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In our daily life we come with various situations where amplification

of audio signal is required.The aquired amplified signal should be
stable and should not change with external conditions. Power
amplifier is the part of audio electronics. It is designed to maximize
the magnitude of the power f given input signal. In sound electronics,
the operational amplifier increases the voltage of the signal, but
unable to provide the current, which is required to drive a load.So we
will design 8 Watt RMS output power amplifier using
MOSFETs with a 8 Ohms impedance speaker connected to it. In
an amplifier chain system, the power amplifier is used at the last or
final stage which is directly connected to the load. Generally, before
Power Amplifier, the signal is corrected using Pre Amplifiers and
Voltage controls amplifiers. Also, in some cases, where tone control
is needed, the tone control circuitry is added before Power Amplifier.
In case of Audio Amplifier system, the load and the load driving
capacity of the amplifier is an important aspect in construction.
The major load for a power Amplifier is the Loud Speaker. Power
amplifier output depends on the load impedance, so connecting an
improper load could compromise the efficiency of the Power
amplifier as well as the stability. The schematic for this 50 watt
Audio Amplifier has a few stages. At the beginning of the
amplification, a low pass filter blocks high-frequency noise. This low
pass filter is created using the R1, R2, and C1. The resistors R1 and
R2 have two operations, first it is a part of low pass filter, second, it is
a voltage divider as well as a current limiter.On the second stage of
the circuit, Q1, and Q2, which are BC556 transistors, work as a
differential amplifier.Next, the Power amplification is done across
two MOSFETs, IRF530N and IRF9530. These two MOSFETs are
complementary and matched pair. Two MOSFET has the same
specification, but one is N-Channel and another one is P-channel.
This is an important part of the circuit. These two MOSFETs are
acting as a push-pull driver (A widely used amplification topology or
architecture). To drive these two MOSFETs, Q3 and Q4, BC546 is
used. These two transistors provide enough gate drive to the
MOSFETs. R15 is a high wattage resistor which acts as clamping
circuit with the capacitor 68nF and 1uH inductor is added for
providing stable amplification to the 8 Ohms Loudspeaker.

resistors 10,330,560,1k,10k,2.2k,15k,1.2k 8
capacitors 100u,47u,68n,220p farad 4
diode 1N4002 1
mosfet IRF530,IRF9530 2
Power supply 1
breadboard 1

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