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Benigno Aquino Jr. is an inspiration to most of the Filipinos living in and outside
the country for he stood up to Marcos’ challenges and punishments and suffer together
with his fellow countrymen instead of living a lavish life in America. Aquino
emphasized in his speech that Filipinos were deprived of freedom from Marcos’ rule
and were enslaved by their own country. He wanted to express how the former
President abused his powers for his own arrogance. Filipinos before were in search for
the truth about what happened to Ninoy’s death and Marcos’ wealth and such. We
strive for the greater and better Philippines but what happened? Why do we still feel
that we are being discriminated and still be part in the third world countries? Why does
it seem that most of what our heroes fought for became meaningless and just became a
history? With all the dilemmas and humiliation we created that the Filipinos are facing
today, can we still say that the Filipinos are worth dying for?

As a citizen in this country, I feel ashamed of some actions that we manifest ever
since before. We have this mentality of turning back to our country when we feel so
ashamed and then shouting out loud that we are so proud when there are people who
became successful or known from other places. We tend to celebrate our fellowmen’s
victory and ignore them when they are being criticized or judged. We also have this
mentality called “Ningas Cogon” that at times or in more ways than one, Filipinos tend
to leave problems unsolved or projects undone because of the lack of knowledge on
how to resolve or fix the problems thus, it is “better” to leave it, but the truth is that it is
more of the lack of understanding of the root of the problems. We, Filipinos, also
worship other countries’ trends, fashions, food, music, and other industries that made a
big impact to our society forgetting that we should have our own style, personality and
originality. Well, this is the result of the colonization that happened before that our
culture today is a mix of almost every culture of every country. However, this does not
hold as an excuse for not making our own trademark and to be remembered. Another
one is the known mentality in which most of the Filipinos are identified with - the crab
mentality. It is pulling other people down having a mindset of, “If I cannot do it, neither
can you.” Filipinos are hot-headed people due to the weather and the language, maybe,
but this mentality is what makes our country looks like populated with childish thinking.
Corruption is always present. This problem will not be solved unless the higher ups
would do their responsibility and duties in accordance to the law. Lastly, the main
problem of us, citizens of the Philippines, is that we, ourselves betray our own country
for the sake of one’s personal greediness and pleasure. We choose comfort over dignity
as what General Antonio Luna said.
These traits or personalities that most of the Filipinos possess are very toxic and it
does not help in making our country a pleasing and safe place to live in. These problems
will never be solved because no one dares to change. Filipinos cried for the change but
we, ourselves, are afraid of change. This upbringing of ours should be stopped and
change if we are determined and ready to make a better and greater Philippines.