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We all have our own idea, or accept the ideas of others, in relation to
Positive Thinking, Self Hypnosis, Auto Suggestion and other
methods of influencing the Subconscious Level of Mind. There
are many theories about the Mind and what it is, what it does and
how it ‘works’.

In this book, you will learn that the Mind as it is known to

Psychology, is not the insubstantial thing it appears to be. There
appears to be some error in relating Mind with Consciousness.
Both are assumed to be one and the same.

Then there is the idea that the Mind is a ‘complex’ thing. This is
only true if the Mind itself is used to examine itself. Just as an eye
cannot see itself, so is the ‘M ind’s Eye’ unable to focus on the Mind
itself. All that happens is words and concepts get ‘shuffled around’
in our awareness. The Mind MOVES.

However, STILL the Mind in its headlong rush to take form, and
it can be seen for what it really is. A CONSTRUCT. It is this
idea that will be examined and clarified here.
It has been said that we are a Mind with a Body. Yet each of us
is aware of that we are other than the Mind, as we can watch it in
action. The old idea, I Think, Therefor I Am, is not in the least
Logical, when we consider the idea objectively.

T Think. Who is doing this Thinking? Who is this T ?

KNOWING that we Think, pre-supposes a Thinker. One who
‘uses’ the Mind To Think. It appears then, that as we are not the
‘thought’ we must be something else.

At ALL times, we are aware of the constantly changing Mind.

Rather similar to the Sea. It is constant movement. Although we
call the entire Sea different names according to location, it is still
ONE SEA. Much as we label the Mind, Conscious, Subconscious
and Unconscious, it is one and the same Mind.

It is OUR Mind. O u r ‘Property’. We do with it what we will.

But there are those who do what OTHERS may will. We make
‘demands’ of our Mind, within the boundaries of our knowledge and
experience. Seldom do we go BEYOND these boundaries, except
perhaps, in sleep and Hypnosis.

We limit ourselves by the ‘boundaries’ we ACCEPT as ‘Real’ for

us. It is the purpose of this book to take you BEYOND those
‘artificial’ boundaries, to where they can be seen for what they are.

Anything that has been ‘constructed’, can be destroyed, or made

‘Intangible’. What we TH IN K , is our Reality. BEYOND
Thought is a Reality we never even Dreamed of, until we experience
it for ourselves. There is nothing ‘Mystical’ about this ‘Reality’.
What we keep from ourselves, we believe to be OTHER than

It is the intention of this book to prove to you, that ‘Normality’ is

ABNORMAL. It is not our true state, nor was it intended to be.
Read this book as if you are reading an Autobiogx aphy. See how
much of YOU there is in it. You’ll be quite surprised at what you

Nothing in this book is ‘New’. It has all been written before,
but NOT iij quite the way you expect to read it. Like the Inca
Gold, melted down to form ‘Modern’ jewellery so that its origin is
unknown, so THIS book is a new form for an ‘old’ idea. One older
than Man itself.

No, that is not a misprint. Later on in this book, you’ll see that
‘it’ is the most appropriate designation for ‘M an’. Another idea
that will appear strange at first, but logical as the book unfolds.

1 .

In the Introduction, it was stated that what we call the Mind, is a

CONSTRUCT. We shall examine this and other ideas in much
greater detail. But first, we must remove some ‘barriers’ that
prevent us reaching the ‘boundary’ where what we call the Conscious
Mind ends.

The ‘Conscious’ level of Mind is where sensory information is

accepted and ‘decoded’. This is done by the senses, of which we
are very much aware. Perception by the senses is so keen, we
think we ARE the Body, until we begin to use the Mind.

Then we have the Sub-Conscious. The ‘behind the scenes’ filing

department, where ‘messages’ are relayed to the ‘Conscious’ level
accepting or rejecting incoming information as ‘useful’ or incom­
patible to our way of life.

The ‘records’ in the Subconscious go back to the start of our

‘Conscious’ life, when we began to interact with our environment.
Using them, we muddle through life as best we may. Like a
Computer, our Subconscious level acts on ‘information received’.

It can only give out, or ‘playback’ what it has been ‘programmed’
with. This ‘programming’ may, or may not, be erroneous.

Mainly, we go through life constantly ADDING to our store of

‘Knowledge’. Seldom do we reject what is redundant. We
amend and adapt our information to suit appropriate circumstances.
We are, in fact, living the past over and over again. Seldom
QUESTIONING our basic and subsequent ‘programming’.

Then there is the Un-Conscious. The silent ‘machinery’ that

keeps the whole show running. Power, plumbing, assimilation
and disposal of waste, the shuffling about of materials all through the
system. Repair, maintainance, you name it. Like the busy City
it resembles, it ‘flows’ about its business. With just the occasional
‘snarl up’ to remind us that we have introduced something that is
alien to its workings.

Now these are not three separate ‘Minds’. There is no sharp

boundary. Only those we accept and make real for ourselves, by
what we believe to be the ‘truth’ about ourselves. The ‘Truth’ is
far stranger than any Imaginative Fiction you have ever read.

In a previous book, I used the Analogy of an Iceberg, one sixth of

which is above water. The remainder is out of sight, BUT the
Iceberg itself is created from the water in which it floats.

So there you have it. Mind is a total and entire system. There
is no division, no separation, except that which we have learned to
give it. But Mind does not end there. We must take into
consideration the Infinite Consciousness of which it is a part,
although, not separate.

It is easy to demonstrate the Universality of Mind, or Conscious­

ness, using an obvious, but overlooked example. That of sight.
Those of us that see, take what we see ‘for granted’. So we can
learn from our sensory perception.

When you and I look at a tree for example, we BOTH see the same
tree. Although, our INTERPRETAION of what we see is
different. Just as a Botanist ‘sees’ a tree differently from a

Lumberjack. Same tree, same viewpoint, but different ‘Percep­

We look through D IFFEREN T eyes, yet ‘see’ exactly the same

thing. But we take this ‘for granted’. Using an Analogy, it is
rather like a Cinema Screen on which a film is projected. The
ENTIRE W ORLD ‘sees’ the film, but we each place our own
interpretation on the ‘action’.

Imagine Consciousness as a blank screen, the eyes as the projector

and the ‘World’ as the film. Now if we ALL share the same
‘screen’, we all see the same ‘Movie’.

The great majority of people have the equivalent of one of those

hand viewers used for examining transparencies, or slides. As we
develop perception, we increase our ‘screen’ size. Then there is
the way we ‘view’ the ‘movie’. Again, the majority see things in a
simple manner, rather like a cartoon. Basic shapes and colours.

As each of us is an individual ‘projector’, WE choose the ‘film’ we

wish to see. We all know of incurable‘Romantics’. Then there
are people that see the world as ‘Hostile’. Every rock conceals an
enemy, so to speak. The permutations are immense. Using this
Analogy, study the people you meet and try and see the world as
they see it.

Everyone wants a ‘Happy Ending’ to whatever ‘scene’ they

happen to be viewing. They HOPE things will turn out as they
would LIKE it to. This type of person is actually identifying with
the ‘movie’. They go along with the ‘plot’. They are very
predictable once you know who they are. An unscrupulous person
can easily take advantage of them, by ‘projecting’ TH EIR ‘plot’ onto
that of the viewer.

Give them exactly what they EXPECT. That is why advertising

in the Media is so successful. If something is repeated often
enough, it is ‘taken for granted’. But people get a little fed up of
‘repeat’ movies. So what does our advertiser do? He changes the
viewpoint of the viewer by ‘projecting’ a new image of the old

So what happens? The viewer stili hopes that things will work
out alright in the end. The plot is obvious to those who have
Perception, but not so to the ‘average’ viewer. THEY are still
identifying with the ‘movie’. Much to the delight of the ‘movie
makers’, who direct the plot to suit themselves.

Just as when a REAL Movie ends and the world seems rather drab
as you leave the Cinema, so we must WAKE UP and see the ‘Tinsel
Town’ world that has been created FOR us. We can do this by
taking a closer look at the way we think and live. Who CHOSE the
way you live?

We ALL have Free Will to live as we choose, within certain

limits. Who sets the limits? Even MORE pertinent, who
ACCEPTS the limits? Have you perhaps noticed, that you are
limited in life by having to ASK for anything?

Even Protest Groups ASK. Even if they say WE DEMAND so

and so. They ‘ask’ within the framework of what they are
protesting about. They act within Limitations that RESTRICT
their demands. To Demand anything, you must not be within its
influence, or influenced BY it. There must be nothing to influence
or compromise your Consciousness.

To REALLY Demand anything, you MUST hold the idea in

Mind that it does not matter if your demand is met, or not. This
may seem Paradoxical, but have you noticed, those with ‘Power’ can
Demand without being Demanding?

This is the Law of Reversed Effort in action. The harder we Try

to do anything, the more we build up opposition in ourselves. It
appears, that if we are obliged to use Will Power in any task, then we
give it greater significance than it deserves. What we Mentally and
Emotionally fight against, we build up in significance, therefore, we
give it Power over us.

So, if we are relaxed, willing to fail at anything, then we have

nothing to lose. Again, Paradoxically, this works in our favour.
If you have nothing to lose, then you have everything to gain.
But not being ‘uptight’, you have greater control over circum­

stances. If you are criticized for your ‘What The Hell’ attitude,
remember, those who are being critical, are making it their business
to mind YOUR business.

If we allow others to influence our decision making, then we are

obliged to ASK for anything. If we are seen to be independent
thinkers, then we shall be given the respect we deserve. Once we
are ‘looked up to’, we are in a position to Demand.

When we attempt to destroy or avoid what we do not like, we may

get rid of the Physical evidence, but we shall never ‘get rid of’ the
actual event. We cannot ‘destroy’ our Memory of that event. Or
any OTHER event. We may attempt to ‘forget’, but like
everything else we have EVER experienced, it still remains an
intimate part of our Mind.

Dislike of anything and ‘destructive acts’ are futile. We can

come to terms with our ‘dislikes’ by adopting the ‘What the Hell’
attitude. Tolerate them. That way, we reduce their power over
us. What we decline to give time and energy to, has no demand on
us. Like a wart, or any other physical ‘attatchment’, it becomes
something that just ‘happens to be there’.

However, this does not mean that we should suffer the slings and
arrows of outrageous fortune ‘lightly’ or stoically. Those attitudes
are self demeaning. You cannot demand, if you are apparently
frivolous or having to ‘put up with’ anything.

Any goal we aim for, must have no ‘created’ obstacles in its path.
By acknowledging a ‘sea of troubles’, we lose sight of the goal.
There are NO obstacles as such, only those WE create. If you can
PREDICT obstacles, then they exist in YOUR Mind before you
come to them.

As Children, we learn the wrong attitudes of Mind from our

Mentors and Peers. The vast majority never question their early
acquisitions. These become ‘obstacles’ in later life. So REAL
are they, we never dream that they are not our own ideas.

As a Child, I was always told to eat the crusts on my bread because

starving Children in some foreign country would love to have such
food. Yet there was NO WAY I could get the ‘crusts’ or any other
food to them. For years, I imagined some child or other longing
for what we wasted. I never imagined that THEY never knew that
we D ID waste food.

Can you imagine some child ‘hoping’ that we, in our well fed
society, would send it our scraps? Or even ‘asking’ for them?
NO WAY was it in a position to DEMAND those scraps. Or
anything else. But I am no longer a Child. Nor do I allow such
childish thoughts to have any power over me.

If we go through life being influenced by what OTHERS tell us,

then we shall, like the ‘imaginary’ starving child, be content with the
‘crusts’ in life, rather than the whole loaf. There ARE starving
people in this World. Have no doubts about that. But like most
‘starving’ people, they tend to congregate near ‘civilised’ areas.
They have invariably deserted ‘the land’ for the ‘delights’ of High

By relying on OTHERS, they are no longer in a position to even

ASK, let alone DEMAND. Very few Peasant Farmers ever
starved, except perhaps due to some NATURAL disaster. Then
there are those that refuse to move to ‘fresh pastures’, using the lame
excuse, “We have ALWAYS lived here.”

Being ‘stuck in your ways’ again lessens your ability to Demand,

for if you are afraid to ‘move on’ you are afraid to learn ‘new ways’ of
living. Unless we are willing to lose what we HAVE, then we shall
not be free to gain anything new. We need N O T lose what we
have, but by ‘clinging’, we are in ITS power. IT demands of US.

We must be W ILLING to let go of old ideas that prove to be

obstacles. But unless we know what they are, we cannot let go.
How do we discover what is holding us back, or preventing us from
moving to our goals? It is a matter of RECOGNITION.

As Schoolchildren, we make many friends and a few ‘enemies’.

When we become Adults, many of these early ties are severed.
If you move away from the area of your Schooldays, then you may

never see any of them ever again. But as mentioned before, we
forget NOTHING. At least, the Unconscious level contains all we
were, which also means all we ARE.

As Adults, unless we are living in solitude, we meet many people

in our daily lives. Some we like, others we do not. Unless we
examine our likes and dislikes, we shall never ‘come to terms’ with
them. This goes for situations and circumstances as W ELL as

There are SOME people that we dislike ‘on sight’. They do

nothing to us perhaps, but there is that ‘certain something’ about
them. That is the moment to examine both them and
OURSELVES Objectively. Without prior judgement on our part,
although it is at first difficult.

On meeting one of these ‘unlikeable people’ cast your Mind back

to your Childhood at the same time you are looking at the ‘stranger’.
Is there something ‘familiar’ about him/her? Are you reminded of
someone you once knew? One of your Childhood ‘enemies’
perhaps? Invariably, nine times out of ten, that is the case.

As Children, we are extremely impressionable. Some Adults

STILL retain that frame of Mind. The slightest ‘threat’ to our
well being is exaggerated out of all proportion. We hold ‘grudges’,
sometimes FOR LIFE. This attitude is one of lifes GIGANTIC
obstacles for us. Let me relate an experience pertaining to my
OWN life.

Several years ago, I met someone in the course of a business deal,

with whom I felt most uncomfortable with. There was ‘something’
about the man that felt ‘wrong’. He was tall, athletic and had a
permanent grin, mainly on the right side of his mouth. To me, he
appeared to be sneering, although I found out later than it was his
‘normal’ appearance. Anyway, we never really hit it off, as I felt
antagonistic and defensive in his presence.

Later, reflecting on his appearance, I became aware that he was

‘the image’ of my old school Games Master. The Master had his
‘pets’ in the school, particularly those who were outstanding

athletes. The rest of us were just, ‘troublesome lazy tykes’. (His

He would stand at the side of a vaulting horse and ‘assist’ us ‘lazy

tykes’ over the horse, using a large gymshoe held in his hand. He
would sneer and grin at our efforts, passing disparaging remarks and
lashing out at our raised bottoms. You may sympathise with us for
‘hating’ him.

His attitude did nothing to encourage us to greater efforts.

Except perhaps, to avoid the shoe. He was quite ‘blind’ to the
impression he was making on our young Mind’s, being more
concerned with impressing our backsides. It was not OUR fault
that we were not ALL budding athletic ‘stars’. Our average age
was 11, but he expected - no demanded - more than the majority
were able to give. But he never got it.

Once I was ‘aware’ of the similarity of appearance between the

Master and the Businessman, a great ‘obstacle’ was removed in our
relationship and we got on very well, after MY perception had
changed. I later saw my old Athletics Master. I should have
guessed Life has its own ways of making amends for past ‘wrongs’.

My old Master was crippled with Arthritis. He was unable to

walk without a stick. The hands that had held that Gymshoe so
firmly, now had difficulty in grasping his walking stick. No one
except those who had know him years ago, would ever guess he had
been extremely fit and active. Perhaps we can learn a lesson here.

It is not what you DO in life that affects you. It is the way you
TH IN K about what you are doing. We are, and become, what we
constantly ‘demand’ of ourselves. If we ‘demand’ ANYTHING in
Life, we will surely get it. But it may not be QUITE what we
expect. We will discuss this in the next Chapter.

Life is SO Demanding

As a Baby, we are so very demanding. We have needs that we

cannot fill, as our body makes demands that the Mind cannot fill.
Not only are we immature Physically, we are Mentally unable to use
Consciousness until we learn to react to the world we find ourselves

That is exactly what we do. React. If we receive a bottle or

breast, we react to the nourishment it offers. We LEARN to live.
This has nothing to do with being alive. We can be in a Coma and
still be ‘alive’. But to ‘live’ life, we must be aware of what we can
and cannot expect from it.

There is much more to early life than being a litde bundle of

‘instincts’ and hereditary physical attributes. We are AWARE.
This awareness is, unfortunately, body orientated. Indeed, Most
of us know SOME people who are ALWAYS inclined this way.
They are the types that allow their body to ‘think’ for them.

Thinking is something we LEARN to do. Or perhaps you

‘thought’ it was ‘built in’, like our ‘plumbing system’? You may

have noticed that the term SOMETHING was used. Yes. Like
ANY habit, it is an ATTACHMENT. A THING we learn to use
in our interactions in life. By this, it is meant to be the mental
‘chatter’, the Sub-vocalising we learn with our language.

If, like Tarzan of the Apes, we are removed from all human
contact at an impressionable age, then we learn to ‘think’ in the
language of our Foster Parents. TRUE thinking is SILENT.
Indeed, we need to go BEYOND Thought, to see that we are always
holding a conversation with ourselves.

When we get a ‘feeling’ about anything, then we immediately label

that feeling with some designation or other. This proves that our
‘feelings’ are making ‘Demands’ on our Consciousness. This is
only because we have ‘Learned’ to attach particular ‘labels’ to
particular feelings. They Demand out of Custom and Usage and
we SUPPLY that Demand. So what we are feeling ABOUT in the
World, be it People, events or circumstances, we are the cause and
maintainer of.

As a Child, we react to Loud Noises by responding in a very

primitive and, at that time, uncontrollable way. We ‘jump’.
Adrenalin enters our Bloodstream and we are prepared for ‘Fight
or Flight’. A ‘Demand’ has been made on our Instinct of Self
Preservation. All very well when we were menaced by animals that
were liable to include us on their Menu, way back in the Mists of
Time. But we are Now, Cerebral Creatures. We can THIN K.
Or at least SOME of us can.

Our Bodies STILL react to Primitive ‘Demands’ until we learn to

STOP REACTING. There is a Lull between Reaction and
Action, rather like the pause in between heartbeats. During this
minute pause we decide which action to take. Fight, or Flight.
Then there are those that ‘pause’ too long and become ‘Frozen
to the Spot’. The more ‘demands’ that Life makes on us,
the more we learn to rely on ‘reactions’ to events. The more
DEMANDING Life becomes the more we are in its Power.

Although we have no control over Nature and its Elements, (but

you will never convince a person that they do NOT get wet when it

Rains), we DO have control over our REACTIONS to ANY­
THING. To control our reactions, we must First control our
IDEAS about what we are reacting TO. These ‘ideas’ have their
origin in our Imagination.

When we React, it is to IMAGINED probabilities. Our

Imagination is like water that takes the form of ANY container it is
poured into you will find this quoted time and time again in the
books I have written, that are Published by Finbarr. Imagination
is that faculty of Consciousness that is concerned with Image

The Images we create are consistent with the CONTENT of our

Mind. Unless our Mind has a ‘pattern’ against which to form an
Image, then nothing is created. These ‘patterns’ make Demands
on our Imagination through HABITUAL use. Much like the cells
that become individualised to form our Organs. We cannot think
FEAR and expect to feel BRAVE. Psychology calls these ‘pat­
terns’, Mind Sets. Which simply means EXACTLY what they
imply. Our Mind is SET in form. We have, or have had FOR
us, Images created at some time or other that have ‘set’ rather like

We WORSHIP, to use a familiar term, these Images as

Demanding Realities. Anything that we believe to be our
TRUTH, is ‘Sacred’ to us and, being inclined to ‘Religion’, we
‘Worship’ what we hold to be Sacred. Our Belief is our God.
There is no flexibility or fluidity in a Mind that has ‘Set’. An
example of this was made very evident to me recently, when two
‘Christians’ called at my door.

I stood and listened as they quoted ‘Chapter and Verse’ from

‘Bibles’ that they carried and constantly referred to. They were
reading the words and conveying their ‘message’ LITERALLY, as
they were written. That they had FAITH in the words I had no
doubt, their Sincerity was a credit to them. But when I asked if
they had received DIRECT EXPERIENCE of what they were
quoting, they replied that the idea was IMPOSSIBLE. Only
‘Jesus’ has ever had Direct Contact with God and that all the REST
of Mankind were ‘Sinners’.

All we are doing, they said, was passing the Word of God on to
Man. There is no way that man could come into contact with God.
We must live according to His Laws laid out in the Bible. At that
point I attempted to point out to them that it WAS possible to
‘contact’ God, and that there were ways of doing this (see ‘How to
Contact God’) that did not interfere with anyones Beliefs. The
book quoted is published by the Publisher of THIS book, who is
Open Minded and approaches the question of God, Religion, Belief
and Consciousness, from ALL ANGLES.

There is NO fixed route to the Infinite Consciousness that we

loosely term ‘God’. There was NO WAY that I could convince
them, that BEFORE they could have Faith in anything, they must
put it to the question. To them, the Bible was the TRUTH as they
has been ‘Taught’. There IS no Truth until it has been TESTED.
To accept ANYONE’S word that something is ‘The Truth’, you
must be able to experience it for yourself. Otherwise, DEMANDS
are being placed on your credibility.

You are asked to believe W ITHOUT PROOF, if you are

susceptible to such Demands. Nothing we cannot ‘prove’ by
exhaustive examination, is The Truth. We can touch a red hot
iron and be burned, that is Truth. We have EVIDENCE. But if
someone tells you to believe anything on their say so, that is only
Hearsay. We have n o ‘proof’ for ourselves. A ‘Demand’ is being
made of us. Life is FU LL of Demands of this sort. Examples
are all around and within us.

As a Child we are told; ‘Be Good’. A Demand is being put on

us. The ONLY yardstick against which we can measure ‘Good’ at
that time of life, is the ‘Good’ we are TOLD is the Truth FOR US.
We are being made to submit to ‘Rules’ that we accept because we
are not in a position to DOUBT them. What experience has a
Child of Right and Wrong, unless they are INSTRUCTED by
means of Demands on our immature credibility. We accept
without question, that which we have no ‘proof’ of. But we are
NO LONGER Children. Are we too late to question these ‘set’
beliefs and Truths? (More is written about ‘rules’ and ‘accept­
ances’ in; “The Life Game. How to play it to W in” . Published
by Finbarr).

There is NO DOUBT that we can even NOW release ourselves
from the early ‘Demands’ of Childhood. All we have to do is
RECOGNISE what they are and WHEN we accepted them. Now
if you think that you have to spend the rest of your Life examining
the events of your Past Life, nothing is further from the truth.
There is a method of releasing yourself from the continued
‘Demands’ that your Childhood Acceptances have, this being
through continued belief, turned into Mind Sets. It is not the
ONLY way, but it is a SIMPLE way, once you have an idea how to
go about it and the way in which our Past is ‘Stored’ in our

The only thing that prevents you from using this method, is
doubting that it will work. If you DOUBT anything, then you
cannot IMAGINE it as a Reality. Now, or at any time, UNTIL
you begin to DOUBT what you are IMAGINING. Very
Paradoxical, but this is the way the Mind works. Consciousness is
FLUID as we have learned. If any of your ideas are ‘set’, rather
like ICE, then M ELT the Ice. This is done by believing or
Imagining that you HAVE the Power to do so. (More about this in
“Your Superconscious Power” . Published by FINBARR).

Nothing is Fixed and Final until you BELIEVE it is. Belief is

Unbelievable when we begin to shine the ‘light’ of DOUBT onto it.
Rather like the heat of the Sun on Ice, it begins to ‘melt’, UNLESS
we ‘cloud’ our Doubt by Doubting that it is possible. In ‘The Life
Game’, I wrote that Possible was like an unwound spring, but
Potential was like one that had been wound. If Something is
‘possible’ then we might not ‘feel inclined’ to let our Consciousness
‘flow’ in that direction. But if something is Potential, there is
greater probability of it becoming Reality.

Potential comes from the root word Potent. That which has
POWER. If something has Power, then it’s ready for use,
IMMEDIATELY. Possible means that which Can or May be,
there being much less suggestion of ‘Power’ there. But the word
IMPOSSIBLE means that we CANNOT do whatever it is we wish
to do. Until we begin to Doubt the ‘Impossible’. If this is
causing your Mind a great deal of agitaiton, then that is EXACTLY
the intention.

We are so ‘set in our ways’ concerning how the Mind should work
according to what we have so far experienced, that we forget it needs
exercise just as the Body does. Mind sets are all very well for the
storage of data, but when the WHOLE MIND gets Set, then it takes
the Mental equivalent of an Earthquake to loosen it up. This is
what is happening here. A sort of ‘Demolition of old ideas’ in
order that we may ‘construct’ brand new concepts on the ‘rubble’ of
the Past. Not that we can EVER get rid of our Past. It has
‘happened’ and remains with us throughout our Lives. But we
CAN modify its effect on our Lives to our advantage, rather than
continue to exist according to its ‘Demands’.

We ALL have the Potential to become something FAR Greater

than we TH IN K we are. But first we must remove OLD
DEMANDS placed or accepted in our Minds. Without these
Demands to anchor us to the Past, we shall find that Life is no longer
the Treadmill that we THOUGHT it was. We shall have a
Freedom that we never even believed existed. This ‘Freedom’ will
enable us to become or do ANYTHING in Life that we Desire.
Except for the obvious positions of Hereditary Kings and Queens.

Anyway, who would like to be in THAT position, where you are

obliged to meet the Demands of GENERATIONS of obedience to
the ‘rules’ of that position. We CAN become ‘Kings and Queens’
of our own Destiny as we create it. Not SUBJECTS of ANY
Demands placed upon us by Past erroneous Mind Sets. Freedom
is the RECOGNITION of Constraints, so Hagel tells us. We may
RECOGNISE these constraints, but need not be BOUND by them.
LIP SERVICE is a form of SURVIVAL, without Stress.
But back to the means of release from the Demands that were
placed on us by our early and present acceptances. We have
learned that we NEVER forget ANYTHING. But we rarely
remember EVERYTHING. This IS possible, but it is the subject
of another book. What has happened to us, what we experience in
life is permanently engraved in our Mind. But N O T in the form
we TH IN K it is. The Past seems to dwindle away into the
distance as if we are looking through the wrong end of a telescope.
It all seems minute until we recall it to Mind. Then it appears to
be ‘as large as life’. This is the time for an Analogy that will give
you some idea of what is involved.

When we T H IN K that Time has ‘passed’ we are thinking in terms
of FLOW. As if Time and Life is a Stream along which WE are
flowing. Where this ‘stream’ has been, is BEHIND us, so to
speak. Now if you ‘look back’ on any journey, the principles of
perspective and diminishing form give the appearance of Smallness.
Yet we KNOW that a person seen at a distance is EXACTLY
Human size, give or take a few inches. That applies to everything
ELSE in our ‘reduced view’. This is a VERY pertinent example of
what occurs in the Mind.

Everything is REDUCED. This is a very necessary mechanism

of the Mind. If everything was ‘Life Size’, then we would be
literally ‘Living in the Past’. Consider Pain. We can ‘Remem­
ber’ it, but we no longer FEEL it. The ‘mechanism’ prevents this.
It is so REDUCED by our Consciousness that it is almost ‘out of
sight’ so to speak. Those of you that know about Homeopathy,
will have learned that treatment is given for any ailment by
administering a M INUTE dose of what Ails you. In a LARGER
dose, it would K IL L you. The same applies here.

Imagine if all the Pain you had EVER experienced was ‘Life Size’.
The Agony would be indescribable. Fortunately, we are
protected by our Minds ability to REDUCE Past experience. So
WHATEVER has happened, is as if on Microfilm that a Germ
would use. This is why some people have ‘Bad Memories’.
They have not yet developed the means to ‘view’ this ‘microfilm’
properly. But more about that in another book.

Nothing has been ‘missed’ on this ‘microfilm’, even the Breeze

that ruffled your hair as you sat on your Mothers knee is there. I
mean EVERYTHING. So you see what you have to contend with
as you ‘sift’ through for ‘evidence’ of Past Demands. Incredible,
isn’t it? But don’t be alarmed at the APPARENT enormity of the
task. There is nothing simpler than calling back to Mind
SELECTIVE bits of information. The operative word here is
SELECTIVE. Choice of any relevant experience.

Now Relevant experience means ALL experience that creates a

Demand on you. We must not ‘skim past’ ANYTHING that is
‘distasteful’ to us. That may be the VERY Part of your experience

that is creating the Demand. We can ‘hide’ NOTHING from
ourselves. It is ALL still there! It affects our Lives for ‘Good or
111’. So in being SELECTIVE, we must ALLOW ourselves to face
up to and ‘lay the Ghost’ of whatever is the root of our problem.
‘Ghosts’ cannot hurt us. It is the Childish belief in ‘Bogey Men’
that can affect us. Although we have ‘Grown Up’ we are STILL
under the Demands of much of our Childhood.

We must ‘develop’ an instrument for examination of our

‘Microfilm’ so that the Past is clear and capable of examination.
No matter HOW large our ‘magnification’ we CANNOT in any way
be harmed by our Past unless we BELIEVE in GHOSTS as Realities
that CAN harm us. From what we know of ‘Ghosts’, they are
insubstantial and not of this Plane of Existence. It is the FEAR of
Ghosts that does us harm. Remove the Fear and you remove all
harmful Demands on our Credibility.

The instrument we must ‘develop’ we ALREADY HAVE. It is

the Subconscious Level of Mind. Something that very few people
are aware they possess. Greater detail is given in other books I
have written, but an Analogy will be given here.

In ‘Your Superconscious Power’, I wrote of the Mind being like

an Iceberg, only one sixth of which is above the interface between
the Ocean and the Air. The other five sixths, the GREATER
amount, is ‘below the surface’. Unless the Ocean is as ‘clear as
crystal’ then we can only see a little way below the surface. So it is
with the Mind. The Subconscious, is that part that is ‘out of
sight’. But need it be?

If we use the CONSCIOUS M IND as the instrument of ‘viewing’

then it is like our eyes trying to see THEMSELVES. We just
cannot do it. We must use a part of the Subconscious Level
ITSELF. Now if we cannot SEE the Subconscious, then we must
use the part of it that WE KNOW is available to us from long usage.
The IMAGINATION. Have no doubt that the Imagination IS
part of the Subconscious, because there is ‘evidence’ to prove it.
As mentioned, we cannot Imagine what we are not aware of, or have
no pattern to compare with. Yet every Child has Imagination.

It creates a ‘world’ that does not exist in its ‘fanciful’ games.
“ Lets play House” a little Girl might say. Now there IS a pattern
of household life in her Mind, but without Memory AND
Imagination, she would not be able to ‘play the game’. HER
‘House’ is as ‘real’ as her Imagination allows. To a Child, it is very
real indeed. She ‘creates’ the furniture etc out of whatever
happens to be at hand. No matter WHAT it is, during ‘play’ it has
its own ‘Reality’.

Using our ADULT Imagination, we can ‘construct’ an Instru­

ment to ‘view’ the ‘microfilm’ of our Past. If we view the ‘micro
film’ as we would a Normal Film, then we would have a time
consuming task on our hands. We could ‘run the film’ backwards
and stop when we think we have reached pertinent ‘scenes’. This
will obviously take much time and effort. The same applies if we
‘run forward’ from our earliest recollections.

In the Science of the Computer, there is a development called

‘The Floppy Disc’. This ‘disc’ is scanned by a ‘pick up head’ that
travels ACROSS the ‘disc’. Not at all like a conventional pickup
head. The laborious process of following the ‘groove’ from
begining to end is overcome. Now we can use our Imagination to
great effect by adopting this method of the Computer.

Instead of Imagining our Past as a continuous ‘film’ that is

‘exposed and developed’ as we proceed, Imagine it as a groove on a
disc. We can then run our Imagined ‘scanner’ ACROSS the
Imaginary disc, until we find something that ‘rings a bell’ for us.
Then, we REVERSE our Mental ‘Telescope’ and have an enlarged
view of the event. BUT, like ANY view through a Telescope, it
cannot affect us directly. It is a VIEW and that is all.. No
‘Ghosts’ to bother us. No ‘reliving’ the actual event.

To get the Best from our Imaginary telescopic view, we must not
IDENTIFY with the event AFTER we have found it again. If we
identify with it on recall, it will STILL make ‘Demands’ on us.
We must look at the ‘film’ as if we are looking at the life of
SOMEONE ELSE. But AFTER. We are obliged to ‘identify’
when ‘scanning’ otherwise we shall not be ‘involved’ with the
‘action’. It will appear ‘unreal’ to us. We must look on the

‘scenes’ as we do when we recall anything to Mind in the course of
normal Memory. TH EN switch viewpoints.

It is a remarkable thing, but we ALWAYS seem to obtain FAR

MORE information about an event when we are not ‘involved’ in it.
We are more conscious of the ‘faults’ or ‘good’ points of someone
else, than we are of our own. This is because we are CRITICAL in
our perception of them. We are SELDOM critical about our
OWN actions and thoughts. EXCEPT AFTER TH E EVENT.
Then we know the ‘Rights and Wrongs’ of what has happened.
So we must take an OPPOSITE viewpoint to the one we ‘normally’

To obtain information from your ‘disc’ let your Mind ‘flow’ in the
direction that you feel is causing you the most ‘Demand’ in your
Life. Then, when it ‘stands out’ in your Mind, ENLARGE IT.
Examine it from your new ‘viewpoint’. You will discover that the
more you use this Imaginary ‘Telescope’, the more proficient you
become. Before you know it, you will be taking the process ‘for
granted’. It will be your ‘window’ to your Subconscious.

Rather like being able to live on two levels of the same house at
once. Of course, there will always be those that insist on living in a
mental ‘bungalow’ and have no idea that ‘other floors’ exist. Why
should they think otherwise, they have nothing in their Past
experience to ‘pattern’ their thoughts on than ‘Bungalows’.

Your Subconscious Level of Mind NEVER questions, or is

Critical of, anything held to be True by the Conscious Level of
Mind. It is rather an Idiot really. It has no concern for your
Welfare and gives you experiences which lead you into circum­
stances that you would sometimes rather do without. But
they are EXACTLY those that you ‘Demand’ of it, by your UN­
CRITICAL ACCEPTANCE of Past Beliefs, self assumed or from

From this, you can see that your Subconscious Level is like a
Super Computer. We have as ‘Output’ EXACTLY that which had
been fed in to it, but like ANY Computer, it can be REPROGRAM­
MED. But first, we must find out what is causing us distress and

failure patterns. That is why it was suggested that we do not ‘skim
over’ anything distasteful.

We do not leave Garbage around our homes uncollected. We

pay Rates and Taxes so that collections are made regularly. But we
NEVER seem to get around to the ‘Garbage’ that accumulates in our
Mind: This is what sometimes causes it to be ‘unhealthy’ and
troublesome, so we must give ourselves a ‘Spring Clean’ occasional­
ly. This can be done using our Imaginative Telescope, once we
have become used to the idea that we DO need a ‘Garbage Removal

Once you have ‘pinpointed’ what is making Demands in your

Life, you must then remove it. But being ‘insubstantial and
ghostlike’, it would appear that we would be unable to ‘handle it’ as
we would Regular Garbage. In that case, we must treat our
‘mental microfilm’ as if it was REAL film. Using our Imagination,
we must relegate it to the position of being of no further interest as
we are now producing much better and ‘up to date’ films. You will
get what I mean when I mention those ‘Repeats’ we get on

They are worth seeing occasionally from a Nostalgic point of view,

but they go on being repeated whether we want them or not. So all
we have to do, is turn off our ‘set’ or ‘switch to a different Channel’.
So it is with our Mind. We can either ‘turn it o ff, or, ALTER
TH E PROGRAMME. But what shall we view in place of what we
now no longer need? WHY, its OPPOSITE of course. Some­
thing that makes no ‘great demands’ in your Life. You become
your own Programme Selector. Choose ANYTHING you like that
is an IMPROVEMENT to what you had before, but be CRITICAL.
Don’t accept ANY OLD GARBAGE that happens to be ‘popular’.
THAT is usually ‘selected’ by others and you have STOPPED
having your ‘programmes’ selected FOR you.
Once you use this method, you will find that ‘life’ is less
DEMANDING. It is YOU who will begin to make DEMANDS
of IT. But make sure that your Demands are not just ‘more
garbage’. Once you have ‘cleaned out your Mind’, KEEP it that
way. There is no point in having a ‘second chance’ if you are going
to repeat the same old ‘programmes’.

In the next Chapter, we will discuss COMMANDS and how you
OBEY them without Thinking. How to free yourself from a
subservient position and ‘go up in rank’ where YOU give the
‘Commands’. If you have been at the ‘beck and call’ of life’s
Demands, you now know what to do about it. But COMMANDS
belong on a different ‘level’, one which we must attain before we can
become COMMANDING ourselves.

There is no Power like that of COMMAND. But it is a Power

that can corrupt as well as emancipate you. So we must learn the
CORRECT way to give Commands, so that we are not ourselves
influenced by this Power. You will learn to Command ANY
circumstance or event in vour Life. Something that only
Omnipotent Rulers seem able to do. But they are in a position
where they must have ‘Subjects’ to Rule over. You will have no
‘subjects’, but the Power of Command you develop will be obeyed


The word COMMAND has a Decisive ring about it, it sounds

POWER. A Command is an ORDER backed by the Power to
ensure that the Command is obeyed. Yet very few of us have the
Power of Command in our Lives. We are usually under the
Command of Others or Circumstances. We are RULED. This
is not a Natural State as you yourself are aware of. Yet we are
usually in a subservient position in life because of what we Believe.

There are NO Hereditary ‘Commanders’ in life. Rulers only

have such Power as WE give them. The days when we could meet
a violent end or suffer lifetime incarceration at the hands of some
Despotic Ruler are long gone. But not if you look at what is
happening in SOME parts of the World. As we have just
mentioned, they have ABSOLUTELY no Power over us unless it is
our will that we be Commanded.

Could it be then that 90% of the population of the World

EXPECTS to be Commanded? We mentioned Expectancy in the
last Chapter from the Demands that Life makes of us. We now
know how to make LESS of the Demands on us. But what of the

more Powerful idea of Command? The answer lies in the word
IDEA. It is our old Imagination at work again, with its ‘accepted’
ideas and habits of Mind Set.

When we place ourselves, through ignorance, under the Com­

mand of Others, circumstances and events, then we are dong so
because that is the type of behaviour we have LEARNED. We are
not BORN Servile. We are all born with equal Potential. But
this is usually ‘clouded’ by our early environment and hereditary
upbringing. Again, not our fault. As young impressionable
beings, we usually ‘fall in’ and obey our Elders and the ‘rules’ of our
particular Society.

It is said that a Nation is composed of its People. It is a sad

reflection on our Intelligence that MOST of the Nations on this
Planet seem to be in a permanent state of Conflict. This can be
attributed to the Conflict that people have W ITHIN THEM­
SELVES. Remove PERSONAL Conflict and the Outer Cir­
cumstances will amend themselves. But there are no Universities
or Colleges where we can learn to do this. So we must turn either
to Religion, or to certain ‘Experts’ that KNOW from Personal
Experience what is necessary to remove Conflict AND replace it
with its OPPOSITE.

The removal of Conflict does not necessarily mean that we shall

experience Peace. On the Contrary, if we remove the source of any
conflict, we must also ensure that we REINFORCE its Opposite.
The ‘opposite’ we may get from losing our Conflict may leave us in a
state of being TOTALLY SUBMISSIVE. We may become SO
Peaceful, that we lose all sense of Self Protection. We lose our
Survival Instinct, so we must replace Conflict with SELF ASSUR­

Self Assurance is the State of Mind where we are in Command of

our Own Thought Processes. We are Subservient to NO ONE.
We are the final arbitrator of what we do, or refrain from doing, in
our Lives. WE are in Command and W ILL NOT be Comman­
ded. This is not the State of Mind that we see in a Child when it is
being Stubborn and Sullen. Ours is a Positive State of Mind that
has left such Childish ways where they belong. In Childhood.

Sometimes we can mistake Arrogance and Self Centeredness for
Self Assurance, but we are not fooled for long. The ‘Real Thing’
STANDS OUT. The Self Assured Person is not Domineering but
has that certain ‘aura’ of Command. They need NOT Command,
but you are aware that there IS the POTENTIAL for it. Is this a
Self Image that YOU have as part of your Life? Of course not,
otherwise you would not trouble to read what you ALREADY
KNOW from books such as this. BUT, you are aware of your

You are NOT Deficient in Self Assurance, it is only overlaid by

what you have habitually accepted as your ‘lot’ in life. Our
deficiencies are what we TH IN K we lack. That is because we
IDENTIFY with its OPPOSITE. We lack nothing that cannot
be created by our Imagination and Subconscious Mind under the
direction of the Conscious Level. But if our Conscious Level is
influenced by what we have ‘stored’ in our Subconscious, then we
find ourselves in a Catch 22 situation. How can we Consciously
TH IN K OTHERWISE than we do, of we are not PROGRAMMED
to do so? Mind boggling, isn’t it?

Fortunately for your peace of mind, there ARE EXPERTS that

can lead you out of this Quandry. Now a Quandry is a state of
Puzzlement. What we are puzzled by we need a solution for.
But each Problem contains the seeds of its own solution. If there
were no Solution, the Problem could not exist. NOTHING is
without its Opposite in Life or the Mind. So there IS an answer to
ALL problems, no matter HOW complex they may APPEAR to be.

It is the appearance that throws us off the track. When we look

into a Mirror, what we see is an APPEARANCE of what exists. It
is NOT the Reality. Besides, it is REVERSED. So it is in the
Mind. We are seeing the OPPOSITE view of Reality in the form
of our Problems. We arc looking for an answer when we should be
questioning the QUESTION. Here we go again. Another bit of
Mental Exercise, just when you were settling down in your new
‘Mind Set’.

Suppose you have a Money Problem and have to pay a Bill by a

certain date, but you have absolutely no idea of how to raise the cash.

That is not the problem, that is a STATE OF AFFAIRS. But in
your Mind it becomes TH E big question. The longer you dwell on
the question the larger it looms until it becomes the focal point of
your existence. Everything else seems to take place around its
periphery. All you care about is HOW to obtain the Cash to pay
the bill.

Not only is the bill making Demands on your Time and Mind,
you have taken it to be a Command that MUST be obeyed.
Behind this idea is the vision (Imaginary) of what might happen if
you DO NOT pay the bill. You are not working on a Solution
because your Mind is concerned with a question that looms larger as
time passes. Soon, your ‘field of vision’ is crowded with thoughts
of the bill to the extent that you can see nothing else.

How do you obey the ‘Command’ if you are ‘petrified with fear’.
Not of ACTUALITY but what you IMAGINE will happen. It
is time to put the ‘bill’ in proper perspective, which you SHOULD
have done as soon as you received it. So you have to turn your
Mental Telescope around and view the bill as if it were in the Past.
This does not get it paid at that moment, but at least it is down to
manageable size. Now that it is not at the forefront of your
attention, you can get down to PAYING IT.

But you still have no cash to do so. No Problem, now that your
Mind is off the bill. It is STILL there waiting to be paid, but it is
only an ‘itch’ compared to the ‘agony’ that it was. We deal with
o u r‘itches’ by scratching them. Not so with Agony. We tend to
‘Blow Up’ our problems out of all proportion, like making an
enlargement of a photograph that we would rather not look at
anyway. We must learn to REDUCE our Problems to manageable
size, otherwise, as you know, they are in COMMAND of our Life.

We must now take Command of the situation ourselves, from the

‘receiving end’. We begin by contacting the SOURCE of the bill.
Write a SINCERE letter to the senders, explain your position and
ask for a period of ‘Grace’ during which you will pay the sum due in
instalments. But make SURE that you do so. End of Problem.
But not of the problem of bills in general. Living in our Society,
we are always receiving ‘bills’ of some sort or other. What we need

is a way of settling the bills BEFORE THEY ARRIVE. Which of
course means having ‘Cash in Hand’.

Today is the Past as far as Tomorrow is concerned. NOW is the

time to take care of ‘Tomorrows Bills’. There are many ways of
making money and there are many books telling you how to get
IDEAS to do it. It is not so much the Money we need, but the
MEANS of making it. There is more money in circulation than
you could ever count. All YOU have to do is discover a way where
you can COMMAND that it comes to YOU. Not ALL of it of
course, but MORE than enough for your IMMEDIATE require­

Society has many needs and all you have to do is FU LFIL one or
more of those needs. The four BASIC ones are; Food, Sleep, Sex
and Shelter, in that order. Then there are others branching out.
Find a way to help someone Sleep easier and you are on to a
Winner. Sleep is only an example which you will soon appreciate.
THIS book will ease the problem of Sleep for you because it has
found the answer to many Problems that have worried you. Of
course, it creates NEW problems by waking your Mind up. One
of your problems will be what to DO with your new knowledge.

This is YOUR problem although I created it for you in the way

this book is written. It is designed to stimulate your Mind in a
manner that no ‘drug’ is able to. But once your Mind becomes
used to the idea that you ARE and have ALWAYS been in
Command of your Life, then the rest is EASY. There is nothing
HARD about thinking, as our Conscious Level of Mind ‘runs off’
like a tap that is never turned off. The problem is, to STOP
thinking. You know, that continuous ‘chatter’ of Sub-Vocal noise
we make to ourselves.

Once you have Command of this aspect of the Mind, then you
have greater access to your Subconscious Level and from there, your
Superconscious Mind. So how do we ‘Take Command’ of our
Thought Processes? First, we must understand that the ‘I’ in us is
in Command, not the Mind Itself. All your Life you have had ‘in
the back of your mind’ the feeling that you were something else than
your Body. Then there was the fact you are always aware of what

is happening in your Mind. So if you are N EITH ER, what are
you? That was not a mistake, because we tend to think in terms of
labels about ourselves. We are not our Name, neither are we our
Sex. Both of these are aspects of the Body.

We are in Command of BOTH Physical and Mental aspects of our

Being, but to look around us, we are likely to assume that the
Opposite is True. If we think in terms of the Material and Mental
life as being the ONLY Reality, is it any wonder that we are
constantly being in the position of having to pay ‘Bills’? Whatever
we do, whether it is Physical Action or Thinking, we have to ‘pay’
for it some way or another. Unless we keep ourselves Fit, which is
the Physical equivalent of having ‘money in hand’ then we shall have
to ‘pay the price’ of illness and fatigue.

So it is with the Mind. If we are constandy ‘running up debts’ in

the form of thinking ‘in advance’ then that is like living on Credit.
We must learn to live in the NOW. Not the Present which is
something ENTIRELY different. The Present is what we are
attached to at the Moment. The NOW extends from your Past
into the Future you are CREATING. If you do not think that you
‘create’ your Future, which is Now when it is Reality for you, then
think again.

When you ‘ran up credit’ for that Bill we mentioned earlier, it was
done in a Now that has been reduced in form. Here we are in the
‘Future’, which is ANOTHER Now, worrying about it. We
Ourselves are the SOURCE of that ‘worrying bill’. There is no
Future as such, only Potential. You remember, that ‘wound up’
spring that will be released by us. So WHEN did you ‘wind it up’?
You ARE really in Command of your ‘Future’ you can probably see

So what must we do to be ‘in command’ of our Future? Be in

Command of ALL aspects of our idea about Time. When we are
Children, Adulthood is seen through the ‘wrong end of the
Telescope’. NOW we know it. Then, which was another Now,
we were not ‘mentally equipped’ to handle it. We have had lots of
‘practice’ since then in the form of Trial and Error, which is the
HARD way of gaining experience in Life. We are not taught to

Command Circumstances and Events as Children. That is because
there are no ‘lessons’ that we can attend, except the School of ‘Hard
Knocks’ which our Parents and Teachers were trained at.

People act as if they are attempting to gain a ‘Diploma’ for

learning how to survive in life DESPITE themselves. They fall
and stumble so often, they are worse than Babies learning to walk.
We are ‘Suckers for Punishment’ until we learn that Life does
NOT Punish us. WE punish ourselves by not taking Command of
our life and ‘letting’ ourselves be under the Command of Circum­
stances and Environment. Then there is our problem with

We have all met those people that have ‘Mind Sets’ that appear to
be ‘hand me downs’. The type of person that says; “It was ‘good
enough’ for my Parents, so its good enough for me” . The type that
lives under the Command of someone who probably thought that
way themselves. It is not a Vicious Circle, it is a Vicious SPIRAL.
They go DOWN the Spiral they should be ascending. Or even
worse, they never move in ANY direction.

Life is Growth. Unless we Grow, whether it is in Material

things or Mental, we shall never reach a position where we are in
Command of Life. What is even MORE tragic, we shall never
learn that we CAN be in Command. From CAN, it is only a short
step to W ILL be in Command. Now with THAT attitude of
Mind, we have REVERSED our ‘Telescope’ so that our ‘Future’ is
greatly Magnified. We can actually ‘see’ what we are in fact
creating NOW. Once you know you CAN, before you know it,
you ARE.

But there is one thing that you must be aware of BEFORE you
step from ‘Can’ to ‘Are’. Being Potential, ‘Can’ MUST be
Potential becomes ACTUAL. Then Paradoxically we find that our
Potenual has MULTIPLIED. We have such a MUCH better view
of the Future that we can ‘Command at Will’. It is as if we have
exchanged our simple ‘Telescope’ for an Astronomical Telescope
that can see things that are normally ‘invisible’ to the Fluman Eye.
(For Eye, substitute Mind).

This is TOTAL COMMAND. For if we can see ‘further ahead’
than others, then we are in Command of much more than Ourselves.
We shall go into ‘Command of Others’ in the next Chapter. But
oddly, the more we are in Command of Others, the more we GIVE
THEM . We cannot Receive until we learn how to Give.
Anything we Give to another ‘Commands’ their attention. We
MUST Draw attention to ourselves so that we can be SEEN to be in

This does not mean that we should become eccentric or dress up

in outlandish clothes as ‘Punks and Hippies’ do. Even though they
are individual in their dress and lifestyle, they are STILL following
a Pattern laid down by Others. They are not in Command, they are
under the Command of the ‘latest fad’. Rather like wearing a
uniform or ‘label’ to identify themselves from the Majority. Of
course, they have no idea that they have put themselves in a position
where they are LIMITED to being what they have CHOSEN.
They have surrendered their Power of Command to ONE way of
Life. There is no FLUIDITY any more. Talk about MIND

How to Command others and be respected for it

We all know someone that ‘Commands Respect’ from us. This is

not unusual if we have always lived subserviently. But when we
are in a position of Command OURSELVES, we will learn that we
respect ALL Life. We are not Subservient, neither are we
Dominant. No one willingly obeys Commands from someone that
is Domineering. So we must learn to GIVE people what they want
before we can assume a position of Command. Now this again
appears to be a Paradox, but only if you are seeing it from a position
where you are not in Command.

If the Captain of a ship stayed in his Cabin throughout the voyage

and gave Commands from There, then he is not in a position to have
OVERALL COMMAND. It is merely his Rank that ensures his
Commands are obeyed. He has Influence, but is not in a position
to influence DIRECTLY. He gives orders and HOPES that they
will be carried out according to his wishes. So it is with us if we are
not in ‘overall command’ of our Total Mind and Body. They form
ONE vehicle in which we ‘travel’ about our environment.

In Hindu Mythology, the Total Being is stated to be like a Chariot

drawn by Frisky Horses (Read Car and ‘Horse Power’) The Horses
are the Emotions, the Body is the Vehicle and the Mind the Driver.
There is ALSO a Passenger. If the Driver does not have the
‘Horses’ under control, then the ‘vehicle’ is pulled in the direction
that the ‘Horses’ choose to go. That is the beginnings of a very
bumpy ride.

The ‘Passenger’, which is the T in us, has a destination, and

although he has Command over the ‘Driver’ he allows him to use his
own initiative in driving the vehicle. It is when the ‘Driver’
FORGETS all about the ‘Passenger’ by putting his attention on the
vehicle and its surroundings, only barely keeping the ‘Horses’ under
control, that things go out of control. The Passenger and his
destination become Secondary to the ‘ride’.

This is an Analogy that will teach us much if we are prepared to

look at it from another viewpoint. By keeping our Emotions in
control we are not influenced by anything that would ‘normally’
cause them to ‘run away’ with us. We need not keep ‘a tight rein’
on them, as this causes Tension. We must allow them to know
however, that they are under the control of the Mind. Then there
is our Body (the Chariot) which is what we rely on for a ‘smooth ride’
despite the ‘road’ we travel on. Keep it in good condition and you
will get a lot of ‘mileage’ out of it.

What most people fail to remember, is that the Driver needs

training too. We learn the ‘basics’ of ‘driving’ as Children, but
every time we enter ‘new country’ we need to learn about it in
advance, otherwise we shall waste much time finding our way. So
we learn from someone that has travelled the ‘road’ we intend using.
Rather like obtaining a Road Map before setting out on a journey.

When this is all done, we have the basics of Command at our

disposal. Books like this are ‘training manuals’ with hints of where
to find ‘signposts’. This book will only take you along one route at
first, but from it you will learn to ‘drive’ on other routes. It is like
learning to walk, you have no idea how to UN-learn it. Once you
can do something all you have to do to MAINTAIN your skills is to
‘keep in practice’. As we learned earlier, we NEVER forget

But in case you think that we have forgotten our Observer, the
Passenger, here is a little about Him (or Her as applicable) that will
help you to remember that you are not alone in your vehicle. Our
‘Passenger’ is sometimes called ‘The Overself’ this does not mean
that he is in Command of anything to do with the means by which he
is travelling. All the Commands he gives are concerned with his
destination and the end of the journey. He lets the Driver go at his
own speed, but he occasionally has cause to remind the Driver that
he is still there. This is that ‘unheard’ prompting we get when we
go too far off the ‘road’.

On the ‘journey’ we meet many people, some travelling in our

direction some having stopped at the side of the road for ‘repairs and
rest’, others travelling in the OPPOSITE direction. Little do
THEY know that there is nothing to go back to. The journey is
ONE WAY. Just as Life is. We would LOVE to ‘go back’ at
times when the going gets rough, but there is no place to ‘turn’ the

There are many pleasant places to stop on the journey, but we

must not linger TOO long, as our Passenger MUST reach his
destination. He is our Prime Concern. Enjoy the ‘stops’ but
remember, the closer you get to the destination, the pleasanter the
country becomes and what you ONCE thought was a ‘green and
pleasant land’ that has been left behind, is like a Desert in

Quite simply, this means that as you ‘let go’ of your OLD Life and
way of doing things, every aspect of your life will improve beyond
your wildest imagining. Nothing will seem ‘impossible’ to you.
What you once considered to be ‘Miracles’ will now become
Commonplace. Then there was that problem with ‘bills’. There
are NO bills. Only ‘Cash in Hand’ and MUCH more than you ever

All of this is very Symbolic, but the Subconscious Level of Mind

THRIVES on Symbols. Words are Symbols for our ‘Realities’
therefore we must learn the language that does not include
Negatives, except as a Yard-stick to measure our progress by.
Rather like the ‘snapshots’ we keep for nostalgic reasons.

Nostalgia is harmless unless we spend too much time ‘dwelling on
the Past’. We must face in the direction we are travelling and look
forward to greater adventure ahead.

Now what about the ‘secret’ of the Command of Others I

promised you. Note that I said OF others, not OVER others.
We can never have Command OVER Others and live with ourselves.
Having Command Over anyone means that whatever happens to
them is YOUR responsibiliy. That is too heavy a burden to bear.
Having Command OF anyone means that THEY ALLOW you to
Command them. This of course means that they look to you FOR
Commands. This is a very respectful position to be in and one that
must not be taken advantage of. Not that you will, for when you
can have WHATEVER you wish, there is no need to take advantage

But HOW to have Command of others. Once again, we must

question the QUESTION. Why do we want this Power? The
answer is so simple, that it is too good to be true. We want to be
REINCARNATED. Does that seem odd to you? In a while it
wont. We are going to study another four of the basic needs of
EVERYONE. They may not seem obvious at first, but they ‘grow
on you’.

We want Reincarnation, Romance, Recognition and Reward for

what we do in life. We NEED the chance to be ‘Born Again’.
You know, make a ‘fresh start’ after making a mess of our life to
date. If you think you haven’t why are you reading this book?
We would ALL like to ‘turn back the clock’ and begin again.
How many times have you heard people say; “If I had my chance
to live my life over again, I would NEVER change a thing” .
BULL! They are trying to convince YOU that they have had a
Perfect Life. You know what type of life YOU have had and NO
ONE is ANY different to you, except in degree. The ONLY way
to have a ‘Perfect Life’ is to Start Again.

Something ELSE you may have heard often is; “If only I knew
TH EN , what I know NOW ” . Well, you DO know what you do
Now and it will be THEN as you create your ‘Future’ which
becomes another NOW. So you have no excuse for not using ‘Past’

knowledge. No one EVER seems to think that in these terms, we
Can create a new life from the ‘ashes’ of the Past. But this will be
gone into much deeper in a book yet to be written. Look out for it.
It will be called ‘The PHOENIX FACTOR’. So much for
Reincarnation, now for the Romance.

Romance, as we tend to think of it, the attachment between

people caused by Emotion. You know, one of those ‘Horses’ that
we need to keep under control. Or did you think that Romance
should be left to ‘run free’? Romance for OUR purpose is
ADVENTURE. Quote “To go boldly where no Man has gone
before” . Unquote. The kind of State of Mind that Conquered
Everest, The Poles, The Moon and many many other places. THE
Adventure is the discovery of your OWN Powers and their Source.

Quite a Challenge you may think, but one that we must ALL
make finally, whether in THIS Life or one yet to come. We have
instruments that tell us that there are UNIVERSES beyond ours and
Universes beyond those, perhaps an Infinite series of them. But as
far as INNER SPACE is concerned, we have only brushed the
surface of our Subconscious Level of Mind. Then there is the
SUPERCONSCIOUS, known only to a very few. Beyond the
Superconscious? Who knows, perhaps a Dimension that will
Dwarf what we call Infinity. Some Adventure eh?

Recognition. We ALL want to be noticed in some way. We

have spoken of the Outlandish methods of the Obvious members of
our Society, but there are those that seek recognition another way.
They are the ones that seek the Power of Command, usually for
Selfish motives. They DO get Command OVER people, but are
‘recognised’ from an aspect of Fear. TRUE Recognition gives us
Command over people who literally Command US to Command
them. They need an EXAMPLE on which to pattern THEIR
Lives. There have been many such people throughout History,
but THEIR Teachings have been turned into Religions. Some­
thing they NEVER intended.

If we Worship such Teachers, we can never really see ourselves as

reaching Their level of Consciousness. We are ALWAYS keeping
them ABOVE us, on a Pedestal WE create for them. No Teachers

in all of Man’s History raised themselves above their fellow man.
How could they? They KNEW that we were all one and the same
behind the illusions we created for ourselves. Perhaps that should
be, ACCEPT and continue to Create.

Reward. Now who has never thought of whatever they do in life

in terms of reward of some kind or another? Only those Teachers
we just mentioned. WE W ILL be rewarded for our efforts, but to
SEEK reward is defeating the object. If we look for and expect a
reward for what we do, then we are not in Command of our
circumstances OR ourselves. By this frame of Mind, we are no
more than someone that can be bought cheaply. We have no
‘respect’ if we are constantly holding our hand out. We are no
more than Beggars. But if we GIVE without expecting reward, we
shall get MUCH MORE than those who ‘expect’ reward.

This seems Paradoxical, but like all paradoxes it has its opposite
face. If we work, we expect to be paid for our labour. Even
Christ said that The Labourer is worthy of his Reward. But if we
work willingly, knowing that we shall be rewarded ANYWAY, then
there is no EXPECTANCY involved. This needs going into, so I
shall explain further.

As Children we had needs that only our Mother could fulfil,

Babies are totally reliant beings until they reach an age where they
stop Demanding and begin to command. We need Food, Warmth
and Comfort as Babies, and come to EXPECT them, once they are
instilled in our Mind by our Mothers loving affection. We get to
the stage where such things become habitual through expectancy.
If we do not get what we have become USED to, we Demand by
crying until we get them. If our Mother is indulgent and we soon
learn how to make her so, we then learn to Command her attention.
We become ‘Spoiled Brats’, and are Rewarded.

We have learned how to get Command OVER someone. They

have become subservient to us by our very dependency on them.
Not many Mothers reject their child when it ‘cries’ for what it wants.
It meets its needs by learning that Mother invariably FILLS those
needs. Then it learns to Command attention by crying. Mother,
knowing that crying can cover a multitude of ailments in a new

child, gives comfort and attention. The Child equates Comfort
with Crying, and a HABIT is born. In later years, the Child
‘Throws a Tantrum ’ if it does not get its ‘Reward’ but such is the
Command it has over its Mother that, it is ‘Rewarded’ for Peace and

A Child gets Command over someone to fulfil its Demand by

giving them what they DO N O T need. Some people NEVER lose
these Childhood behaviour patterns and carry them through life.
They are the POWER SEEKERS in our Society. I do not have
to give you any examples as we meet them EVERYWHERE.
They are driven to seek Command OVER people so that THEIR
demands might be met.

When you learn to give people what they DO need, without

asking or demanding any Reward except value received for work,
then THEY will reward you by placing themselves under your
Command. You have fulfilled THEIR needs WILLINGLY.
You gain their Respect. As their needs are Important to them,
they are only too willing to reward YOU. There is a dependency
on your GOOD W ILL.

So, if you wish to be a Success in life and command the Respect of

others, GIVE them what they NEED. ANYONE can give people
what they WANT and become very Rich doing so, but for True
Wealth, you must fulfil peoples NEEDS. You KNOW what they
are, all you have to do is begin by selecting a particular need and
devoting time and energy to its distribution. Fads and Fancies are
not needs, and you may get rich by stepping on the ‘bandwagon’ to
fulfil a temporary desire, but it is not lasting. You will then have
to search for other ‘Get Rich Quick’ schemes. Needs are ‘Ready
Made’ FOR you, being inbuilt in peoples Nature.

So to be in Command OF, supply a NEED. To be in Command

OVER, create a W ANT by playing on the Child in people. But
could you live with YOURSELF? In the next Chapter, we shall
look at the Demands we make of OURSELVES and the Commands
that will FREE us from these habits. There is NO habit that
cannot be supplanted by its OPPOSITE. You will learn the WHY
and How of doing this.

Nothing is easier than taking Command of your OWN life.
Until you can do that, how can you expect to Command Others?
This you will learn, but only if you are dissatisfied with the life you
are living Now.


Why do we NEED to take Command of our OWN lives? Quite

simply, to take ourselves from under the Command of Others.
Life will teach us what we need to know about ourselves. We are
obliged to study how Life ‘affects’ us and our reactions to our
experiences in our environment, because we are TOO CLOSE to
ourselves. So to study our INNER Life, we must turn our Mind
OUTWARD. It is ‘Out There’ we project our ideas about our
lives and experiences.

What we experience in the World has the same effect as if we look

in the Mirror. It reflects what we EXPECT to see. If you stood
in front of a Mirror and saw a ‘complete stranger’, then we know that
something has happened to our sense of Perception. In Reality, we
ARE seeing a ‘Stranger’ in our Mirror. We are seeing the
REVERSE of what is being reflected, but you KNOW this. But
we have the unfortunate habit of thinking; “ Thats ME” .

It is your BODY that is reflected. Identification with it is a

learned habit. So is identification with your Thoughts. We say;
“I Think” . But you DO NO T. It is the Mind in motion. You

do not Think when Asleep, Unconscious, or under Hypnosis.
What is the T doing then? Remember ‘The Passenger’ in our
vehicle? That is YOU. Not th e ‘YOU’ that you TH IN K you are
when there is movement in the Mind. Still the Mind and Thought

Then we become AWARE. This awareness is Pure Conscious­

ness, and something that is rarely experienced by the vast majority of
people. THEY are not in Command of the Mind. It makes
Demands of Consciousness which ‘flows’ into the ‘shape’ the Mind
creates through Habit and EXPECTANCY. EVERYTHING that
happens in the Mind is CREATED. O ur Behaviour is
LEARNED. Anything that is Learned, can be supplanted by its

What we learn early in life becomes our Reality. It soon has

Command OVER us and makes Demands on our Consciousness,
which is quite happy to comply. But if we have CONFLICTING
Demands, then there is an Imbalance. We are not in Harmony
and as a result lose our feeling of Well Being. When we are in
Command of ourselves and our actions, Well Being comes of its own
accord, and not as something that can be Demanded. But we CAN
Command the circumstances that will create its existence.

Our Circumstances are the combination of our Environment and

our Inner Peace of Mind. Even in the most congenial environ-
-ment, we see things through ‘Grey Coloured Glasses’ if we are
disturbed or lose our ‘Peace of Mind’. Peace of Mind comes
through inner Command. When we KNOW that nothing has
Command OVER us, what can disturb us? Command begins and
ends in our Mind or Rather, in what we have CREATED in our

Our Creations go back a Long Way. But you know how to

handle events from the Past. All you have to do is examine
ANYTHING that disturbs your Peace of Mind and rectify the
Problem by looking at it in its Tm e perspective. NOTHING that
we create can be Permanent, unless of course we BELIEVE
OTHERWISE. Its our BELIEFS we must examine as well as our
Habits. Question your Beliefs and they begin to ‘Fade’ in

significance by the Doubt you have in their ability to affect you.
Rather like ‘Exorcising Ghosts’.

Command over yourself increases in Geometric Progression, until

you realise that there are NO LIMITS to what can be attained by
using Consciousness for improvement. Paradoxically, the more
YOU Improve, the more you want to help OTHERS to improve
TH EIR Lives. This is because ALL Consciousness is ONE, and if
you are aware of Consciousness being used to the Detriment of
someone, you KNOW that they are not in Command of themselves.

There comes an awareness that Consciousness is not MEANT to

be ‘scattered’. Unity and Harmony are Natural Laws. If this
were not so, the very atoms of our Bodies would fly apart. We
have Command of them and keep them in Unity in the way we
created them as living beings at conception and growth. All life is
concerned with Growth and Progress in a direction of which it is
generally unaware. There are inner Commands that direct us to
the Unity of Consciousness.
We hear of people ‘talking to Plants’ and invariably they get a
response by increased Growth. Try ‘Hating’ a Plant and indeed, it
will become stunted and eventually Die on you. Still feed and
water it of course, otherwise it will die of Material neglect and the
experiment will be invalid. But what of WEEDS you ask. I
don’t like weeds, but they seem to flourish DESPITE my dislike.
There is a law of the Mind that says; Anything that you FIGHT
against, you build up in significance, thereby giving it Power over
you EQUAL to the power that you use against it. We do not
FIGHT weeds, we must really HATE them to get rid of them.
But don’t bother with that experiment. Just think how you
would feel, standing with hands on hips, a frown on your face,
GLARING at your weed patch. SILLY isn’t it? Then what if
one of the neighbours saw you? Try explaning that!

Weeds are only plants. They are not ‘evil’ in themselves. Like
everything else on this Planet, they are fulfilling their Destiny,
which is to flourish and PROSPER. Which brings our Mind very
neatly to thoughts of Prosperity. That State of Mind where we feel
that ‘alls well’ with the life we are leading.

Prosperity indicates that you are in Command of all aspects of
your Life and Circumstances. Also a little of your Environment.
It goes very well and indeed encourages a feeling of Well Being.
So how do we become Prosperous? Is there perhaps a ‘Secret’ to
Prosperity? It is no ‘Secret’, unless of course you have happened
to ignore the lessons that Nature teaches us by example.

Nature is not in the least conservative in its method of

Reproduction. It creates MORE seed than it needs to reproduce
its offspring. It is wasteful because it knows that not ALL of its
seed will be able to find suitable conditions for Growth and, as you
know, Growth is the PRIME DIRECTIVE of Nature. There
ARE periods of Rest, but these are necessary to prevent OVER-
STIMULATION . We Humans can take a lesson from Nature, by
returning to a Natural Way of life. We are constantly seeking
stimulation in some form or another, to satisfy our WANTS, which
are N O T Needs.

Now I am not suggesting that we should return to a Primitive

existence where we grub for roots and search for Berries. That
idea is Impractical, given our numbers and the Societies we have
created. We have made our Bed and must lie in it. We cannot
abandon what we have created and begin again from scratch. We
have become too ‘Soft’. But we CAN make our ‘bed’ more
comfortable to lie in. We can begin by toughening ourselves up by
rechanneling our Thoughts to at least a SEMBLANCE of Natural
living. We can begin with our Diet.

I have rather a fixation about this. Perhaps it is because I have

learned to accept only the BEST that Nature can supply in the way
of Food. Having Command over my Physical ‘needs’ I allow only
that which is nutritious to supply my dietary needs. I DO eat
‘normal’ food on occasions. But that is to please others on ‘Special
Occasions’ such as Weddings etc. We cannot expect everyone to
cater for OUR special needs. But being extremely Healthy and
Fit, I know that the occasional ‘lapses’ will do me no harm.

As a child, I was once given Six Months to live. Apparently I

had a Virus infection of the Gastro Alimentary Tract about which
little was known in the I930’s. Now our Diet was ‘Rough and

Ready’ and the Environment was Countryside, so that was not the
problem, although it assisted my recovery. So, either the Doctor
had made a wrong Diagnosis, or our Lifestyle overcame the effects
of the Virus, because eventually I recovered. There was no idea of
Nature Cure in our Family at that time, as we lived so close to
Nature, therefore there was no idea that if we lived OTHER than the
way we did, we would suffer adverse effects.

As a Child I was not in Command of what I ate or drank, neither

was I in Command of my circumstances and environment. Fortu­
nately, that was NO problem. I had chosen the Right Fleredity to
be born into. Or is that too much for you to ‘swallow’? Life
gives us lessons from which we must learn. It is not CHANCE
that we are born into the circumstances and environments we find
ourselves in. We are placed in a ‘proving ground’ over which we
MUST assume Command. When we overcome these ‘obstacles’,
we are fit to assume Command in ANY area of our Lives. We have
all heard of those people that, despite the severe handicap of
Environment and Heredity, have created their own ‘niche’ in their
Command over Life.

First, they had to take Command of THEMSELVES. Now it is

no use bemoaning our ‘Lot’ in Life. We must DO something
about it. We begin with ourselves and the SELF IMAGE we have.
If you see your self as Inadequate in any way, then it is time to
Question your Inadequacies. Begin to Doubt what you have
HABITUALLY thought you were, then the ‘Rot’ starts to set in.
Doubt is a wonderful weapon in the Armoury of you Mind.
With it we can ‘cut down’ our most Cherished Negative Beliefs
about ourselves. But if we are too busy ‘weeping and wailing’
about how ‘badly’ Life has treated us, then we lose sight of the fact
that WE are the Creators and Acceptors of what we consider our life
to be.

At an early age, our lifestyle is created FOR us. But we are no

longer Children. So it is time to take the ‘reins’ into our OWN
hands and steer ourselves in the direction we wish. We have the
power to do this by using our Imagination and the plentiful examples
of others who overcame ‘circumstances’. We are not BORN with a
low opinion of our status in life. We CREATE it by what we

accept and believe. Then each of us MAINTAINS our Beliefs in
the manner to which we have become accustomed. But are they
OUR Customs and Beliefs? Have we perhaps accepted something
that is not Natural for us?
Anything that is NATURAL, is FREE. Have we given up our
Freedom for a life that is created for us by others? Do others have
Command OVER us? If, so, what are you going to DO about it?
Any Revolution begins INSIDE the people who Revolt. Unless
we TAKE COMMAND, then we are always at the beck and call of
the Demands of Others. We have surrendered our FREE W ILL
in order that we shall not have to think for Ourselves WILLINGLY.
Now this is the Tragedy of our Society. We ARE our Society, and
we ‘Willingly’ contribute to its maintainance. We are like Sheep,
being driven wherever those that have Command OVER US feel
Like Sheep we have been shorn and will continue to be so, until
we stop being like Sheep and become a SAMSON, who, although he
was blind, regained his massive strength because his captors never
noticed that his hair had regrown, and Samson’s strength lay in his
hair. If we allow our Life to be taken away from us by others, then
we must pay lip service until our ‘hair’ has grown again and we are
able to take Command of things once more. Not REAL hair of
course, but as hair grows from INSIDE our scalp, the Anology is
very apt.
We must grow INSIDE ourselves, then we will find that we have
HIDDEN STRENGTH that can overcome ANY obstacle. So
whilst you are learning to take command of your life, Tell NO ONE.
Let them see for themselves the progress you are making. It will
‘creep up’ on them and one day they will see that you are a Complete
Stranger to what THEY thought you were.

If we tell someone of our attempts to improve our life, they

thinking that you are no different to them, will attempt to discourage
you. They want you to stay EXACTLY as you are in THEIR
eyes. People dislike drastic change in their lives, and if someone
they are familiar with appears to be making more progress than
themselves, then they feel resentment towards that person and
attempt to ‘block’ their growth. Rather like ‘hating’ plants.

We are all susceptible to the thoughts and emotions of others
UNTIL we are in Command of our OWN lives, then nobody can
influence us. There is no one above a Commander to Command
him or Her. He gives his OWN orders. When people see this in
you, they will place themselves under your Command. But not if
they are Commanders themselves. The MORE people that are in
command of their lives, the more Harmonious life becomes. So it
is our DUTY to Recruit people to the Commanding way of Life.

Perhaps this is not the First ‘Self Help’ book that you have read.
If not, you will see that there is a similar ‘thread’ running through
ALL of them. Rather like a White Thread in a Grey Blanket-It
stands out! It is the OUTSTANDING things in Life that attract
our attention. Eccentrics are ‘outstanding’ but they are usually
examples of Demand rather than Command. A ‘Look at Me’ type
of reason. They feel the NEED for Recognition and try and obtain
it in the only way they know how, which usually makes them look

If you wish to make your Mark in life, then you must create a
POSITIVE example for others to emulate. If we follow ‘fools’
then we are no better than they are, But in following someone in
COMMAND, we are really emulating them by IDENTIFYING
with them. Everyone loves a Winner, because they have that aura
of Command, but winners are seldom long lasting in the eyes of
people as their ability to win declines.

The truly Successful in life are Winners that go on winning after

the rest have given up. In ‘The Life Game’, Published by Finbarr,
I wrote of ‘Do or Die’ and ‘Born Loser’ types of people. Also the
EXPERTS in life. We generally fit into one or other of these
categories. But Experts in THIS book are those that are IN
COMMAND of the Game of Life. Although Life is NOT a Game,
we treat it as such and as as a result spend much of our time being
concerned with Winning or Losing. But if we are in Command,
the idea of Winning or Losing does not enter into our lives. We
are too busy ENJOYING TH E GAME.

In ‘Mindflow’, I wrote about the fluidity of Consciousness at far

greater length than I have here. Consciousness of Command is

what has ‘flowed’ into a ‘container’ that WE have created. It is the
DEGREE to which we allow our Consciousness to ‘flow’ into any
particular ‘channel’ that decides whether we shall be in Command of
our Lives. If we are only allowing a ‘trickle’ of Consciousness to
follow our Natural bent for Command, then we shall only have as
much out, as we allow in. The same applies to its OPPOSITE.

Our Habits and accepted way of life ‘channel’ our Consciousness

in the direction we are accustomed to. But what if we develop
New Tastes for greater Romance in our lives? Will we get it on
Command? Of COURSE we will. All we have to do is Doubt
that we are Unadventurous! It is as simple as that. The same
goes for ANY of our ‘Needs’. But do not expect new growth to be
like that in the fable of Jack and the Beanstalk. Life is NOT a
Fairy Story.

NATURAL Growth is easy and effortless, but very powerful.

Have you ever noticed those soft tips of plants that literally
FORCE their way through pavements and roads? Just rub them
lightly with your finger and they disintergrate. But the
STRENGTH that is ‘built in’ that shoot is phenomenal. So if you
think that progress could be a little faster, remember the plant. It
makes its way through something that is Infinitely Harder than
itself, but it GETS THERE.

The Plant has Command over itself and, incidentally, over the
substance it is growing through. Your Habits and acceptances are
like the inert road material that has been compacted through much
usage, but neglect to ‘travel’ along that route and Nature soon takes
over. It is this side of our Nature that we must foster and ‘talk to’,
then our ‘plants’ will respond with strong vigorous growth. AT

We must not RUSH Self Development, no matter how much we

desire ‘Instant Power’. Unless the ‘channels’ are suitable for the
Power, they will not bear the extra load and be swept away as if in a
‘flash flood’. We must reinforce our ‘channels’ using Imagination
and Belief. This is easy now you know how. Like the ‘doses’ in
Homeopathy, Little and Often, we shall then experience a state ol
‘Health and Well Being’ that we only dreamed about.

Well Being means Being W ELL, of course, and if Life has been
full of DIS-Ease for us, we must set ourselves at EASE once again.
Or if you have NEVER been at EASE then the time to remedy
that is NOW. This is the ONLY way to create ANYTHING in
Life. DO IT NOW. Tomorrow is always that step ahead, which
we NEVER reach because we PUT it there. Drum it in your Mind
that NOW is all the Time we have to do what we HAVE to do.
Better still COMMAND IT.

The Secret of being in Command, is to BE in Command. Unless

we ARE anything in life, then it is like Tomorrow, ever in the
distance. I am writing this book NOW, but it is also in your Past.
You are reading it NOW, so you see how the ‘Past’ can affect your
Life? So, if we want ANYTHING to be in our Life NOW, we
must BEGIN now. We cannot begin in some Mythical Future.
Talking of the Future, how do you think some people can
PREDICT the ‘Future’? Why, by seeing it NOW of course.
Life is not a stream, it is an Ocean that reaches into Infinity. If all
the parts of the Ocean are One, what is to stop even YOU predicting
your OWN Future?

Have you heard the one about the man who was asked if he could
play the Piano in the Pub? He replied “ I don’t know, I ’ve never
tried” . If you NEVER try, you’ll never KNOW will you? We
all know that it takes Practice before we can play a Piano, but
WHATEVER has been done by Someone Else, YOU can do. The
only things ‘Special’ about a Genius, is that he is in Command of
EVERY aspect of his Life. But Command is not something we are
BORN with. Like any other Behaviour, it has to be LEARNED.

No Teacher that has ever lived can MAKE you learn ANY­
THING. There must be Interest and Motivation. I am sure that
you have Both NOW. Not only am I SURE, I KNOW you have.
Interest and Motivation is the force that can overcome Inertia, with
just a ‘little’ Imagination. One of this Planets ‘early’ Teachers
said; “As you Sow, So shall you Reap”. This STILL holds true
today as you no doubt realise.

We cannot sow seeds of Failure and expect Success. We cannot

expect to Command if we have sown seeds of Servility. Nor can we

be ANYTHING UNTIL we sow particular seeds in our Conscious­
ness. Sow ‘weeds’ and you know how they soon gel a stranglehold
on our Garden. The Mind is our Garden. If you wish to have
nourishing food from it, grown under ‘Natural’ conditions, then
we m ust see that the ‘so il’ is kept clear of ‘W eeds’.
Then we must Compost it with the Dead and Decaying remnants of
our OLD Beliefs. NOTHING is wasted in Nature, so why should
WE who are a part of Nature, be any different.

We only have as much Command over our lives as we EXPECT to

have. Expect little and that is EXACTLY what you will ‘reap’.
So do us all a favour, by giving us an example against which we can
measure our OWN progress in life. TAKE COMMAND. Then
you will have ALL that you Expect from Life.