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When I tell my own story, I seldom do more than touch on my mother “s history.

I want to say a
little more here because my mother knew a thing about hardships that I learnt from.

Born into a large and extremely poor side of South Africa, the next to the youngest of three
children, she knew only 13 of her siblings because she spent most of her lonely and unhappy
childhood moving from place to place. When she was still young, she got married by my step
dad an older man who promised to rescue her from poverty. He took her to whatever
destination, where he would show her a life of influence, moved her to another country. The
warning signs were there from the beginning, he was an engaging man an able provider.

Despite my mother ongoing concerns about their financial security, my parents seemed to be
happy. When she finally found out that he was a bangamist with another wife and family that
was the last straw. My younger brother and I did not learn the reason until we were older 21
and 20 all we knew was that our father had suddenly gone and was no longer part of our lives
when my father left, he took the modest financial egg my mother was saving for years to put

She was left with nothing and had to find a job to put food on top of the table. She worked two
times, sometimes 3 jobs at a time yet she managed to put something to eat a single mother of 2
girls who did anything to give us a life. She never paid much attention to what the neighbours
said, she did anything she could to give us a life worth everything. She had eyes fixed on an
overriding goal to do whatever it took to provide for her family with the environment and
attitude that would insure our success in life.

Our neighbours did not understand her motivation any more that they understand her thrift or
her gritty determination. My mother was one tough lady , we may have lived in poverty but she
always convinced us that it was only a temporary predicament. She observed the lives of the
successful and wealthy people she worked with, they are no different from us she insisted
anything they can do, we can do, we can do it better and bigger.

When parents questioned her about the academic demands she placed on us, she told them
say what you want but my kids are going to be something more bigger you all thought, they are
going to be self- supporting and learn how to love other people and no matter what they
decide, they are going to do or be the best at it in the world

Today as am here I pay tribute to my mother and her remarkable influence almost everyday I
speak. I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t her influence and example of overcoming
hardships. When I look at my life today am glad and honoured to be my to be my mother`s
daughter. I am 24 years , an aspiring motivational speaker currently writing scripts on
motivation and hoping it’s publication sooner am now working on doing a non- profit making

I grew up knowing that love in action is the most powerful response to what we see transpiring
in our world `love never dies it multiplies, alone we can do little but together we can do so
much says my mother.

It’s not easy being you, people don`t honestly know what you feel inside. Breath my friend, you
are not old, you are young, still not a mess because you are normal, extraordinary, perhaps in
the blink of an eye your life will change and will continue to change for decades to come. Enjoy
it, embrace it be grateful for it and believing in yourself will get you everywhere.

It doesn`t matter who hurt you down, what maters who made you smile again. Your dreams
don`t have expiration date. Stay positive be in your own land, go out there, make those risk and
mistakes and never apologize for being awesome . Don`t allow negative circumstances to
destroy you, learn from your experiences and surround yourself with people who will up and
show you the road to success. It`s a lot easier to walk down your street on a sunny day than it is
during a stormy day isn`t it?. Well the world is your street and the storms are argaments you
have in pipe. It`s high time to change your weather if it seems to be boring or not exciting. See
nobody told you that the road would be easy don`t give up now. You have come too far from
were you started from. I can only help you discover anything from yourself, but than at the end
you should do the right thing even if it`s hard.

If people don`t accept you for who you are, then they are not worth it. Don`t dare shrink
yourself for someone else comfort, don`t become small for people who refuse to grow. What
define us is how well we rise after we fall. My goal in life is to be happy genuinely and
consistently happy regardless of what that might look like to others. You were born and created
for something far much greater that your mind can ever imagine, you were not just born to
wake up, pay bills and wait for the weekend, NO! live your life, the best way you can, don`t
waste it. Decide for yourself, work on what you have now and don`t focus on what is missing.
Fix what`s is broken and heal on your own. Keep on going and hope for a better life ahead.
Problems and pains are inevitable but Prayer and faith in God are always the best solutions to

What you need to understand about survivors like me even if it seems like a situation should
have broken me I will never be broken. A survivor knows the tactics of those that abuse and
they will never be a victim again. I am a fighter and I will never give up my survivor instincts.
Remember one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.

There are so many people out there who will tell you can`t , what you got to do is turn around
and say `watch me? Find someone one who would push you if you stop, who would inspire you
when you fall. Have faith in your life for a better tomorrow, leave bad memories behind.
Lessons in life will be repeated until they are learned. You are confined only by the walls you
build yourself.

No matter the tragedies of life of life remain humble, because the things you are taking for
granted, someone else is praying for them. People know your name but not your story, they
may know you but they have no idea who you are and what great you are and can become.
Remember prayer is the best armor against all trails. Life begins with knowing Jesus, see
sometimes people will try to destroy you precisely because they recognize your power not
because they don`t see it but because they see it and don`t want it to exist.

Don`t be afraid to get up, try again, to love again and to dream big again. Don`t let a hard lesson
harden your heart. Life best lessons are often learned at work the worst times and from the
worst mistakes. Know that there are times when it will seem like everything that could possibly
go wrong is going wrong and you might feel like you will be stuck in this rut forever but you
won`t .Remember that sometimes things have to go very wrong before they can be right before
you feel like quitting. You have to go through your worst to arrive at your best, you are a
warrior that never gives up.

People might think you are not perfect but God thinks you are to die for. God is making things
happen for you, even if is not evident, God is working on your prayers.

Thomas Edison failed his way to success two thousand times, still he refused to quit trying till
he finally invented or made `the light bulb? Charles Darrow, set a goal at his twenties, he
determined he was going to be a millionaire and in 1929 he lost his job. Finally in 1935 he
invented a monopoly game.

The bigger the wall the more larger the situation may seem, God does his work from seemingly
hopples situations. From all the people who walked with God all of them faced hopples
situations. Only God can turn a mess into a message

Trail into triumph

Test into testimony

Victim into victor

Rejoice in your trails, no matter how hopples your situation might be.

My only question right now is to you, what on earth are you here for?

Weather into cruely and heavy or sad I hope you have different option than getting hurt and
breaking down. Grow from your trails, life changes every minute of every day. The ships of our
lives may not be sailing in one direction of others, stormy days and sunny days, speed bumps
will always be there. Life will always throw curve balls at us but keep on swinging and going on

Go out there and do your best above all be you and put God first

#my pride purpose in this life is to help you help yourself

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