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/ɪː/ sea, bee, people, receive

see seed seek

seem seen seep
sheep sheet
sheen sheer sneer
sleep sleet sleek
eel steel steep
steer steed street
speed speech spree
screen screech
sweep sweet

The plum was fresh and sweet.

2) The ranch had a flock of sheep.
3) Jack will plant a seed in the pot.
4) Did the speech seem long and dull?
5) Bess will sleep on a bunk bed at camp.
6) Bess had a quilt and a sheet on the bed.
7) Mitch can steer the truck up the street.
8) Mitch must not speed in the truck.
9) Scott must sweep up the mess he left on
the rug.
10) Rick had a sleek steel sled. The sled can
speed on a steep hill.
/ɑː/ car, art, heart, half

arm art
bar car far
jar tar
bark dark
mark park
barn yarn
card hard yard
cart dart
part tart
farm harm harp

1) Mark can munch on a candy bar as a snack.

2) The children like to play in the public park.
3) If Jane studies hard, she is sure to do well.
4) The farm has a barn with a big yard
around it.
5) Lou fished a dill pickle out of
the pickle jar.
6) A car must travel on the right side
of the road.
7) The dog began to bark when it spotted
the stray cat.
8) Nancy laid the playing card face down
on the card table.
9) Mark had to fumble around in the dark to
find the light switch.


ʌ/ cut, come, mother

us up
run rub
rug rut
hug hut
hub hum
cub cup
cud cut
bud but bun
bus bum bug
sun sum sub

1) A bug hid in the rug.

2) Can a bug run? Can a bug hum?
3) Bud had a tin cup.
4) Kim had jam in a bun.
5) Nan can hug the cub.
6) A man sat in a hut.
7) The bus hit a hub in a rut.
8) Jim cut a lip. Did Jim rub it?
1) Sam had fun!
2) Sam dug a pit in the mud.
3) Sam had a dip in the tub.
4) Jan had jam in a mug.
5) Bud had a bug in a jug.
6) Nat had a big tan nut.
7) Did the pup yap?
8) Did the pup tug at Tim?
9) Gus can lug gas in a big can.
10) Sis can hum, but Sid sat mum.

/ə/ the, a, woman, banana

Say these words out loud (the Schwa sound is bold):

1) a

2) the

3) about

4) around

5) present

6) father

7) banana

8) carrot

9) atlas

10) illness

11) offend

12) answer

13) letter

14) alone

15) sofa
16) system

17) supply

18) circus

Now say these sentences out loud (the Schwa sound is bold):

1) I have a carrot and a banana.

2) The atlas contains a lot of maps.

3) He talked about his illness.

4) I will answer this letter.

5) Father went around the apartment.

7) The company will supply the telephones.

8) I was sitting alone on the sofa.

9) The performance in the circus was amazing.

10) He suggested a system.