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Proforma 10-15


Chief General Manager/ Electrical,

IRCON International Limited, Patna.

Sub: - Clearance Certificate for Energization of OHE on 25 kV AC in section.

From To
Manpur (Incl.) KM 124
to Km - 124
Km - 104
Wazirganj (Incl.) KM 104, Location. – 124/40 of KG and
Location. – 104/33 of KG
Excluding Paimar Yard 465/12B of GC
(116/20 to 118/28)

Ref: LOA No. IRCON/ELECT/2067/KG/TENDER/OHE&PSI/PKG-I/01/263 dated 09.04.2018.

Dear Sir,
1. It is hereby certified that all our work on the above section has been completed.

2. It is hereby certified that all our staff have been withdrawn and warned that the above
section would be energized on or after 31/08/2019 in section Manpur (Incl.) KM 124
chainage 124/40 to Wazirganj (Incl.) upto KM 104 chainage 104/33 excluding Paimar
Yard (116/20 to 118/28) doubling alignment and that no one may henceforth carry out
any work on the above section without obtaining a permit-to-work from an official
authorized by DEE/IC (TRD)/DNR & Sr DEE/TRD/MGS.

3. Adequate precautions will also be taken by our staff when working in areas contiguous to
the section electrified on AC 25 kV system or on parallel lines.

4. The dead overhead sections contiguous and adjacent to the electrified sections have been
and will be kept solidly earthed. The installations on the above section are now ready and
safe for Energization. They may now be charged at 25 kV AC, 50 Hz, supply.

5. The installation on the above section is now ready and safe for energization. They may now
be charged at 25KV AC, 50Hz, supply

Yours faithfully, Yours faithfully,

M/s KSA Power infra Pvt. Ltd.

M/s Skipper Limited, Kolkata
[Working Contractor for OHE from
(Working Contractor for OHE of
MPO to WJZ (Excl.)]
Wazirgang yard)