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Round 2

Topic 1 Reform of Licensing Laws in the India

Summary Should the opening hours of pubs and bars be extended?
Context Current legislation limits the opening hours of public houses. Publicans are forced to close at
a certain hour at night (11pm), after which if customers wish to continue their night out, they
must go to nightclubs, which have late licensing. Many people argue, for a variety of
reasons, that the government should extend opening hours, even to twenty-four hour
opening. In opposition, there are an array of arguments, based in concern for public safety
and the right to impose restrictions when it is beneficial to society and the people involved.
Motions This House Would Extend Opening Hours in Pubs and Clubs

Topic 2 Disestablishing the Church of England

Summary Should we disestablish the Church of England?
Context Since the sixteenth century, the Church of England has enjoyed a position of constitutional
privilege in the country. The head of the Church of England is the reigning monarch; its
highest-ranking clergyman is the Archbishop of Canterbury. Despite a deep-rooted decline
in religious practice, the Church continues to enjoy its status as England’s ‘established’
religion, with all the privileges that imparts – including seats for senior bishops in the
House of Lords. This last honour is unique to the Church of England; the most prominent
figures in England’s other faiths are excluded. As religious belief has declined, and England
has become an increasingly multi-cultural state, so too have calls for the disestablishment
of the Church become more vocal.
Motions This House Would Disestablish the Church of England
This House Does Not Want a National Religion

Topic 3 University Tuition Fees

Summary Should students in higher education be charged tuition fees?
Context Originally, UK students were supported by a maintenance grant from the government, which
went towards payment for necessities such as food and accommodation. The last
Conservative government replaced this system with a student loan, to be paid back after the
student graduated and reached a set income. Tony Blair’s Labour government kept this loan,
but added in a tuition fee for each student (currently £1050 per year ) to go towards the cost
of their further education, which can be paid after the education, if necessary, in the same
way as the loan. The introduction of tuition fees sparked a huge backlash, with many
students refusing to pay them on principle. The propositions are therefore defending their
introduction. The debate over which system preferable can often turn into a debate over
whether university education is a right or a privilege. It should also be noted that many
statistics can be produced by both sides for number of applications, percentage of
applications by class etc, but as these are all for the very short term they may not be
completely reliable.
Motions THBT India should also apply UK’s Education Policies.
This House would make students pay.
This House values education
Topic 4 Social (Science)
Summary Without Moral or Fear.
Context Over the last decade, scientists have identified a range of chemicals that exist
naturally in the brain and shape individuals’ moral behaviour. Significant
amounts of research is now being carried out to create “moral enhancement
drugs”, which would alter the levels of such chemicals. Such drugs have
been shown to increase individuals’ tendencies to display empathy and care
for others, to behave in altruistic(unselfish) way, and to resist pressures to
act in ways that violate their personal ethical beliefs.
Motions This House would ban the research and production of moral enhancement
This house will allow soldiers to take pills which remove feelings of fear.

Topic 5 Environment (Science)

Summary Alters the environment
Context Climate engineering is a deliberate and large-scale intervention in earth’s
climatic system in an effort to combat Global Warming. Climate engineering
may take many forms; Examples include, but are not limited to, planting
large forests where none previously existed, fertilizing the ocean with iron to
dramatically increase the population of algae, and increasing cloud coverage
so less sunlight reaches earth’s suface.
Motions This house believes that environmental movements should support climate
engineering that fundamentally alters the environment, in an attempt to
combat Global Warming.
THBT The environmental movement should publish outright lies about the
extent of environment harm to promote their cause
THBT Developed countries have a higher obligation combat climate change
than developing or underdeveloped countries

Topic 6 Law
Summary A law forced by government aiming for change
Context Ulysses contracts are contracts in which there is only one party to the
contract. The contract restricts the party’s liberty in some way, usually by
imposing a financial punishment if certain terms are not met by the party in
the future.Example:
A smoker could sign a Ulysses contract stipulating that if he has not quit
smoking after a year, he will pay a large fine to the state.
A young person could sign a Ulysses contract stipulating that if at any future
time her income exceeds a certain threshold, the excess will be donated to
Motions This house believes that courts should enforce Ulysses contracts.
THBT Ulysses contracts should be mandated criteria for private sectors.
Topic 7 Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (ASBOS)
Summary Should Anti-Social Behaviour Orders be scrapped?
Context Anti-Social Behavior refers to incidents of public nuisances created by the
general citizens, for example, playing loud music late at night , abusive
behaviour, vandalism, flyposting, and harassment as well as more the more
celebrated exotic problems such as elderly people incessantly playing
gramophones. Such behavior creates difficulty for the surrounding society.
This law demotes self-centralization (thinking of yourself first) and on being
applied, such behavior would be considered as criminal offense.
Motions This House believes Anti-Social Behaviour Orders should be scrapped
This House believes that ASBOs have failed
This House would not use civil penalties against criminal acts

Topic 8 US Role in World Stability

Summary Is the USA a threat to world stability or a political force for good?
Context The USA has been described as ‘the world’s policeman’. But should we be that trusting of
it? After all, the USA has notably failed in some areas to use its influence and resources for
the common good, and its policy can fluctuate between isolationism and over-bearing
intervention. Should the USA be feared or welcomed by the international community? The
proposition should note that this isn’t about disliking Americans as individuals. This debate,
when approached from a range of angles, can combine arguments about the USA’s political
and military interventions in global affairs and arguments about its cultural influence around
the world.
Motions This House fears the US
This House believes that US should stop playing world police.

Topic 9 Media
Summary Free Media
Context In the Agreement Accompanying the British Broadcasting Corporation's
Charter, there is a requirement for all news or political programming to "do
all it can to ensure that controversial subjects are treated with due accuracy
and impartiality. This effectively results in a ban of editorialising.
Motions THBT Major Daily Newspapers and TV News Channels should be required
to treat controversial issues with due accuracy and impartiality
Topic 10 Indian Healthcare System
Summary Should the Indian Government apply an Universal Healthcare system?
Context Since its foundation in 1947, The Indian Government has always prioritized
the health and safety of its citizens. In spite of the concerned policies, India is
still referred to as one of the unhealthiest countries in the world. Under the
application of the above motion, the upper class and upper middle class
would have to pay more for medical healthcare benefits. The extra money
would be re-circulated to help the poorer citizens and BPL (below poverty
line) citizens.

Universal Healthcare System: All medical expenses are undertaken by the

Government but at the level of the citizen’s expense
Motions THBT Indian should employ Universal Healthcare System

Topic 11 Intervention of Failed States

Summary Should the USA work together with the UN to prevent the collapse of third-
world states?
Context Definitions vary, but a failed state is usually thought of as one where any government has
broken down to the point where it can no longer provide any services to the people. Most
importantly, this means that law and order has collapsed, with the government losing its
monopoly over the legitimate use of force. Often large areas of the country are in the control
of non-government forces, perhaps through civil war but often as a result of lawlessness and
Civil warfare is a big element in the failure of states, but this can include situations where a
government has lost control of a significant area of its territory but can function at least
minimally effectively.
Motions The USA should work together with the UN to prevent the collapse of third-
world states
This House would save failing states
This House regrets Crimea annexation to Russia

Topic 12 Reintroducing the Fairness Doctrine in Broadcasting

Summary Should the Fairness Doctrine be reintroduced in the USA?
Context Until twenty years ago broadcasters in the USA had by law to follow the federal
government’s “Fairness Doctrine”. This rule, formally introduced in 1949, required radio
and television stations to give “ample play to the free and fair competition of opposing
views”, so that listeners and viewers received a range of opinions and individual stations
were not able to promote particular viewpoints to the exclusion of all others.
Motions This House would reintroduce the Fairness Doctrine in India
This House calls for “fair and balanced” broadcasting
That broadcasters should be required to provide ample play to the free and
fair competition of opposing views
Topic 13 European Defence Force
Summary Should the European Union have its own standing army?
Context In recent years, there has been much discussion regarding the concept of a European
Defence Force (sometimes referred to as the “Euro Corps” or EDF). Such a standing armed
force would be drawn from EU member-nations and operate under EU control, in contrast to
the existing NATO grouping which has the United States as a prominent and influential
member. As is often the case with matters of national and regional defence, there is much
controversy as to whether the European Defence Force is a good idea. Debates on the Euro
Corps can often revolve around the proposed role of NATO in the post-Cold War era, and it
is important to realise that the significance of the EDF may resonate beyond the borders of
the European Union.
BRICS is a union of developing countries Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa.
Motions This House believes in a BRICS Defence Force.
This House Believes that Europe should defend itself.

Topic 14 Expansion of NATO

Summary Should NATO Expand to the East ? Will the proposed NATO expansion
consolidate or eliminate stability in Europe ?
Context The decision whether to enlarge the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation from its present
membership of 19 States to include the States of Eastern Europe, the Baltic and other
members of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) stems from the admission of
Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary at the Madrid summit of the alliance in 1997. The
subsequent 50th anniversary summit in Washington DC in April 1999 brought strong
statements of support for NATO enlargement. In adherence to the pledge made in the
Republican Party’s ‘Contract for America’, President Bush has maintained the impetus for
enlargement through speeches made during his official trip to Europe in June 2001. In
response, NATO Secretary General George Robertson has affirmed that NATO expects to
proceed to further enlargement at the November 2002 summit in Prague.However, the debate
has received more critical attention in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks of September 11,
2001. Russia holds a pivotal role in the alliance against terrorism and President Vladimir
Putin has evinced significant willingness to cooperate with American strategy in
Afghanistan. The question is whether the US and NATO States are prepared to risk this
novel alliance for the enlargement of their Cold War one. The discussion turns on the
persuasiveness of the threat posed by Russia now and in the future, and conversely the view
taken of the stability of the myriad republics of the CIS.
Motions This House Supports NATO Expansion
This House Would Expand to the East before Russia
This House Believes that Bigger is Better for NATO
Topic 15 Indian Healthcare System
Summary Should the country impose a paid healthcare system?
Context The Indian democracy since its foundation in 1947 has always prioritized the
basic healthcare for all its citizens. In spite of policies, the country’s
economic stature and dependence has always created an absence of quantity
control as India is still referred to as one of the sickest countries. The topic
mandates for Upper class and Upper Middle Class Citizens to pay more for
healthcare benefits. The for argumentation can speak about how the money
given by the upper classes can be channeled to the poorer public helping all
the citizens while the against can argue on how this unfair to the Upper Class
who has to bear the burden which should have been the Government’s Duty.

Clarification: Universal healthcare refers to the medical insurances for the

people by collecting nominal fee from the citizens in the form of tax.

Motions THBT India should have an Universal Healthcare System

THBT Private Sector undertaking is necessary to improve Healthcare system

Topic 16 Sports And Fitness

Summary Sportspersons should live a very restricted lifestyle?
Context Sportspersons are held in high regard, both for their spirit of the game and
dedicated symbol of fitness and performance, so the products they endorse
and behavior they execute are highly influential to their large fan base, a lot
of them who copy their personal features such as hairstyles and personality
traits. Under the above reference for his misbehavior shown by the players
both on field and off field should be held as high offenses both of which can
be penalized by law and by their respective boards such as FIFA, BCCI etc.
The law would also imply that they are not allowed to endorse products
under the categories of abusive substances such as alcohol brands or
Motions THBT Sportspersons will be punished (Suspended, Banned) on-field for their
off-field offenses.(Such as vandalism, drunk violence)
THBT Sports players should not endorse Alcohol or Fast Food Brands

Topic 17 Law And Order

Summary Is the current Indian Judiciary system justified?
Context The US Judiciary system employs a Jury system under the basis of which,
the judgement of court cases are not under the complete control of the
presiding judge, but a jury, which is a basically a set of citizens called
randomly for society. This allows a margin of emotion and circumstance for
the criminal
The Indian Judiciary system allows no such freedom, rather the decision is
completely based on factual information. Some consider this to be a very
robotic form of justice which is unfair.
Motion THBT Indian Government should employ jury system.
THBT Indian Judiciary should consider Humane and Emotional aspects of a
case rather than facts.