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Good morning, ladies and gentleman. Honorable the adjudicators, honorable all my teachers,
for the participants who are joining today’s competition. First of all, I would like to thank
God for giving me this opportunity thus I can speak in front of the people who are present in
this room. My topic for today's speech is social media and its impact on personal
development. Ladies and gentlemen, every day, the hottest and latest news, domestic and
international news are always shared through television. But, how many people actually
watch television and focus on social media instead? News spreads fastly on the internet, at
some point faster than the television itself. However, ladies and gentlemen, every piece of
information that we obtain from social media have the potential to affect our personality.

Ladies and gentlemen, social media can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. Because of
how convenience this activity to do, it becomes the most important part in shaping our
personality. My question is, is this personal development shaped by social media bad for our
young generation's personality? The answer could be yes or not. It all depends on how we use
social media itself. If social media are organized by a good and positive content creator, they
could show us a very nice example to shape our characters. Ladies and gentlemen, social
media will give us so many benefits if we use it properly. Through the correct use, social
media will provide us with great values that can enrich our personality development and
boost us to be a better character.

Ladies and gentlemen, based on the indie business network article there are several benefits
from social media for our personal development. First, social media will teach us how to be a
good leader. Through it, we can create several communities aim to spread kindness, helping
the society, and many others. We can make use of our time and energy to help the
government managing communities. Indirectly, it will improve our leadership credibility
grows. Over time, it will make us more confidence, alongside with our character and
professionalism towards the community. Ladies, and gentlemen, as for the second positive
impact, the success they have achieved may encourage us to achieve the same goal. Young
generation like us will feel motivated to reach our dreams to be a successful person with a
more mature, positive and stronger human being. The third impact, ladies and gentlemen,
social media can help us to reach our goals faster. We can be someone positive within
society, excited to learn new knowledge and mastering them and later on we can pass it to the
other people or even younger generation than us through social media.
Regardless, there are still several disadvantages caused by social media. Ladies and
gentlemen, the first one is an unstable personality. As teenagers, our personality is still being
developed. When they are not mature enough to sort which contents are good and which one
is not, they tend to follow whichever trends they like. What social media presents on the
internet depends on who is the content creator. This is the main cause of why some young
generations have their unstable personality increased because of social media influence.

Ladies and gentlemen, for the second disadvantages, social media can make us self centered.
More often, the longer we stay in social media, the more we are ignoring our environment
and the people around us. It will lead us to become a selfish and introverted personality.
While the third disadvantage is, the amount of time that they have to use social media
becomes vast. They will have less time in real life with their families and friend. The more
often they use social media, the more attached their personality is to it. They will try as hard
as they can to impress people on the internet by having the best content and the highest
followers. With the high expectation on social media sometimes they are not the same person
in real life, probably have less friend than on their social media.

For the third disadvantages, social media is so addictive. We always want to open it even
though we were there before. The need of having social media open is so high, no matter
what we are doing within the internet which most of the time is just scrolling down pages and
looking at pictures.

Ladies and gentlemen, the way to shape our personality depends on what we choose to see
and to hear. Social media has a lot of creative and educative content creator that we can
choose. For example, KokBisa channel, EdhoZell channel, or YukKepo channel. Ladies and
gentlemen, social media is not the center of bad contents. It can turn out to be harmful if we
are not picky about choosing things we want to see. We have to be a smart young generation
who can sort positive and negative contents and make it benefit us by letting ourselves to
control it and not the other way around.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the end of my speech today. I hope I made my points clear and
can be understood well. We should think that social media does not always contain negative
things. We have to be the one in charge to both obtain benefit from social media and utilize it
in our everyday life. Be wise of using social media to create a better personality, because
what we hear and see will depend on how good we are as an educated young generation.
Thank you for the attention, ladies and gentlemen and good morning.