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1. Background of the course

Name of Course : Entrepreneurship

Course Code : KIAA 1631

Credits : 2 (Two) Credits

2. Purpose :

This study is to expose and introduce the Sixth Semester Students of English
Education Study Program to the real world within the communities where English is
used for daily activities and to give them wider chances to experience in learning
how to use English to run business with both native and non-native speakers.

3. Schedule of activities

Day 1 : Palangka Raya – Surabaya – Denpasar / Wednesday,

21th February 2019

06.30 WIB : Participants have been prepared in Palangka Raya Tjilik

Riwut airport

08.50-10.10 : Palangka Raya – Surabaya Flight

11.00 : Trip to bali island

17.00-18.00 : Have a dinner in restaurant and continue the trip

18.30-19.30 : cross from the ketapang port to gilimanuk port

24.00 : Arrive in bali, check in hotel , take a rest (free event)

English Education Study Program


Day 2 : Denpasar / Friday 22nd February 2019

06.30 Wita : Breakfast in hotel

08.30-10.30 :Visiting IALF(Indonesia Australia Language


12.00 : Have a lunch in the restaurant

13.00-14.30 : Tour in ulundanu temple

15.00-16.00 : Shopping in jogger

18.00-20.00 : Shopping in Krisna art shop and have a dinner at once

22.00 : Return to hotel and get a rest(free event)

Day 3 : Denpasar / Saturday 23rd February 2019

06.30 WITA : Breakfast in hotel

08.00-10.00 : Tour in Tanjung Benoa

11.00-14.30 : Tour in pandawa beach, and have a lunch at once

15.30-17.00 : Tour in Garuda Wisnu Kencana

18.00-20.00 : Dinner in Jimbaran beach

21.00 : Return to hotel and get a rest(free event)

Day 4 : Denpasar – Surabaya / Sunday , 24th February 2019

6.30 : Breakfast in hotel and check out

08.30-11.30 : Tour in Tanah Lot temple and have a lunch

12.00 : Leaving Bali

15.00-16.00 : cross from gilimanuk port to ketapang port

English Education Study Program


17.00-18.00 : Have a dinner in restaurant

19.00 : Continue the trip to Surabaya

Day 5 : Surabaya / Monday, 25th February 2019

03.00 WIB : Arrive in juanda airport of Surabaya

04.00 : Check in at the airport(KFC box)

06.35-08.00 : Surabaya- Palangka Raya Flight

08.00-09.00 : Arrive in Palangka Raya

English Education Study Program




English is a necessary language for communication of traders in Bali, not an

unusual thing. Because, indeed the language can be learned. And basically every human
being has the potential to be able to master any language in this world.

As we know that, language skills are not hereditary and talent. However,
language skills are the extent to which somebody can function influentally and even
environmentally which buildss up the possibility of mastering English. Even something
that can force someone to speak English is the main factor for someone to master the
language well.

In addition, the willingness and urgency have very important potential in the
process of mastering a language, which is also supported by the establishment of a
milieu that is very supportive for the language in question

But besides that, what cannot be excluded is practice and practice seriously in
using language, in this case English. While practicing also pay attention to which words
are wrong and which words are correct. Therefore, it is clear that learning common
languages, and English in particular must be a lot of practice using the language as a
function of communication with others.

Because of that, it is true, traders in Bali speak English directly with native
speakers. So it is natural for traders in Bali to be able to quickly master English for
communication with foreign tourists.

The mastery of English for the traders is mostly in the mastery of English
directly related to buying and selling to sell merchandise. Maybe there is some truth and
maybe it hurts too. Why? In the process of buying and selling is not a process of
interaction between individuals and other people, what is certain is the beginning of
communication as a media to attract prospective buyers of merchandise must also place
the art of communication which of course can master conversations that are only mere
buying and selling . Therefore, it certainly requires its own capabilities that have been
well prepared before matters outside the transaction language.

English Education Study Program


To master English language practically certainly language learners can sort out
the mastery of the language later in a particular field. By adjusting and classifying the
material studied which is adapted to the environment to be faced, it will certainly be
easier and faster and more successful in achieving mastery of English. Because, the
scope of the sentence of communication between fields with one another is certainly
different. For example, the mission of the content of words arranged in sentences in the
medical field is different from the military field.

Related to the audio-lingual method, the traders in Bali relying heavily on how
to listen to every sentence that is always heard on every occasion when they work as
trader. From direct experience, moreover, with the addition of the previous reading
material, on average, they increased their shrewdness in using English with foreign

The way to obtain language skills through audio-lingual methods is the most
appropriate way to teach foreign languages. As well as an applicable and pragmatic way
as a natural function of the language itself.

1. IALF (Indonesia Australia Language Foundation)

Established in 1989, IALF is Indonesia’s premier institution for English and

Indonesian language training, IELTS testing and preparation, and teacher training for
teachers of English. It is a non-profit organization, committed to providing high
quality language training services throughout Indonesia and the Asia Pacific region.
IALF has three training centres, in Jakarta, Surabaya and Bali, all with excellent
resources and facilities to support language learning.

As we entered the classroom we were warmly welcomed by Mr. David

Bradbury as the teacher of us that day. We had been given sharp knowledge about

IALF will offer course covering general English teaching methodology and
specialist focusing on particular aspects.

English Education Study Program


2. Ulundanu Temple

Bali Ulun Danu Beratan Temple is a temple dedicated to the goddess of the lake
is Ida Batari Dewi Ulun Danu on the edge of a huge crater. It is such a great temple
with beautiful view it has. And we got so many international tourist in that place.
So there will be many tour guides do their jobs by giving services to the tourists,
they will use their English to communicate, they will need speaking and translation

3. Joger

Joger name is taken from the name of its owner, Mr. Joseph Theodorus
Wulianadi combined with the name of his friend Mr. Gerard. It is a huge brand
merchandise in Bali.

4. Krisna Art Shop

Krishna is one of the biggest shopping souvenirs on the island of Bali. Like
Joger, its a famous merchandise in Bali. Krishna also be a result of convection such
as t-shirts and jackets.

5. Tanjung Benoa

Tanjung Benoa, or the Benoa peninsula just north of Nusa Dua has become
much busier over the years and has a wide range of accommodation including
prestigious resorts like 'The Conrad'. In this place we had a chance to visit The
Island of Turtle Preservation. We only purchased the ticket about Rp.70.000 to rent
a boat for sailing us to that island. It such a great experience that I can not get
before, because on that island we had allowed to see all kind age range of turtle.
We also got so many international tourist in this place, English will be an important
language to use here.

English Education Study Program


6. Pandawa Beach
Formerly, Pandawa Beach is a hidden and secret beach that was very difficult to
access due to located in the deep valley and surrounded by the white stone cliff. We
must go through a small step down on the cliff with dangerous valley underneath and
the only local people can access the beach since they were own daily job as
fishermen and seaweed farmer. But today, the old story was changed. Since local
people have the great inspiration to build their village, they work together to break
the cliff and make the good road and can be accessed by any vehicles. Since the
access is created, many visitors from foreign country either domestic visit this beach
every day.

Honestly, in this place I and my friends find happiness that we can not find in
the other place. We can swim and have fun and enjoy the day in that beach together
and forgetting about our tired for a while.

7. Garuda Wisnu Kencana

Bali Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park is an area with 240 hectares of
land. There are Supporting facilities that you can enjoy like Lotus Pond, Festival
Park, Amphitheater, Street Theater, Exhibition Hall, and Jendela Bali The Panoramic
Resto and souvenir shop as well

8. Jimbaran beach

Jimbaran beach and the famous Jimbaran Bay are on Bali's southwestern
coast. This place is the most romantic when we were there for a dinner.

9. Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot Temple is one of Bali’s most important landmarks, famed for its
unique offshore setting and sunset backdrops. An ancient Hindu shrine perched on
top of an outcrop amidst constantly crashing waves; Tanah Lot Temple is simply
among Bali’s not-to-be-missed icons. The onshore site is dotted with smaller shrines
alongside visitors’ leisure facilities that comprise restaurants, shops and a cultural
park presenting regular dance performances. The temple is located in the Beraban
village of the Tabanan regency, an approximate 20km northwest of Kuta, and is
included on most tours to Bali’s western and central regions.

English Education Study Program




1. Conclusion and suggestion

There are so many things in Bali to be learned as one of the findings for
Entrepreneurship. From the culture-based products, natural products, tour guide,
sellers, etc. And the economy is really becoming better as there are many more
We were able to learn about business that is connected with language and
know the nature of it. But of course, there is still something that needs to be
improved for Entrepreneurship in the future. As my recommendation for the next
year to have a better preparation for everything that consists on this subject
preparation. The participants, committee, destination, and so on.

English Education Study Program



1. Entrepreneurship Guide Book

2. Wikipedia.

English Education Study Program



Pak Nyo,

Our tour guide in bus 2 and along

us in Bali.

Mr. David Bradbury, our instructor in IALF

He gave us sharp knowledge about grammar teaching.

English Education Study Program