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Chapter 1

Business-owners needs employees and staff to help on managing their

business, they play significant role when it comes to business matters. They are

responsible and needed in conducting business operations. Staffs are pillars of

the business they help in developing the business. Owners hire staff to continue

in their business. It would cost too much to hire employees but it sure is a way

of developing the firm and making it stronger and rise up. As they hire staff for

their business they also need to develop strategies to properly manage their

employees. So Human Resource Management (HRM) is needed by the business

to manage their staff, HRM is the managing of people inside the workplace to

contribute to the firms development. Human resource management is defined as

a strategic and coherent approach to the management of an organization’s most

valued assets – the people working there who individually and collectively

contribute to the achievement of its objectives (M Armstrong 2006)

Strategic human resource management is the practice of attracting,

developing, rewarding, and retaining employees for the benefit of both the

employees as individuals and the organization as a whole. HR departments that

practice strategic human resource management do not work independently

within a silo; they interact with other departments within an organization in

order to understand their goals and then create strategies that align with those

objectives, as well as those of the organization. As a result, the goals of a human

resource department reflect and support the goals of the rest of the organization.

Strategic HRM is seen as a partner in organizational success, as opposed to a

necessity for legal compliance or compensation. Strategic HRM utilizes the

talent and opportunity within the human resources department to make other

departments stronger and more effective (Katryn Stewart, 2018).

If there have been instances of inability amongst employees to meet

deadlines, low efficiency and dismal productivity then there have been a lack in

proper Human Resource Management Strategies (HRMS) (Mauthe M. A.,

2017). HRM is defined as managing people in organization and now in modern

society, technological changes and production of products and services demand

more than just managing people in the organization (Newell and Scarbrough,

2002). According to Mitchell Langbert SHRM grew out of important social and

historical events. SHRM includes typical Human Resource components such as

hiring, discipline, and payroll, and also involves working with employees in a

collaborative manner to boost retention, improve the quality of the work

experience, and maximize the mutual benefit of employment for both the

employees and employers (WebFinance Inc., 2019). The purpose of SHRM is

to stimulate interest in the field of Human Resource (HR), SHRM was created

to provide assistance for development of its members, to provide leadership

opportunities, and establish and support standards of excellence in HRM

(Essays, UK, 2018)

In this study the researchers aims to understand different HRMS of

various restaurants in Ligao City and identify how it contribute to the business

Statement of the Problem

1. What is the strategy and standards of various restaurants in selecting the people

they hire.

2. What are the strategies of various restaurants in managing their employees and

staff in terms of:

A. Providing the proper working environment

B. Maintaining the morale of employees and staff.

C. Avoiding the inability amongst employees to meet deadlines, low efficiency and

dismal productivity.

3. What are the common problems that are encountered in Human Resources


4. What are the effects of Human Resources Management on the restaurant in

terms of:

A. Quality of service.

B. Quality of food.

C. Environment of the restaurant for the costumers

Conceptual Framework

Considering the approach, the input, process, and output determine the

Human Resources Management strategies of restaurants in Ligao City. The

framework was conceptualized based on the input, process, and output.


The researchers mainly focus on restaurants with a large number of staff.

This is to have a larger number of sample population to have a more accurate

result for the study. The data will have two sources, the Human Resources
Manager and the employees. The review of related literature and studies, legal

business, and strategies will be adopted.


The data gathering instrument which consists of questionnaires will be

formulated, validated, then distributed to the respondents. The data to be

gathered from the respondents include the strategies of the restaurants in

maintaining the morale and the proper working environment for the employees,

strategies on how to ensure to receive high quality service from their employees,

and common problems encountered in human resources management.

The Output and Feedback of the study will be derived from the results

of the questionnaires and will be discussed after the data gathering.

Scope and Delimitation

The main focus of this study is about the Human Resources Management

strategies of various restaurants and it also involves the way they cope up in

terms of problem they may encounter in their business. The researchers will be

using questionnaires in gathering the data. This research study will be conducted

in Ligao City and only focuses to restaurants with a large number of staffs.

The selection of this businesses are brought about because they have the

large number of staffs and they are successful. The aim of this study is to help

business owners on how to manage their staffs and employees property to ensure

the development and success of the business.


*Business profile of

the restaurant *Descriptive method

*Products being *Questionnaire

offered by the owner *Respondents

*Marketing strategies *Statistic tool

practice by the owners


Figure 1.0

Conceptual Paradigm
Significance of the Study

In general the result of this study will provide information about the

Human Resource Strategies of the various restaurant business owners in Ligao

City, specifically this study will be relevant to the following:

Future Restaurant Owners. This study will give information and will serve as

a guide on how to properly and strategically manage their employees.

Restaurant Employees. Will serve as a reference on how they should perform

well and how to please their employer with their performance in the workplace.

Future Researchers. it will serve as their future reference

Definition of Terms

The following are the terms that are conceptually and operationally

defined for further understanding this study.

Business Owners. It is defined as an entity who owns a business entity in an

attempt to profit from the successful operations of the company. It also a group

of people who owns and manage a business.

Human Resource. It is defined as a department within an organization that

deals with the people who work for the organization. Operationally, a group of

people that works together in restaurants in Ligao City.

Strategies. It is defined as careful plan or method for achieving a particular goal

usually over a long period of time. Operationally, having a SMART plan on how

to manage restaurants in Ligao City.

Restaurant. It is defined as a public eating place. Operationally, an eating place

where people used to meet and chat with each other.

Standard. It is defined as something set up and established by authority as arule

for the measure of quantity, weight, extent, value, or quality. Operationally, a

set of rules mandated by an organization in selecting workers in the restaurants

in Ligao City.

Proper working environment. It is defined as the location where task is

completed. When pertaining well as the immediate surroundings of the

workplace, such as construction site, or office building. Operationally, the

proper place to work where the employees can do their task properly in the

restaurants in the Ligao City.

Morale. It is defined as the capacity of a group’s members to maintain belief in

an institutional or goal, particularly in the face of opposition or hardship.

Operationally, a mental or emotional state of an individual to do their best in

their work in any situation of the restaurants in Ligao City.

Low efficiency. it is defined efficient enough to have a benefit – even if it’s not

much. Operationally, capable of producing something but in a low performance

of the restaurants in Ligao City.

Inability. It is defined as the lack of sufficient power, resources, or capacity.

Operationally, unable to do something in the restaurants in Ligao City.

Dismal productivity. It is defined as lacking merit: particularly bad.

Operationally, poor performance of employees in the restaurants in Ligao City.

Quality of service. It is defined as the degree to which a provided activity

promotes customer satisfaction. Operationally, how the service is being

delivered to the customers of restaurants.

Quality of food. It is defined as the quality characteristics opf food that is

acceptable to consumers. Operationally, how food is being done and served in

the restaurants.

Human Resource Strategies of Various Restaurant in Ligao City

A Research Presented to the Senior High School
Faculty of Ligao National High School
Ligao City

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for

Senior High School Academic Track
Accountancy Business and Management

Arcega, Ma. Luisa

Carilla, Chris Ann
Flores, Gertrude Luz N.
Martin, Joseph O.
Paraiso, Justine
Redoblado, John Paul