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Are you a hobbyist cook? Do you want to help those

individuals who are tired of unhealthy takeaway meals?
If yes, then you have a great opportunity to start your FIND YOUR NICHE
online food business and earn more than a
thousand bucks every day? You will have multiple
choices to pick up the best homemade food selling app, PRICE YOUR PRODUCTS
register yourself, and start selling healthy food prepared
in your kitchen, made by your expert hands.
It is estimated that the global food industry will be
worth a whopping around $12.24 trillion by the end of
2020. This means you will have a plethora of options to ENHANCE YOUR
grow your online food business to a great extent. From
ordering food during the hectic working hours to getting
takeout on a weekend, there is never a particular time
to order food online. In such a scenario, selling a SET FOOD AVAILABILITY
homemade, healthy and delicious food through a
homemade food app will help both- a hobbyist cook and
the health-conscious customers.
Here are 5 benefits of homemade food
apps for a professional chef or a
hobbyist cook:

Find your Niche: One of the best things

about selling homemade food online is
you can find your niche. Whether you
want to sell out vegetarian food, vegan
food or a wide variety of halal foods,
you can choose them as per your skills
as well as preferences.

Price Your Products: Regardless of the

PHOTO BY MARTIN R. SMITH food you want to sell out through a
homemade food selling app, you can
Profit Margin: Based on the charge per product, you can
decide the price on your own. You can
calculate your profit margin. As you have already priced your
price them based on your efforts,
products, you can easily get to know about your profit margin
ingredients you use to prepare it,
generate a sound income through your online food business.
hygiene you maintain during the
Enhance Your Cooking Skills: Selling a variety of food online
preparation and so on.
through a homemade food app will help you to
enhance your cooking skills. You will get to know about the
local food trends, customer's choice and demands. This will
help you to prepare your food with more creativity that will
grab customer's attention.

Set Food Availability: Using a homemade food app will help

you to set the availability of your food for that particular
timings and location. This will help you get more flexibility to
manage things while giving your customers an idea about the
quantity of food available.

There are a plethora of homemade food delivery apps available, but choosing the one which is reliable
and user-friendly is very important.

About Zvonr:
Zvonr is the best homemade food app for android through which people who are passionate about
cooking can earn an extra income. This is a simple platform that connects passionate cooks to their
customers who are looking for healthy, fresh and delicious homemade food.
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