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Dr. Seuss famously said and I quote, “With your mind full of brain and
your shoes full of feet, you are too smart to go down a not -so -good
street.” A person who has no knowledge but is street smart cannot
survive in the world because he has no foundation or skills to depend
on. How much can one succeed without being academically sound?
Good morning to one and all present. Today I, Sara Mann, of Hogan house
stand before you to speak on the topic, “Street smart is better than book
smart” and I strongly oppose the motion.
A winner is someone who has the ability to put the knowledge that he has
gained through reading books into practice and enhance the lives of
people around him. A book smart person is someone who knows the facts
well. Facts are important for decision making. Such people tend to be
more organized and prepared. They always have back up plans in case
something goes wrong. They are intellectual and analytical.
They use their sound knowledge to analyze the situation well and then
take a measured action or make an appropriate decision rather than just
going by their own whims and fancies and putting everything at risk or
being guided by the misbelief of being a super street smart. For example,
an entrepreneur may be able to easily persuade clients and finalize deals
but how can he make a deal without knowing what it is all about.
Being book smart has many advantages. You have self-confidence as your
best accessory to sail you through most situations. You don't have to
worry about being disproved. Being street smart involves a dog-eat-dog
lifestyle where you could trust no one. Whereas with book smarts, you
have actual, verifiable bona fide knowledge to back you up, no one can
come along and knock your facts on their face.
Street smarts may help to survive in the moment, but book smarts will
help in the long run. In fact, you just get smarter and smarter, enabling
you to grow and to make the society better and more educated.
In the end I would like to advise my fellow “book smart” people, bear in
mind that haters gonna hate and graters gonna grate. So, don’t give up on
yourself. Be calm, be wise, be book smart.
Instead of feeling like you’re building a house out of straw that could
tumble at any moment, with book smarts, you feel like what you’re
building has a solid foundation
Just because businessmen do not have college degrees does not mean that
they are not book smart. They are intelligent in their own ways and did a
lot of reading outside of the college arena. For example, Bill Gates scored
1590 out of 1600 on the SAT and even got admitted to Harvard College.
This goes to show that he was book smart; it is just that he did not have a
paper qualification.
You tend to be very open minded and can argue for multiple sides of an
You have so many options in your path and future
Our planet would die because we wouldn't be able to clean up our messes.
Street smarts don't allow us to do that. Trust me I’m not saying street
smarts are not important. I’m just saying that book smarts are needed more
than street smarts.
Imagine street smarts and book smarts in cartoon form: street smarts
would be a city block wearing boxing gloves, its face would sport a black
eye, and it would always be on the defensive, always having to keep
moving. But our cartoon book smart is a book with glasses on, legs
crossed, lounging back in a chair drinking a cup of latte. Reading,
studying, absorbing, connecting.