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The Steps of What is Report?

writing a report Types of reports

Presentation of facts and
findings, as a basis 1. Feasibility reports
Defining the Identify the forrecommedations; written 2. Investigation reports
purpose reader for the specific readerships. 3. Monitoring purposes reports
4. Evaluation reports

Setting the

Reports Qualities & Characteristics

1. It should be factual.
2. Clear and easily
3. Free from errors and
Materials Structure Rules 4. Should facilitate the decision
The uses of reports makers.
• Simplify it • Plan before • Relate to the
5. Resulted focused and result
• Justify the write the conventional
report structure of a 1. Give a clear oriented.
• Reject the report description 6. Well organized and
irrelevant 2. Describe how an structured.
organization work 7. Ethical reporting style.
3. To show how a
certain project is