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‘A Word About the Harpsichord Registration By igor Kipnls The registration that appears withthe music and explained below is ‘Sbecicaly st up fr my own Fuikowsx ang Robinette herpsicher which Consists of ho folowing specticaions LOWER MANUAL — aul feather gull, Harp: UPPER MANUAL — 6" gulls mana! coupler Explanation of Registration Ls = Lower 8 + ma UB = Upper & = = remove 1172 fotersto ha. hich, in which itis possible by means of pedals to 90 From aul rgister fr example, an upper manual} toa sant where the sing is boing luckod less tonal Fer ovanole, mi top. As: failed "plano sop woul be roughly ne equivalent. ny case hal. hea ota en pea an oer 8 oir, awe se BB ~ Peaude Bute (ateather reise, as coposed tothe remainder of my pchors which 1s alle [Oe the later regiter on hal- Fitch fe orem et ane very Henle fo te touch H. = Harpo but reister,on my inetrument availabe onthe ower 8 the ‘German terminology fe register Usually i te © = Goupter.Gracutly aang C, ofcourse, only possie on some n- Strumnis, whore th set i that ofa noo) crescendo. ‘The performer should use the folowing generalities asa guide when set- ting Ups repsration ois own natrument’s specications pascage splayed onthe upper or lower manual is immsterl eneral dames willdelermine the regtr For ineanco, wren the dyramie are pp or sole the erlormer must use the ste register However, when adcing or subtracting the 4 register addng beiliance), or Inthe use of he arp 0: bul Iron ase mh German, not obo corfied wn the Engish ue). the performer soout follow te printed regiation ute close ERRATUM: Boom of page 2 Insioa of L844 It should simply rad +4 NACH BACH Explanation of Symbols A. = tobe played in bi, famasia sty, Yoey, ut of ie, = auick aruppeto, tobe played as a fast grace-nae figure, +++ = groupes noteheads without stems to be slaved freely, ex Dressel ato me, Itnelesdewlhout stem appa ingly trae 2oie rire ply very shor = combination figure of fast grace-note and fantasie-siyle pessages, LZ2z7i_~ play wit and black keys randomly in quick movement op ot iT iat = passages mariod in boxes are rect quotes tom 4S. Bache PARTITA INE WINOR (No 6) and shoud be played ae damatic Sees === ~ begining page 8 and continuing through page 12. indicates rote comprising the mot ine: whi no specie tmevalue Ie indested, uch preportonal rotton suggests mo ensthe ‘etatve to vigul lengths, The "V~Jned tote end Othe Ine ‘raw tom the noteheadindeates pont of rlease = sl of x on stents ae open {7 pase cto tres tse oem Saran SeseE Soa Ei wecSeand Ween tana for my friend Igor Kipnis NACH BACH GEORGE ROCHBERG (1968) ery Just ( 2 7" irotendel eect date Fete oe faccek = rie ae — AIL Rights Reserved International Copyright Secured Printed in Ue S.h (not too very. fast, briliant ery fest bitant n contend doles dete, é =e Jost, sharp short) moving, but not fast Tetert trill low, of 0-40580-16 Aeticate, nat too fst he Hila a, (rte) recitando, hoving PP dolciss. al P ‘ony if necessary {or barpsichord| sepeat BY 110-40589-16 ery slow ca A.8" very fast, rush «i in me (short) rs Ds Pusan arr Sf brilliant, puastnorpentiond iE reo ee) (not too moderate. fasts eh fest hard len Sravura, rilvont S| ‘ory Jost, marcatissimo a 10-40880-16, not t00 slow, rubato non legato pata ts Tranguillo, egato ouarat a ae eeeerere yd Last legtero stow» Bee eww eee aeaee Bee ee eee recitando, con calore on ine Pile a= [iteantie®) tl 10-40880-16 F (one) molto copressivo, delorese Ps eS fae ong) 110-40580-16, (ong) hort) (alow. ==») (nat long) ost. So = Cs) y»—= not too fast “ona 10-40389-16 ‘wodarate 7 110 40560-16 10 moderate to very fast moderate to fast 2 piacere caf tery fast (ory it 4 i—_—___ moderate itz3} = iz} § 110-40589-16 (very fast. = slow to fast) (moderate. = = fast. tlw (moderate... alow.) mad to slow) tow very fast ap 10-40540-16 ry moderate very fest slow to very fast stow moderate to very fast moderate eff Sf morcatissime wa ef Ke behets” be he 4 te. SSS = ee | het hate ge te tt te be te ya te Efe te te se Ete eter arteries ee 3.8 Bravura, start slow and work up speed and volume a F 110-40880-18| peed and gradually inorease to prestissimo, wild! radnally ald +O; thea) ogin a gradual erescendo FTE PIP src pete ye oe pe) 1Ho-40580-16 Gloriously, broad (but don't drag) entando Toceping gestures cantando revitanda egpression begin gradual (not too tong) a sear » wt OS stow, rubato 10-40589-16 16 110-40889-16