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MAHOIR Innovation Consulting Launches Innovation Training Workshops, the

First of Its Kind in Northeast Florida, to Teach Professionals the ABCs of Design

Jacksonville, FL, August 16, 2019 --( For the first time in Northeast Florida, an innovation
training program is becoming available to the business professionals of all levels and all business sizes to
teach them the fundamentals of Design Thinking. MAHOIR House of Innovation Research is launching a
four-part training series on Sept. 14, Sept. 21, Sept. 28 and Oct. 12 to help First Coast leaders solve their
persistent and grueling problems with creative approaches and fresh ideas. These sessions are held at
LionShare Cowork Jacksonville on Beach Boulevard.

Innovation training has been predominantly a luxury for corporate executives who can afford traveling
and spending thousands of dollars to be trained by an elite business school or for a few tech startups that
are supported by an investment group. The only cost-effective alternative available to the general
business community has been a variety of DIY online programs with limited to zero personal support
from the course instructors. MAHOIR innovation training series is designed to fill this gap and make the
training available to everyone at an affordable cost.

From managing the climate impact on our community to giving the downtown historic buildings a new
life, from improving our public transport to improving schools' performance, from reducing crime to
dealing with opioid epidemic and homelessness in our region and, from bringing more businesses to our
region to growing the ones already here, whatever the challenge might be, solving a problem needs
creative problem-solving skills.

About the Instructor

The four-part innovation training series are taught by Dr. Maryam Afshar the Founder and Principal of
MAHOIR, Inc. an innovation consulting firm in Jacksonville, Florida.

Born and raised in Shiraz, the city of the great wine, Maryam started her career as an industrial designer.
Later, as she moved through the graduate school ranks in Australia and the United States, she developed a
passion for understanding consumers, finding simple ways to solve difficult problems and teaching these
skills to business leaders and entrepreneurs. Along the years, she has designed consumer products, taught
graduate and undergraduate courses in college, led market research for corporate clients, and taught and
mentored entrepreneurs to think and act like a designer (which is to say to be creative problem-solvers).

About MAHOIR, Inc.

MAHOIR is an innovation consulting firm that brings the synergy of design discipline, market research,
and social sciences to business. With Design Thinking at its core MAHOIR helps organizations to
innovate through systematic exploration, purposeful experimentation and creative problem solving.

or more information about these four-part training series please visit:

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