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Call for Papers

Popular Culture in the Caribbean and the Caribbean in Popular Culture

The 2011 Annual Conference of the Caribbean Chapter of the College English
Association will be held on April 15 and 16 2011 at the University of Puerto Rico at Río
Piedras in San Juan.

The Caribbean Chapter of the College English Association, an organization

uniquely situated in a space that synthesizes the Caribbean islands and their varied
cultures with North and Latin American, European, African, and indigenous cultural
traditions, welcomes proposals for its 2011 conference. For the 2011 interdisciplinary
conference, the Caribbean Chapter of the College English Association invites teacher-
scholars to submit proposals that investigate the role that popular culture has played and
continues to play in the construction of the Caribbean at distinct cultural, historical, and
intellectual moments and papers that analyze representations of the Caribbean found in
popular culture in specific cultural, historical, and intellectual contexts.

Proposals are welcome on, but not limited to, the following topics:

- Caribbean Studies;
- Transnational, Transatlantic, and Transpacific Studies
- Colonial and Postcolonial Studies;
- Cultural Geography Studies;
- Travel Narratives;
- Autobiography Studies;
- Oral Histories and Traditions;
- Popular Culture and/or Cultural Studies
- Film and Television Studies;
- Music Studies;
- New Media Studies;
- Advertising and Media Studies;
- Sports Studies;
- Food Studies;
- Visual Culture;
- Children’s and Adolescent Literatures;
- Interdisciplinary and Multimodal Texts such as Graphic Novels and
- Creoles, Pidgins, and Languages that Build upon Different Linguistic Heritages;
- Bilingual and/or Bicultural Texts;
- Pedagogy and/or English Studies; and,
- Literary Studies

Please submit 250 word abstracts outlining your 15 minute proposed presentation by
November 30, 2010 to Ricia Chansky and Eric Lamore, the Conference Coordinators,
at For more information on the conference and the
organization, please visit the CEA-CC’s Blog (

NB: If you are submitting a panel proposal, please submit one abstract that includes all
presenters’ names and contact information. This single proposal may be up to 750
words depending on the number of presenters on the proposed panel.

All accepted presenters are required to become members of the Caribbean Chapter of
the College English Association. Conference registration is included in the membership

Please disseminate this Call for Papers to other interested parties.

The Annual Conference of the Caribbean Chapter of the College English Association is
generously supported by the University of Puerto Rico and its individual campuses.