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"Garuda Aircraft" LLC

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To place your order for the PJ – II "DREAMER" aircraft kit, please read the purchase agreement, sign
where noted and return this form to "Garuda Aircraft" LLC. A deposit is required to secure all orders. No
delivery position can be reserved without receipt of deposit. Any delay from the scheduled payment may
cause a change in the delivery schedule upon receipt of your deposit, "Garuda Aircraft" LLC. will
immediately send a confirmation package, deposit receipt and confirm the earliest scheduled delivery date.

PJ –II "DREAMER" KIT $ 89, 950.00


Airframe: - Engine (LS6/LS7)

- Hydraulic, Fuel, Electrical Systems and Avionics
- Wheels, Brakes and Tires
- Pre-molded Composite Airframe Components
- Radio/ Nav and Antennas
- Canopy Frame and Glass
- Interior and Exterior Lighting
- Landing Gear Retract System
- Upholstery and Finishing Materials.
- Aileron, Elevator, Control Stick System
- Rudder Control System
- Flap Control System
- Elevator Electric Trim System
- Interior Closeout Panels and seats

Fan drive:

- Engine/Gearbox Mount
- Gearbox
- Fan Drive Shafts
- Fan Assemblies

PJ –II "DREAMER" Aircraft Kit

1. Delivery Date Deposit $3000.00
2. 25% Deposit (90 days prior delivery date) $22,487.50
3. Balance Due (Before Kit Shipment) $64,462.50
4. Total Kit Price $89,950.00

"Garuda Aircraft" LLC

Wire Transfer Instructions:
Expected Delivery Date ________________
Account № 40702840111071001843 Approved by "GARUDA Aircraft" LLC
BENEFICIARY BANK: Manager ___________________________

Contract PJ – II "DREAMER" Kit, "GARUDA Aircraft" LLC, Aviatorov Hwy 173, Internanational Airport Volgograd, Russia 400122,, email:


"Garuda Aircraft" LLC, hereafter referred to as Seller, is a distributor of an experimental aircraft supplied in
kit form for the homebuilder.
The PJ-II "DREAMER" aircraft requires inspection and certification by the Federal Aviation Administration
(FAA) under provisions of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR's). Purchaser of the kit has read and
thoroughly understands the FAR's as they apply to aircraft in the experimental category.
The PJ-II "DREAMER" kit, when properly constructed, will reproduce the successful original aircraft.
"GARUDA Aircraft" LLC and all its sales representatives are not responsible and make no warranties,
express or implied whatsoever, regarding the performance, flight characteristics, structural integrity or safety
of the purchaser's completed aircraft and its component parts. Purchaser understands and agrees that there are
many factors that affect the design integrity of his or her particular completed aircraft including design
requirements for engine and requirements for aerodynamic and center of gravity characteristics. "GARUDA
Aircraft" LLC reserves the right to make recommended revisions in the plans, parts and construction of the
aircraft as such revisions may be deemed advisable from time to time.

Purchaser understands and agrees that there are many factors outside the control of "GARUDA Aircraft" LLC
that can significantly affect the safe operation of the aircraft. Such factors include the quality of construction
by purchaser or others, maintenance procedures and repairs. "GARUDA Aircraft" LLC does not warrant the
integrity of component parts once they leave our facility. Purchaser agrees to inspect all components prior to
assembly for shipping and other damage.
Purchaser accepts sole responsibility for construction and operation of the PJ-II "DREAMER" aircraft
constructed by him. Due to the many factors beyond Seller's control, purchaser releases "GARUDA Aircraft"
LLC and all its sales representatives from any liability for any bodily injury or property damage arising from
his or her construction, maintenance and use of the PJ-II "DREAMER" aircraft. Purchaser understands and
agrees that the cost of the PJ-II "DREAMER" kit would be substantially higher should such condition not be
Purchaser understands that proprietary information concerning "GARUDA Aircraft" LLC is supplied to him
by the Seller for his and only his express use in construction of the PJ-II "DREAMER" aircraft. This includes
the aircraft part and design features and all written assembly documentation. This material will not be copied
by purchaser for any use other than his own, nor will he allow any other persons to copy this material.


It may be necessary for "GARUDA Aircraft" LLC or its sales representatives to communicate with purchasers
from time to time on information relating to safety, changes in design, construction and operation. Thus,
purchaser understands and agrees to notify "GARUDA Aircraft" LLC of any change of address or change of
ownership of the PJ-II "DREAMER" aircraft whether completed or not.


Orders for kits will be entered by the date of receipt of signed purchase agreement and deposit. Kit serial
numbers will be assigned prior to kit delivery.
The deposit is refundable only within 30 days with a 25% cancellation fee applied. If buyer does not accept
delivery (subject to all terms) within 18 months of kit availability the entire deposit will be forfeited. All bank
charges and commissions of the Seller's and intermediary banks shall be borne by the Seller. Commissions of
the Buyer's bank should be borne by the Buyer. "GARUDA Aircraft" LLC will confirm by mail or email the
proposed delivery date to customer as soon as order is placed.
The kit price indicated on this order form is subject to change and should thus be verified prior to placing your
order. The quoted kit price at time of deposit is guaranteed for nine months unless otherwise provided in
writing. Kit pricing is guaranteed to original purchasers only. Please phone or write to verify the current
kit price.
"GARUDA Aircraft" LLC reserves the right to fully refund any deposit for any reason. This will then relieve
Seller and any of its sales representatives of any further obligation.

Contract PJ – II "DREAMER" Kit, "GARUDA Aircraft" LLC, Aviatorov Hwy 173, Internanational Airport Volgograd, Russia 400122,, email:

All shipping costs are at buyer's expense, shipping FOB (freight on buyer) from "GARUDA Aircraft" LLC
facility, Russia.
Upon receipt of your order with deposit, you will be notified by mail of the estimated shipment date of your
PJ-II "DREAMER" kit. Purchaser must understand that this is only an estimate and the actual shipment date
may be advanced or delayed. Shipment advances will be made only with purchaser approval.
Kit orders requesting specific delivery dates are subject to "GARUDA Aircraft" LLC approval. Kit orders
requesting earliest convenience delivery dates will be shipped as soon as possible. Should buyer request more
than 30 days postponement upon notification of delivery, buyer will be subject to possible storage fees, buyer
may be asked to pay off balance of kit payment or be subject to current kit pricing.
Due to possible vendor delays, some items may be temporarily out of stock when the kit is shipped. As
backordered items arrive, these items will be shipped with the appropriate shipping charges applied.

"GARUDA Aircraft" LLC is very careful to assure that the order is filled correctly and shipped securely.
However, it is your responsibility to inspect your kit immediately upon arrival, checking against the part list
and for shipping damage. Any discrepancies in the kit must be reported to "GARUDA Aircraft" LLC within
30 days of receipt for any adjustments.

"GARUDA Aircraft" LLC

I have read, understand, and agree to comply with the Volgograd International Airport
conditions of sale for a PJ-II "DREAMER" aircraft kit
from "GARUDA Aircraft" LLC. Aviatorov Hwy 173
Volgograd, Russia 400122
Tel +7(960)873-9120

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Signature Signature
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"GARUDA Aircraft" LLC, Manager

Management signature is required to validate the order.

Contract PJ – II "DREAMER" Kit, "GARUDA Aircraft" LLC, Aviatorov Hwy 173, Internanational Airport Volgograd, Russia 400122,, email:

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