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I am a veterinarian graduated from Faculty of Veterinary Medicine University of Maiduguri,

Borno State, Nigeria currently applying for a full time Master of public Health, 2016/17 China
Government scholarship for Africans Graduates through your Department. Being a candidate from
low and middle -income country (Nigeria), where proper health care is challenging rapidly and
millions of people are dying from zoonotic or preventable diseases due to inadequete provision of
health care services coupled with lack of public awareness on the importance of public health
education in various communities .
I will like to equip myself with the skills, capacity and knowledge needed to appreciate and
analyse the state of public health in my country and to design and evaluate necessary actions that
would address public health issues in my country.
Studying Master of Public Health in your will be of greater advantage to me and my countyr
through achieving the following objectives:
- It will provide me with an oppotunity to develop mastery in Epidemiology and Public Health
through advancing my analytical skills, communication skills and knowledge.
- To enable me to promote the health status of my country's population by influencing their life
style and implementing evidence-based interventions.
-To enable me to design, implement, monitor and evaluate public health programs in various
communities in my country.
-To enable me to meke critical use of research skills to identify, evaluate, interprete and present
evidences in public health issues in my country.
- To prepare me to lead teams and individuals of public health workers in building healthy
alliance, developing capacity and capability and.working in partnership to improve public health
for the wellbeing of my country's population.
lastly supporting, promoting and improving my country's population to stay well or healthy is my
overall objective that interested to apply for the addmission for Master of Public Health
scholarship to be awarded by chanise government.
I will be glad if my application is cansidered.
Thank you.
Yours faithful
Abubakar Bello.