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VOS Digital Media Group Partners with TLC Media Group for Production


TLC Media Group delivers premium luxury lifestyle content through authentic experiences.

New York, NY, August 16, 2019 --( VOS Digital Media Group announces a content
distribution agreement with TLC Media Group LLC, a next-generation video production studio creating
compelling content in the luxury lifestyle space. As a video partner for hundreds of digital properties,
VOS distributes digital video to partners for web, mobile, and OTT devices. VOS' partner publishers
from around the world will now have access to TLC Media Group's compelling videos spanning verticals
such as luxury, travel, culinary, fitness, comedy, automotive, and jet-setter living.

“The lifestyle content verticals TLC Media Group specializes in all speak to 'luxury,' a genre of
storytelling that provides viewers with a glimpse into places that most of us will never have the
opportunity to otherwise enjoy,” stated Paul Feller, CEO of VOS Digital Media Group. “Whether it's
racing exotic cars on a private track or rubbing shoulders with celebrities and trendsetters, this is content
that provides a video experience that really does translate to a global audience. We're very excited to
bring TLC's immersive luxury experiences to our domestic and international partners.”

Said Executive Producer and host Lee Abbott of the initiative, “there are adventures I've been fortunate to
have had in my lifetime that no price tag could have been put on, and some that I've had that only could
have happened because of VIP access, such as racing Ferraris around the track with Team Ferrari or being
in a pool chicken-fight with Madonna! And THIS is the kind of exclusive content TLC will be sharing
with our audiences.”

TLC Media Group President Tom Acuff says of partnering with VOS, "In my years of finance I am
incredibly impressed at the instant agility and reach that VOS provides. This isn't the slow moving 800
pound gorilla of Hollywood, which often can be one of those 'clubs' of exclusivity you don't actually want
to be a member of! Instead we have the ability and creative control to curate content for maximum
viewership, and specificity of our Brand Partners own directives and objectives. It's a perfect marriage,
and VOS keeps us intrinsically relevant while powerfully boosting the odds of our work going viral vs.
merely 'hoping' for views on YouTube. We researched the market - and VOS is in our analysis the best
content distribution muscle we could partner with."

About VOS Digital Media Group

VOS is a global digital video exchange and technology platform providing a seamless process for
bringing together content creators and media companies. We specialize in providing and maintaining
content sales and sourcing scalability, reducing labor and editorial costs, eliminating errors in metadata
assignment and extraction, and drastically decreasing the time to market for both video creators and

About TLC Media Group, LLC

TLC Media Group is a next-generation video production studio focused upon experiential and

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aspirational lifestyles immersed within the luxury, travel, culinary, fitness, comedy, automotive, and jet
setter living - the finer things in life. TLC is a joint venture between Tom Acuff, CEO of Prudent Capital
Partners, and Lee Abbott, Owner and Executive Producer of Endorphin Films.

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