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R&S  Area Title Composer/ArrangerPublisher Cat.  No. Voicing Session

HS Dream  Land Kevin  A.  Memley Pavane P1535 SATB HS

HS Soulspeak Z.  Randall  Stroope Heritage 15/3256H SATB HS

HS hist  whist Brian  Holmes Thorpe  Music 392-­‐03104 SATB HS

HS Big  Sky Amy  F.  Bernon Heritage 15/3171H SATB HS

HS Waiting Howard  Helvey Heritage 15/3249H SATB HS

HS Hope Debra  Scroggins Pavane P1539 SATB HS

College/Uni I  Will  Lift  Mine  Eyes Jake  Runestad Boosey  and   48020864 SSAATTBB College/Universit
v Hawkes y
College/Uni Even  When  He  is  Silent Kim  Andre  Arnesen Walton  Music 10543959 SSAATTBB College/Universit
v y
College/Uni Two  Lenten  Motets  "Memento  Mei"  and   Pawel  Lukaszewski Chester  Music 14019541 SSAATTBB College/Universit
v "crucem  Tuam  adoramus" y
College/Uni Shakespeare  Songs,  Book  2,  specifically,   Matthew  Harris Hal  Leonard 5459177 SATB College/Universit
v "Come  Away  Death"  and  "Take  O  Take   y
College/Uni Be  Not  Afraid Knut  Nystedt Walton  Music 3036142 SATB College/Universit
v y
Multi-­‐cultural Ohtul Part  Uusberg WW 1601 SATB HS

Multi-­‐cultural Ndikhokhele  Bawo Michael  Barrett SBMP 1318 SATB HS

Multi-­‐cultural Moreninha  Se  Te  Pedisse Marco  Antonio   AMP 1030 SATB HS
Men Ballade  to  the  Moon Daniel  Elder GIA G-­‐8760 TTBB HS/Univ

Men Arise,  Everone,  Rise James  Machan Alliance  Pub.,   AP-­‐1943 TTBB HS/Univ
Men Speak  the  Truth Jocelyn  Hagen Graphite  Pub. GP-­‐H012 TB HS/Univ

Men Be  Strong  in  the  Lord Tim  Sarsany Santa  Barbara SBMP  1308 TTBB HS/Univ

Treble Dome  Epais Leo  delibes Boosey  &   3294646 SA HS

Treble Lineage Andrew  Ramsey Boosey  &   10519323 SSA HS
Treble Cancion  de  Los  Tsachilas Michael  Sample Alliance 10188774 SSAA HS

Treble A  Child  of  My  Heart Jacob  Narverud Santa  Barbara 1192 SSA HS

Vocal  Jazz Without  A  Song Youmans/Shaw Alfred CH9537 SATB HS

Vocal  Jazz Let's  Face  the  Music  and  Dance Berlin/Shaw Hal  Leonard 8751633 SATB HS

Vocal  Jazz I'm  Glad  There  Is  You  (In  This  World  of   Madeira/Shae Hal  Leonard 8749981 SATB HS
Ordinary  People)
HS  Show fun.  Medley  from  the  Sing-­‐Off Deke  Sharon Hal  Leonard 10425279 SSAATTBB HS

HS  Show Geronimo Arr.  Emerson Hal  Leonard 10556526 SATB HS

HS  Show Flashlight Arr.  Huff Hal  Leonard 10556521 SATB HS


JH/MS There  Will  Come  Soft  Rains Ruth  Morris  Gray Alfred 10352517 SAB JH

JH/MS Music,  Sing  to  Me! Laura  Farnell Hal  Leonard 123426 SATB JH

JH/MS Ha  Shalom Greg  Gilpin Shawnee 3298300 SAB JH

JH/MS The  Echo  Song  (Italian  Madrigal) Orlando  di   Alfred 10029921 3-­‐pt.  Mix   JH
Lasso/Arr.  Russell   (double  
JH/MS Appalachian  Fiddler John  Purifoy Hal  Leonard 126221 SAB JH

JH/MS Down  By  the  Riverside Traditional   BriLee 10086536 3-­‐pt.  Mix JH
Spiritual/Arr.  Lon  
JH/MS And  This  Shall  Be  For  Music Mary  Lynn   Heritage 10085574 3-­‐pt.  Mix JH
Multi-­‐cultural Hlohonolofatsa Daniel  Jackson WW 1588 SATB JH

Multi-­‐cultural Porque  Dios  Ha  Nacido Vicente  Charavrria AMP 1037 SATB JH

Multi-­‐cultural Jambo Jacob  Narverud SBMP 1146 SAB JH

Men Join  the  Song! Ken  Berg Hal  Leonard HL00150191 TTB JH
Men Make  Space  for  Life  to  Live Michael  John   Carl  Fischer CM9283 TB JH
Men O  Sing  to  the  Lord Dan  Davison Walton G-­‐WW1606 TB JH

Treble Down  By  the  Sally  Gardens Benjamin  Britten Boosey  &   1292804 Unison JH
Treble Pick  A  Bale  of  Cotton Betty  Bertaux Boosey  &   1583004 2  Part JH
Treble Sing  to  Me Andrew  Ramsey Santa  Barbara 10291193 2-­‐Part JH

Vocal  Jazz T'Aint  What  'Cha  Do  (It's  the  Way  How   Young/Shaw Shawnee  Press A2277 SATB JH
'Cha  Do  It)
Vocal  Jazz Everybody  Loves  My  Baby  (But  My  Baby   Palmer/Shaw Hal  Leaonard 8657281 SATB JH
Don't  Love  Nobody  But  Me)
MS  Show Tonight,  Tonight Arr.  Emerson Hal  Leonard 10296174 SAB MS

MS  Show Say  Something Arr.  Billingsley Hal  Leonard 10455139 SAB MS

MS  Show Count  On  Me Mars/  Arr.  Day Hal  Leonard 10309960 3  pt  mix MS

Children's I  Saw  Three  Ships arr.  Mary  Lynn   Heritage  Music   3051992  (JW   2Part Elementary
Lightfoot Press Pepper  site)
Children's Hanukkah  Shalom Ruth  Elaine  Schram Heritage  Music   3298359  (JW   2-­‐Part Elementary
Press Pepper  site)
Children's "Oh,  What  a  Beautiful  City"  (from   arr.  Douglas  E.   Shawnee  Press HL  35019299   2-­‐Part Elementary
Seasoned  Spirituals  for  Spirited  Singers) Wagner (Shawnee  Press  
Children's A-­‐Rovin'   arr.  Emily  Crocker Hal  Leonard   1586478  (JW   2-­‐Part Elementary
Corporation Pepper  site)
Children's Tuimbe David  Waggoner Alfred  Music   10069193  (JW   2-­‐Part Elementary
Publishing Pepper  site)
Children's Light  a  Candle Marta  Keen  &  Jay   Alfred  Music   3071735  (JW   2-­‐Part Elementary
Althouse Publishing Pepper  site)
Children's Dance  While  the  Music  Sings  to  You Greg  Gilpin Colla  Voce   3701278  (JW   Unison Elementary
Music,  LLC Pepper  site)
Multi-­‐cultural A  La  Claire  Fontaine Eleanor  Daley AMP 1022 SSA Ele

Multi-­‐cultural Shady  Grove Tom  T.  Shelton WLG 155 SSA Ele

Multi-­‐cultural Hevenu  Shalom  Aleichem Dan  R.  Edwards Choristers  Guild CGA1402 SA Ele
Elementary   God  Be  In  My  Head Andrea  Ramsey Alliance AMP0804 SA Elementary
Elementary   A  La  Puerta  Del  Cielo Arr.  Melissa  Roth Alliance AMP0624 two-­‐part   Elementary
Choir treble
Elementary   Who  Has  See  the  Wind? Edwin  T.  Childs Choristers  Guild CGE5 two-­‐part   Elementary
Choir treble
Children's   Tundra Ola  Gjeilo Walton WW1459 SSAA Ele
Children's   We  Sing  of  Love J.  Reese  Norris Santa  Barbara 1089 SA  div. Ele
Children's   La  Vida Jim  Papoulis Boosey  &   48023010 SSA  (B) Ele
Choir Hawkes

Worship People  Look  East arr.  John  Leavitt Hal  Leonard 125342 SATB Worship/Commu
Worship Lo,  How  a  Rose  E'er  Blooming arr.  Howard  Helvey Beckenhorst   BP2048 SATB Worship/Commu
Press,  Inc. nity
Worship Abide  With  Me arr.  Brian  L.   Choristers  Guild CGA1449 SATB Worship/Commu
Hanson nity
Worship Even  Here Mark  Miller Hinshaw  Music,   HMC2393 SATB Worship/Commu
Inc. nity
Worship When  Speaking  Has  Ceased Craig  Courtney Beckenhorst   CU1006 SATB Worship/Commu
Press nity
Worship Leaning  on  the  Everlasting  Arms arr.  Eric  Nelson MorningStar MSM508970 SATB Worship/Commu
Worship Be  Still Mary  McDonald Beckenhorst   BP1902 SATB Worship/Commu
Press,  Inc. nity
Comm  Chor Galop  (from  "The  Solfege  Suite) Ken  Berg Pavane P1536 SATB Community

Comm  Chor An  Evening  Song Howard  Helvey ECS  Publishing 7887 SAATBB Community

Comm  Chor Ask  And  It  Shall  Be  Given Jonathan  Adams Pavane P1530 SATB  div. Community

Comm  Chor I  Love  My  Love David  Dickau Walton WJMS1095 SATB Community

Comm  Chor There  Is  Nothing  Like  the  Sun Mary  and  Paul   Lawson-­‐ 41581 SATB Community
Langford Gould/Alfred
Comm  Chor Flight  Song Kim  Andre  Arnesen Earthsongs S-­‐412 SATB Community

Comm  Chor Ye  Followers  of  the  Lamb Shaker  Tune,  arr.   Associated   HL50230920 SATB Community
Edwin  Ferguson Music  Publishers