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R.V.R. & J.C.


II/IV B.Tech., (ME) (R-16) ASSIGNMENT TEST # I Time: 45 Min.

2018-19 (2nd Semester) Max.Marks: 12


1. (a) Define pure substance and draw p-v, t-s & h-s diagrams for steam generation.
(b) A certain boiler generates 1000 kg of steam per hour at 10 bar and 0.97 dry.
This steam is them taken to a superheater and is heated to a temperature of
2800C keeping the pressure constant. The feed water is available at 300C. Find:
(i) Heat supplied per hour in the boiler.
(ii) Heat supplied per hour in the super heater.
(iii) Internal energy of super heated steam.
(iv) Change in internal energy of steam.

2. (a) Explain the working of Lamount Boiler with the aid of neat sketch.
(b) What are the various accessories of boiler? Explain the working of economizer
& air-preheater.

3. (a) Why carnot cycle is not practical for a steam power plant?
(b) Steam at 20 bar, 3600C is expanded in a turbine to 0.08 bar. It then enters a
condenser where it is condensed to a saturated liquid water. The feed pump
supplies saturated water back to the boiler.
(i) Calculate the network per kg of steam and cycle efficiency for ideal
Rankine cycle.
(ii) If the turbine and pump have each 80% isentropic efficiency. Calculate
percentage reduction in network and cycle efficiency.

4. A steam power plant operates on an ideal Reheat Rankine Cycle between the pressure
limits of 9 MPa and 10 KPa. The mars flow rate of steam through the cycle is 25 Kg/S.
Steam enters both stages of the turbine at 5000C. If the moisture content of the steam
at the exit of the low pressure turbine is 10 percent, determine (a) the pressure at which
reheating takes place; (b) the total rate of heat input in the boiler, and (c) the thermal
efficiency of the cycle. Also show the cycle on a T-S diagram w.r.t saturation lines.

5. A steam power plant operates on an ideal reheat regenerative Rankine cycle and has a
net power output of 80 MW. Steam enters the high-pressure turbine at 10 MPa and
5500C and leaves at 0.8 MPa. Some steam extracted at this pressure to heat the feed
water in an open feed water heater. The rest of the steam is reheated to 500 0C and is
expanded in the low pressure turbine to the condenser pressure of 10 KPa. Show the
cycle on T-S diagram with respect to saturation lines and determine; (a) the mass flow
rate of steam through the boiler; (b) the Thermal efficiency of the cycle.

6. (a) What are the types of Nozzle? Discuss the effect of irreversibilities on nozzle
efficiency with the help of a h-s diagram.
(b) A convergent-divergent nozzle is supplied steam at a pressure of 10 bar, dry,
saturated. The exit pressure is 1 bar. The friction losses are equivalent to 5% of
heat drop in the convergent portion and 10% of heat drop in divergent portion.
For a Throat diameter of 1.47 cm, determine the mass flow rate and the exit
diameter of the nozzle. Also, find the semi cone angle of the divergent portion
if its length is 2.85 cm.

Dr.NVVSS, Dbp, Khp / dvb