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Weekly Lesson Plan School Colegio de San Bartolome de Novaliches Grade Level 11

Teacher Mr. Brian Karlo Delos Santos Learning Area 21st Century Literature in the
Philippines and the World
Teaching Dates and Time June 11-15, 2018 (Week 1) Quarter 1st Quarter

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4

A. Content Standards The learner will be able to understand and appreciate the elements and contexts of 21st century Philippine literature from the

B. Performance Standards The learner will be able to demonstrate understanding and appreciation of 21st century Philippine literature from the regions
 A written close analysis and critical interpretation of a literary text in terms of form and theme, with a description of its
context derived from research; and
 An adaptation of a text into other creative forms using multimedia.
C. Learning Competencies Writing a close analysis
and critical
interpretation of literary
texts and doing an
adaptation of these
require from the learner
the ability to:
 Identify the
linguistic, and
dimensions of
literary history
from pre-
colonial to the
 Value the
contributions of
local writers to
development of
regional literary
II. CONTENT Philippine Literature:
(Subject Matter) Dimensions of National
The Regional Approach
to Reading Philippine

III. LEARNING RESOURCES Ma. Soccoro Q. Perez, PHD, Beyond Borders; Reading Literature in the 21st Century. Quezon City: Phoenix Publishing House,
A. Text Book Pages 2016. Pp 2-7
B. Other Sources

IV. PROCEDURES “If I were to be a book

A. Reviewing previous character..”
lesson or presenting The learners will share
new lesson or to the class their
Motivation favourite book
character. They have to
introduce him/her to
the others and explain
why he/she is their

B. Establishing a purpose At the end of the lesson,

for the lesson the learners are expected
 Understand the
definition and
importance of 21st
century literature;
 Distinguish the
works of Filipino
writers from
various regions;

C. Presenting Example The teacher will present a

set of pictures that shows
prominent Filipino writers
and a graphical
representation of their
work. The learners will
then give their insights
about the images

D. Discussing Concepts Assignment Collaborative Activity

and Practicing New In pairs, learners will be The learners will be given
Skills (1) asked to research about five (5) minutes to discuss
the life and works of a with their pair the
Filipino writer per assignment that they’ve
region. This will be used prepared. They will share
for tomorrow’s to the class what they’ve
collaborative activity. gathered afterwards.

E. Discussing Concepts Discussion/

and Practicing New Collaborative
Skills (2) Learning/Guided
F. Developing Mastery Exercises from the Quiz
(Lead to Formative text books or from the A quiz will be formulated
Assessment) net. Can be based on the collaborative
differentiated activity activity.

G. Finding practical Transfer Task in Transfer Task:

application of GRASPS G- oal: The goal of this task
concepts and skills in is inculcate to the students
daily lives (Transfer the value of patronizing the
works of Filipino writers.
R-ole: Learners will be
production team. They will
function as a film crew and
create a short video.

A-udience: Other groups will

watch their presentation. If
permitted, other teachers
might also be invited to
watch and rate their works.
S-ituation: Some of the
learners are not familiar
with the prominent Filipino
writers. Some of them
don’t even know about any
of their works. There really
is a need for them to
acknowledge their roots as
part of being 21st century

P-roduct: The class will be

divided into two groups.
Each group will create and
present a short video clip on
the topic; “The Revival of
Filipino Literature”.

S-tandards : The
presentation will be
graded using the following

H. Making Generalization Philippine Regions – The

and Abstraction about Philippines is divided into
eighteen (18) regions
the lesson
which greatly attributed to
its rich diversity of

I. Evaluating Learning

J. Additional Activities
for application or

A. No. of Learners who
earned 80% in the
B. No. of Learners who
scored below 80% &
are required for
C. No. of Learners who
have caught up with
the lesson.

D. What difficulties did

you encounter?

Checked by:

Ms. Theresa Esconde