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Here is a very crsip beiginer level questions for Ab initio

1. Rollup and Join behavior in mfs.

2. In memory Join and In memory rollup examples

3. Meaning of max core. thorough understanding.

4.Diff between join and lookup. thorough with example.

5. When to use lookup and lookup local. thorough understanding.

6. How to solve pallindrom example in abinitio

7. How to find out prime number or not in abinitio

8. Most difficult graph u have developed. Explain in detail why it was difficult
and how did u manage to develop it.

9. CDC ... With proper thorough example of SCD 1 and SCD 2

10. Diff between private, common and public sandbox. With example.

11. Diff between project pset and sandbox pset.

12. Explain performance improvement steps for a graph. Questions will be asked in