because they want to go to church at 10 am, so we also congratulate the new year
and also apologized for the mistakes that we did in the previous year, and vice versa. Then,
we went back home to my family after breakfast at my grandmother's place.

Date 01-01-2014 :

At the beginning of the new year 2014 is the year of the horse . A year filled with happiness
and excitement . I also hope that in this year so that I and my family have always given the
health , longevity , and fortune by God Almighty . Today, we do not sell because the first day
and the first date in 2014. So , I just stay at home to relax for a moment at my house earlier
this year and we will start selling tomorrow .

Date 02-01-2014 :

Today is my first day and start living selling my activities as usual . Although still in the
atmosphere in the new year in 2014 , but my family and so also with my usual activities . I
was off course in order to Christmas and New Year , in 4 days I was back to school . So , I
helped my parents sell and I take my time to get online and stay focused with work and my
job .

Date 03-01-2014 :

I did my activities as usual , that is helping my parents . And when my father's friends came , I
was shaking hands with them to say them happy new year . How happy my heart at that
moment .

Date 04-01-2014 :

This time , I went back to finish my assignments on campus . Although only a portion of the
task that I do, but I still did not forget the duties and my others activity.
Date 05-01-2014 :

Sunday , sunny day and the day beginning on the first week in this 2014 . We do not sell
because of a holiday , so we were relaxing at home alone . I was out of the house for a while ,
to let go of boredom due to being at home .

Date 06-01-2014 :

On Monday , the first day of college in this sunny day . But , I'm not here today because there
is no timetable . So , I lied to my parents when I say that today I went to college . Though
today I did not go to college , because I had a meeting with my dear close friend named Sarah
. I see him look completely different way and it makes me not like the way her appearance. I
took him for a walk to Hypermart, but while in the bus I saw he was impressed with my cool. I
was a bit upset and disappointed also with him at the time, and after arriving there I told him
to change the way she looks. I prefer him once than it is now, because I see him starting to
change that makes me confused. Then, after that I took her for shopping to the supermarket
is quite large and luxurious in Siantar it. However, he also impressed not matter to me, plus
another he did not shake my hand to say about its new year. Then, I also gave him a cue,
after which he understood well that he forgot to wish me a happy new year. I'm really very
disappointed at the time with Sarah, a very close friend of mine who I love.

Date 07-01-2014 :

The second day , I went to college and this is a first for me present on campus to follow the
usual course . I was very happy at that , when met with my friends after a long time holiday
for 2 weeks . I also congratulate the new year to them and attend classes as usual .

Date 08-01-2014 :

The third day , I went to college and follow the subject of Speaking by our lecturers are pretty
, sweet , and well named Mona ma'am . This time , our professor asked us all to demonstrate
the new year cake that has taken on the task and present the materials also baking the
ordinance . We are also happy, because this is our last meeting with our lecturer was good .
So , now I turn and Solomon is a bench with a friend to present the material and also a way of
making a cake which he had brought . She brought the cake pan and we both flowers present
it to the front of the room too . After all of my friends finished presenting their cakes and
pastries we also collected and exchanged for another . Ma'am Mona also took part , but she
chose a delicious cake and a nice shape to be shared with family and friends also other
professors on campus . We really enjoyed the atmosphere at the time full of laughter and
happiness .

Finally , this is the end of my diary which I have made . It is quite long and hopefully I can tell
my diary at a later time .
Sweet Greetings from : "Achmad Iqbal Rahmaddan " 

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