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Mahnoor Fawwad (40948)

(Monday – Wednesday)

Submitted to: Dr. Kashif Mehmood

Date: 5th August, 2019


SUMMARY – 2017:
On December 2016, warren wrote a letter to bill and Melinda gates acquiring
about the money he donated to their foundation ten years earlier.
In return both bill and Melinda showed their gratitude towards the handsome
amount of donation for it has nearly doubled the resources and allowed them to
focus on matters more deeply.

LIVES SAVED: Since 1990 around 122 million lives have been saved. The main goal
is to reduce the morality rate among children. Each year the no. of children under
the age five dying from diarrhea or poverty is becoming less.
Providing people with healthy environments will allow them to feel secure.
Ensuring that there is no imminent danger to the child’s life.

VACCINATIONS: 86% of the children worldwide are being vaccinated. It’s the
highest it has even been. They’re an incredible investment. The vaccine, which
protects against five deadly infections in a single shot, now costs under a dollar. The
market wasn’t working for vaccines for poor kids because the families who needed
them couldn’t afford them. But we’re trying our best to make it available no matter
the conflict zone.

NEWBORN MORTALITY: Last year, about one million infants died on the day they
were born. A total of more than 2.5 million died in their first month of life. The key
focus here is to work on the conditions in which a child is born and how looked after.
The conditions in the developing countries are worse than we expected. They need a
proper set up to deal with the premature deliveries and apparatus for the children
born under such conditions.

ENDING MALNUTRITION: Malnutrition is partly responsible for forty-five percent of

childhood deaths. But better nutrition is not just about preventing deaths.
Malnutrition destroys the most human potential on the planet.

FAMILY PLANNING: More than 300 million women are taking a much needed step
towards contraceptive. It will be the largest contribution in cutting childhood
deaths. No country in the last 50 years has emerged from poverty without
expanding access to contraceptives.

POVERTY: The male dominance in a society is the root cause of women exclusion
from all the important matters. All lives have equal value meaning that the
organization is working empowering the women of third world countries so that
they can stand up for themselves. And take their matters into their own hands in
the future.

THE END: I would like to end the letter on a happy note. We’re very close to
reaching the magical number which is zero. The end of polio is very near. Only 37
cases registered last year. We thought it would be over by now but still we’re very
close. And the fight will intensify against measles, malaria, TB, and AIDS.

We’re optimistic for the future. The capacity to expand the operation will prove
to be very helpful.

Polio will soon be history. In our lifetimes, malaria will end. No one will die from
AIDS. Few people will get TB. Children everywhere will be well nourished and
nurtured. And the death of a child in the developing world will be just as rare as
the death of a child in the rich world.