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Benjamin Iliff

Location: Oviedo, FL | Phone: (561) 214-1352 | Email:

University of Central Florida
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Spring 2021
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Marketing Summer 2013

Java Projects
Checksum Imported entire strings from various text files and produced the checksum value of the entire file
Yahtzee Created a working Yahtzee game with non-IDE produced GUI
SneakyKnights Hashed out the positions of Knights on a chessboard via strings from text files and determined if
the Knights were safe using HashSets
SkipList Implemented a generic data type Skiplist using HashMaps

Python Projects
Word Finder Using a Trie, read through a text or docx file, find out how often someone uses a key word or
words, and then rank the document based on the results
C Projects
LonelyPartyArray Produced dynamically allocated fragmented arrays to represent large volumes of data on an as
need basis, as opposed to one large array that would waste memory
ListyString Dynamically created, deleted, modified, and flipped linked lists based on text input files non-
Golf Handicap Used basic tools and data structures, created a calculator that provided and stored handicaps
based on 20 scores and course slope/rate

Professional Profile
Teamwork - Coordinated with Golf Professionals to hold and efficiently run 50-100+ person events
- Worked on multifaceted teams to ensure Simpson’s Ride was run efficiently
- Collaborated with classmates to fundraise over $1,000 for Boys Town in Oviedo and provided
an opportunity for the kids to enjoy an Orlando City Soccer game
- Integrated information from different committees within Sigma Pi UCF in order to create the
document needed to nationally charter with the fraternity
Customer Service - Organized and provided service on over 100+ golfing members at Twin Rivers and Wellington
National Golf Club
- Catered and served 100+ person events and gatherings at The Chesterfield Hotel
- Reached out on 100-120 outbound calls a day in order to sell season tickets for the Tampa Bay

Twin Rivers Golf Course Golf Shop Attendant May 2018 - Present
Wellington National G.C. Assistant Golf Shop Manager May 2017 - May 2018
Chesterfield Hotel Server/Busser/Event Staff Oct 2014 - Dec 2017
Tampa Bay Rays Ticket Sales Representative Aug 2013 - Dec 2013
Universal Studios Ride Attendant Feb 2011 - Dec 2012

A+ Certification ID # COMP001021187208 2017
Qualified for Marine Corps Office Candidate School 2015
Founding Father of Sigma Pi UCF 2008