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Part 2 of 2- Children of the Sun - Religion & Philosophy


By Wayne B. Chandler MS, CPH, TCE

Our perception of God is intimately rules the heart and unconditional love. God of miracles in a world that contains
related to the chakras in the human Here we find God the Redeemer who prophets, seers and adepts born from
body. When we function from the base fits a world where personal growth is the common populace. This is a world
or root chakra we perceive the form of constantly sought after and encouraged where spiritual vision and practice is
God as the divine Protector. This fits a by family, the powers that be, and the nurtured. Lastly we arrive at the crown
world of physicality, bare survival, full mass global collective. Inner resolution chakra where we encounter the God of
of physical threats and dangers. The brings about fruitful insights that prove Pure Being. This omnipresent express-
second chakra, under the influence productive, while the manifestation of ion fits a world that knows no limitations
of the second grid frequency brings Divine and unconditional Love colors and transcends all boundaries. It is a
forth the image of God Almighty. This the consciousness of humanity. God world colored with infinite possibilities
is a God who fits into a world of fierce the Creator is born from the fifth or throat and Divine revelation.
competition, destructive self serving chakra. Mantra and transformative
With the destiny of the world on an
ambition, and brutal power struggles. tones of power projected via the voice inevitable collision course with change,
The third chakra allows the experience brings into creation the refinement of how we initiate our children and “what”
of a God of Peace and Tranquility, which “inner” being. In the beginning was the we initiate them with is of paramount
fits the spiritual landscape in a world of word, and the word was with God. This importance. We are now entering a
inner solitude where introspection, self God reflects a world that is constantly new paradigm and a new cultural
reflection, and deep contemplation are renewing itself, where change is model as well. The signs abound all
possible. Here in the third, the formula valued, applauded and enlightened around us. We should not indoctrinate
for rudimentary transcendence is born. discoveries are embraced. Contained the minds and souls of our children
From here we ascend to the fourth within the energetic matrix of the sixth with the same social hallucinations we
level grid and the fourth chakra which chakra we find God the miraculous, a carried, passed down from generation

2 Sovereign Mind Magazine - Volume 4, No. 4, 2010

to generation. Examples of these social Survival Mode keeps you in a constant power of a new dawn for humanity. A
perceptions are that change will come state of desperation. Desperation keeps new possibility is for conscious adults
through the political machine, all one you in a constant state of fear or what to learn transformative practices then
has to do is vote; that soul salvation adults like to call stress…this impacts teach their children the practices,
will come through religion all one has the amygdala glands situated on either these practices our ancestors left for
to do is go to church; or carrying guns side of the brain which are the glands us which ignite and fuel the limitless
will solve crime and criminal intent. that register fear in the human body potential children possess—right brain,
We believed these are the answers to and that fear is then housed in your transformative practices that most
our oppression, suppression, social kidneys which store that particular of us very rarely use but with their
miseries, and human injustices…but emotion, which in turn impacts your activation can usher in a new global
these are solutions born from illusions adrenal glands which control your flight awareness. These practices are more
generated by left brain thinking which or fight mechanism in the body with than rites of passage for they constitute
have no merit and no resolve. the release of adrenalin, maintaining a our birthright. We can nurture a race of
constant state of anxiety which creates children who know who they are, why
Things are not brought into being by an accelerated rate of physical and they are here, what it is they are to do,
thinking or focusing on their opposites. mental degeneration. In other words, and how they will do it. The Ancestors
They are brought into being by the we are constantly living to die. We have, tell us that on March 31, 2013 (not
perception of balance. Medicine as in the true sense…no quality of life. 2012) the world as we know it will
a science of disease has very well cease to be. A Native American Hopi
increased disease. Religion as a science Through our solar revolution, the solar prophecy states: there will come to
of sin has very well promoted sin and system has entered a different realm in be a tear in the fabric of time. Those
economics as a study of poverty has galactic space, bringing with it new ener- who have prepared themselves will be
filled the world with want and lack. getic patterns which affects the global able to walk right through. Those who
human consciousness. Revolutionary have not….
We cannot use weapons marketed to us concepts in science are being revealed
against the very powers which oppress every day. This is our time to embrace the new
us and create, manufacture and provide model of tomorrow for the fate of
us those weapons. Regardless as to One of the most profound is that which future generations is at stake. The fate
whether these weapons are social, details the shifting waves of emotional of humanity is at stake and the fate of
political, or economic. We must look frequency. Over the last several years planet Earth is at stake. Dying is easy.
into the fabric of our current culture Dr. David R. Hawkins has been a pio- It requires no effort whatsoever because
or civilization and identify those things neer in this field. His findings not only we live in a death based culture and
that lay outside of it. We must look at substantiate ancient old world writings reality. It is the design that you have
those things that can be used to shift and practices but they establish a major been given since you were born. But
this culture into a morally constructive key for human self empowerment as it to LIVE? To live takes effort. It takes
and spiritually instructive reality. relates to planetary change. planning, and it takes intention because
you are going “against” the tide, the
Those characteristics, such as uncondi- Every emotion has a vibrational flow of culture, the current pulsation of
tional love, true self empowerment, frequency. Fear is measured at 200; life. Like salmon swimming upstream
which slumber in the right feminine Love (unconditional) at 500; peace to spawn to begin life anew, living is a
brain, are to this culture what kryptonite and tranquility at 600; and the various challenge but it is what we must do if
was to the so-called man of steel. It is stages of the enlightened mind at life and light are to be absolute in this
those characteristics that we must 700 to 900. Hawkins states that one time of renewal.
embrace and teach our children so person at level 500 can shift and
that they may, through their vision of counterbalance 750,000 people of a One is better off knowing where to go and
tomorrow, usher in a new cycle and lower vibration without even leaving not knowing how, than being free to go
redream the world. Even though change their house! And one person at the level and not knowing where; worst of all, is
is the only constant, we are made to of 700 can raise the consciousness preparing to go and not knowing why!
believe that things never change. Thus of 70 million people!! This astounding
this antiquated model of civilization and reality happens because, contrary to
culture is trying to carry us forward into popular belief, we are all connected Wayne B. Chandler MS,
terrain it is not equipped to navigate. and each time a person shifts into a CPH, SCE, is the author
of Ancient Future: The
greater spiritual frequency it affects the
Teachings and Prophetic
We the “Light Warriors,” those children consciousness of the mass population. Wisdom of the Seven
of tomorrow’s dawn, must learn how This is all ancient science taught by Hermetic Laws of Ancient
to discipline and focus ourselves in our ancestors thousands of years ago Egypt and The Brighter
order to create the reality we need at and is now being verified by today’s Side of Darkness: A Light
this time. Since being on MySpace, I brilliant minds. Warrior’s Guide to Inner
have met and encountered many, many Alchemy and Spiritual Transformation.
advanced, powerful and creative souls The most astonishing revelation in Dr. (Projected to be published in 2010.)
who are still trying to figure out how Hawkins research was that one tenth Chandler is an Anthro-photojournalist
to create, how to live and thrive while of one percent (.1%) of the global specializing in African and Asian
civilization, philosophy and culture.
living, because to merely “exist” is not human population, unified by a single
From 1985 to 1995 Chandler was a
an option for them. But we still have cause, can change the consciousness regular contributor and co-author of
not designed for “our person” the of the world. Now ponder this for a the J.A.C. (Journal of African and Asian
equation that will release us from moment and visualize Earth’s children Civilizations), a series of books produced
survival mode so that we may create in the vanguard, moving and acting in annually. To find out more please visit
the things we need. harmonious accord with the incoming 3