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Jovie A.

Synthesis Paper



“Man has many plans in his heart, but only God’s purpose which will prevail.”
How I understand myself is the focus of my discussions. This make me understand as a
person. As a human being asking oneself is inevitable. I am just a rational being who may be
asking myself who am I, why I was created by God? I am in search for an answer to this query,
which I believe will understand sooner or later. This I say, I am in search for a reality.
With discussion in philosophy and my simple discovery on what a person really is what our
purpose here on earth.

Right now based from my philosophy, I can now distinguish the right and wrong.
Having our past discoveries with the aid of modern technology this will be understand who am I
in the future generations.

Who am I? a dreamer. Dreaming for a bright future. Presently looking forward to reach
the stars that shine at night While on my way to fulfill my dream, it’s not easy to reach it.
There are hindrances which can’t be avoided. This includes financial problems. Thank God
my elder brothers and sisters are there to assist us.

Knowing ourselves and its purpose here on earth through the philosophies in life, I can
now distinguish the right and wrong. And integrating values is a great factor in knowing this
course. Exerting efforts for my own good, learning, and doing things for the common good in
whatever field of profession I desire too.
Our family is a little bit popular in our community. Hence, my parents turn to be
politicians. We, children are also involved in civic and religious organizations. Making us enjoy
and become friendly with my peers. Joining in a rabuz help us to work and associate with others.
Now as a students in this school USI, I find is as a place where I can find fulfillment of my
dream. Willing to face challenges by studying hard. Keeping together with my classmates who
also want to finish their studies. With my competent professors, I hope and pray that they will
help me attain my goal.

Understanding oneself imbibes in us the mindset of having a formed conscience based
from our faith and belief. Through the topics discussed, I can now understand why we have
individual differences. Through this also, we develop our emotions.

A family who places God as the center of our family relationship. Praying together and
attending mass on Sunday bind us always. So that all of us have and peace of mind. No one find
difficulties in our heart. Relating our problems if there are to our parents made us open to one
another. By doing this we are not hiding worries/problems. A child friendly home can be felt by
all of us.

I believed in the saying that nothing is impossible with God. “Nasa tao ang gawa nasa
Diyos ang awa”. Believe in yourself. Kaya ng iba, kaya ko rin. I have in my mind that I can
achieve my goal, to finish Nursing. I have to set my mind from now on. May this wish and
aspirations turn to real.