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Content/Topic Content Standard Performance Standards Code/Competencies No. of Days/Week No./Date Remarks
1. Ways of The learners demonstrate an The learners should be able 10 Days/Week 1,2 & 3 of day 2
Acquiring understanding of scientific to perform in groups in S7MT-Ia-1 June 4-8
Knowledge and ways of acquiring knowledge guided investigation Describe the components of a June 11,13,14
Solving and solving problems involving community based scientific investigation June18-19 (June 12 &15)
Problems problems using locally Independence Day
available materials. Eid’l Fitr
S7MT-Ic-2 3 Days/Week 3
2. Solutions Investigate properties of unsaturated June 20-22
The learners demonstrate an The learners should be able or saturated solutions
understanding of some to prepare different S7MT-Id-3
properties of solutions concentrations of mixtures Express concentrations of solutions
according to uses and quantitatively by preparing different 7 Days/Week 4 & 5 of day 2
availability of materials concentrations of mixtures June 25-29
according to uses and availability of July 2-3
The learners demonstrate an The learners should be able
3. Substances and understanding of the to investigate the properties S7MT-Ie-f-4
Mixtures properties of substances that of mixtures of varying Distinguish mixtures from 8 Days/Week 5,6
distinguish them from concentration using substances based on a set of July 4-6
mixtures available materials in the properties July 9-13
community for specific
The learners should be able
4. Elements and The demonstrate an to make a chart, poster, or S7MT-Ig-h-5
Compounds understanding of classifying multimedia presentation of Recognize that substances 8 Days/Week 7 & 8 of day3
substances as elements or common elements showing classified into elements and July 16-20
compounds their names symbols and compounds July 23-25
The learners demonstrate an The learners should be able
5. Acids and understanding of common to properly interpret product S7MT-Ii-6 5 Days/Week 8 & 9 of day 1
Bases properties of acidic and basic labels of acidic and basic Investigate properties of acidic and July 26-27
mixtures mixture and practice safe basic mixtures using natural July 30-31
ways of handling acids and indicators August 1
bases using protective
clothing and safety gear
S7MT-Ij-7 August 6 Charter day
6. Metals and Non- The learners demonstrate an Describe some properties of metals Cebu Province
metals understanding of properties and non-metals such as luster, 6 Days/Week 9 & 10 August 21-Ninoy Aquino
of metals and non-metals malleability, ductility, and August -2-3 death Anniversary
conductivity August 7-10 August 22 Eid’l Adha
August 27 Nat’l Heroes

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