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Dear Parents,As salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu, 

  It’s hard to believe, but our summer has come to an end and a new school year begins. I would 
like to welcome you and your student and tell you a little about myself, and my goals and 
expectations for the upcoming year.   
My name is Khalidah Bilal.  I am a proud graduate of Dar Uloom Trinidad & Tobago, having earned 
my Bachelor degree in Islamic Theology, and I am currently a student with Western Governors’ 
University, pursuing a BA in Special Education K-12. This is my 13th year teaching, my 7th year with 
ISI and my 1​st​ year teaching 6th Grade Social Studies, and 2nd year teaching 4​th​ grade Social 
Studies and ELAR here at ISI. I will also be a student teacher for 10th Grade (Qur’anic) Arabic.  
When I am not in the classroom I enjoy working with Huma-Faith, a charitable organization 
dedicated to helping the homeless population in the Dallas & Fort Worth area, studying online, 
working or simply spending time with my family.  
 As a teacher I believe that all children can and want to learn.  My main goal is to help your child 
learn to become an independent and lifelong learner.  In order to reach this goal, I will plan very 
carefully so that your child can feel challenged without unnecessary frustration.  I teach children 
that their best efforts are essential when completing a task.  
I wholeheartedly subscribe to the ISI mission to provide your child with an environment that 
enables them to achieve to their highest potential, founded on Islamic morals, scholastic 
excellence, and good citizenship. I will strive to facilitate you child becoming a balanced Muslim, 
with knowledge of Islam, who will become a contributing citizen and community builder 
understanding the importance of iman, the purpose of salat and possessing strong moral character. 
You can feel confident that your child will be safe and surrounded by a loving and nurturing 
environment. My door is always open and I would hope that if you have any concerns or questions, 
that you would feel free to discuss them with me.  I look forward to a successful year.   
Khalidah Bilal