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A4464 Series

Multi-user Access Control and Management Software

Multi-user, Powerful E-map Function, Ease of

A4464 series Access Control System is another outstanding
contribution to Infinova access control series products. With the rapid
popularization of the network communication and the wide application
of the “All-purpose Card” technology in intelligent construction project,
security protection project and many other fields, Infinova designs and
manufactures the network access control management product, which
takes the access control panel as the core, the management software
as the organ and the network communication as the bridge. This
network access control management system integrates closely the
management software and the panel via RS232, RS485 and TCP/IP.
One card can manage the access control, attendance and patrol
application, and is expandable to other consumption, parking, books
management, and medical and health care system to implement more
powerful functions

A4464 series Access Control Application Software is designed based

on the client/Server network construction. It adopts the uniform
management interface, uniform information input, uniform card
management and uniform data tables, ensuring the high level sharing
and the real-time communication among different data of the whole
system. The A4464 network access control software is easy to install
ORDERING INFORMATION and maintain. Therefore, user can operate and control the access
control system more safely and conveniently. All the control panels
A4464 Access Control and Management Software, communicate with the Server/Client end of the management software
supports up to 16 readers via RS232, RS485 and TCP/IP. The Server end is responsible to
A4464-C Add additional door license confirm and process the various event records uploaded by the access
control panel and the Client end, and manage the server database. The
Client end of the software takes charge to receive the operation
command from users, conduct the data exchange with the Server
database, and download the configuration data to the access control
panels at the Client end in the network. Clients can communicate with
each other and performance remote setup and control via the network
access control software as well.

 Compatible with Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista Operation System
 Communicate with the access control system via network
 Multi-user supervision
 128 time zones, 128-date holiday schedule
 Group control upon the reader, the door monitor alarms and relays
 Support a variety of reader format and 255 reader groups
 Support multi-alarms and 63 door monitor alarm groups
 Support a variety of relay linkage manners and 63 relay groups
 Perfect Anti-passback and tail, Mutual lock Reader and Area Number
Restriction functions
 Powerful map manage, edit and control functions
 Parameter setup of control panel, backup/recovery of recorded
 Powerful real-time video surveillance, video playback functions

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