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DATE: AUGUST 5, 2019

PREPARED BY: Mabel Acaso-Pasigna

I. Objectives:
 Listen to and interact with others in a group or class discussion on texts heard
 Tell the distinguishing features of the selection
 Read phrases and sentences consisting of words being studied and answer higher order
questions about them.

References: MTB-MLE TG pp. -71

MTB-MLE LM p. 60

II. Subject Matter:

Letter of Invitation
Materials: Invitation Letters, pictures, meta strips
Strategy: Read by the teacher (Read Aloud), Read with the teacher (Shared Reading)

III. Procedure:
A. Preparatory Activities
1. Opening Prayer/Song
2. Setting of Standards
3. Pre-reading
a. Motivation
Show a picture of a letter.
b. Developing a Purpose for reading
Show an invitation letter.
Ask a motive question. (Show it in a meta strip)

B. Presentation
1. During Reading
Give a Listening Story of an Invitation Letter.

C. Discussion
1. Post Reading
 Who is the writer of the letter?
 To whom did she write the letter?
 What kind of letter did she write?
 Why did she like her grandma’s place?
 What are events mentioned in the letter?
 Can you share your story same to the experience of Marivic?
 How do you feel when you are in the farm? In swimming in the river?
In climbing trees?
 Why do you think she sent a letter to her friend Hope?
 Do you think Hope and her friends will come to the party? Why?

D. Enrichment Activities
1. Show another invitation letter.
2. Ask questions.

E. Guided Practice/Group Activity:

 Give an example invitation letter to each group.
 Each group will answer the given questions.

F. Generalization:
Answer the motive question given prior to Reading Activity.
G. Application:
Directions: Read the invitation letter and answer the questions that were hidden under
your desks.

IV. Evaluation:

Read the invitation letter and answer the questions that follow.

Nobyembre 15, 2018

Dear Eury,

Nagdapit ako kanimo sa pag-anhi sa balay

karong umaabot petsa Nobyembre 20, 2018.
Kasumaran kining adlawa sa Wedding Anniversary
sa akong Mama ug Papa. Manghinaot ko nga
makaapil ka sa among salo-salo. Salamat.

Ang Imong Higala,


1. Kinsay nagsulat?


2. Kinsa ang gipadalhan sa sulat?


3. Unsa nga klase sa sulat ang iyang gihimo?


4. Nganong nagpadala ug sulat si Jayloh kang Eury?

5. Moadto kaha si Eury sa salo-salo sa ilang Jayloh?