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BUSI 407


FALL 2019


Course Room: McColl 3500

Instructor: Wayne McVeigh

Office: McColl 4221
Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 11:00 - 1:00 PM and by appointment

This course mainly covers financial accounting. The course is designed for students who seek
to gain an understanding of how accounting information is used by organizations (e.g.,
corporations) and by investors. The course will answer questions such as: “What types of
information are included in financial statements?”; “As a manager, how can accounting
information help me operate my organization more effectively?”; “As a business owner, how
can I use this information to run my operations more profitably?”; “As a borrower, how will
my banker use my accounting information when evaluating a loan request for my business?”;
and “As an investor, how can I use a company's financial information to make better
investment decisions?” Students will learn the basic rules that companies must follow when
preparing their financial statements. The financial statements of actual companies will be used
frequently during the semester. Current business topics will also often be discussed in class.

Grades will be based on the following point allocation:
Chapter Homework/Quiz Assignments 10%
Project and Class Participation 10%
(includes participation in simulation)
Chapter Exams (3 in total) 45%
Final Exam 35%
Total 100%

1. Textbook:
Financial Accounting, 5th Edition with Connect with Smartbook
Spiceland, Thomas, Hermann
McGraw-Hill Publishers

Connect with ebook: 9781260560664

Base Option: This is your primary option. This includes an ebook. If you prefer to
ALSO have a hard looseleaf copy of the text, choose option below

Option: Connect with ebook AND Looseleaf copy: 9781264080632

(If you go this route, you will receive the Looseleaf copy of the material in addition
to the Connect with ebook)

Please note, we are using the Digital Delivery method for the textbook materials. In regard
to this: You will receive an email from before classes begin that contains a
unique access code for Connect. This code is live and can be used immediately (before
payment). While the national retail price for the access code is $131.50, the cost of the access code
through the Student Stores' Digital Delivery Program is significantly below this price. You will have
until August 28th to opt in to charge your student account for the access. To opt in, you need only to
reply "opt in" to the email. You can continue to use the code provided. If a student chooses not to
opt in, their unique access code will be deactivated. A looseleaf print upgrade will also be available
for purchase to students who opt in, if they would like a physical copy of the text. (see Looseleaf
ISBN reference above)

2. Access to Harvard Simulation

You will receive an additional email from requesting that you “opt-in”
for the Harvard simulation. This is a required element of the course. You will NOT receive a unique
access code or link to this email. Logistics regarding signing on to the simulation will be provided
during the semester. You will have until August 28 to opt in and to charge your student account for
the access. It is important that you opt in by August 28 . To opt in, you need only to reply “opt in”
to the email you receive. The cost for the simulation is approximately $16.20
Chapter homework and quizzes will be based on class and textbook material and will reinforce
the topics covered in the text and lectures. The chapter homework and quizzes will be
completed in CONNECT. Your lowest homework grade and quiz grade will be dropped. No
late assignments in Connect will be accepted.

The comprehensive project will be completed in Connect. You will have approximately one
month to complete the project.

There will be three, chapter exams during the term. The exams will be given in class and will
be closed-book. The date of the final examination will be provided under separate cover.
Following are the dates for the exams:
Exam #1 September 17
Exam #2 October 10
Exam #3 November 7
Final Exam December 10 (9:30am section)
December 12 (8:00am section)

Please check your schedule carefully to avoid conflicts with these exam dates. Excused
absences will not be given except in the case of an extraordinary circumstance. These
situations must be arranged in writing prior to the exam if possible.
The overall grade in the course will be determined based on the following overall average:
A: 93.0 and above
A-: 90.0-92.9
B+: 87.0-89.9
B: 83.0-86.9
B-: 80.0-82.9
C+: 77.0-79.9
C: 73.0-76.9
C-: 70.0-72.9
D+: 67.0-69.9
D: 63.0-66.9
D-: 60.0-62.9
F: below 60.0

While attendance is necessary in order to receive credit for class participation, it is not
sufficient. The participation portion of the grade includes completing pre-class readings and
assignments and actively engaging in class discussions through thoughtful questions and
comments. In addition, I expect students to arrive at class on time.
Personal integrity and professionalism are fundamental values of business and the Kenan-
Flager community. We value both cooperation and competition as means to stimulating high
performance and raising standards. However, we seek cooperation and competition that are
constructive, and which are professional, not personal, in nature. To help ensure that these
values are upheld and to maintain equitability in the evaluation of your work, this course will
be conducted in strict conformity with the UNC Honor Code.
The code and its related procedures can be found at the following website:
You must read the Academic Honor Code. Claimed ignorance of the code and the related
information on the site and in the booklet will be viewed as irrelevant should a violation take


If you require accommodation for a disability, please let me know at your earliest convenience.
Some aspects of the course, the assignments, and the way I teach can be modified to facilitate
your participation and progress. As soon as you make me aware of your needs, I can work
with the Office of Accessibility Resources & Service to determine appropriate
accommodations. I will treat all information you provide as private and confidential.

The course outline follows. A supplemental course schedule with assignment due dates will
be provided separately. I have planned the lectures assuming that all students will have read
the relevant readings and completed the practice assignments prior to class.
BUSI 407
FALL 2019


Date Topic

Tues, Aug 20 Introduction and Framework of Accounting/Chapter 1

Thurs, Aug 22 Framework of Accounting /Chapter 1

Tues, Aug 27 Accounting Cycle/Chapter 2

Thurs, Aug 29 Accounting Cycle/Chapter 2

Tues, Sept 3 Shareholders Equity/Chapter 10

Thurs, Sept 5 Shareholders Equity/Chapter 10

Tues, Sept 10 Time Value Principles

Thurs, Sept 12 Review/Introduce Project

Tues, Sept 17 Exam #1 (Chapters 1, 2, 10 and TV of Money)

Thurs, Sept 19 Long Term Liabilities/Chapter 9

Tues, Sept 24 Long Term Liabilities/Chapter 9

Thurs, Sept 26 Long Term Assets/Chapter 7

Tues, Oct 1 Long Term Assets/Chapter 7

Thurs, Oct 3 Assets: Receivables/Chapter 5

Tues, Oct 8 Assets: Receivables/Chapter 5

Thurs, Oct 10 Exam #2 (Chapters 9, 7 and 5)

Tues, Oct 15 Assets: Cash/Chapter 4

Thurs, Oct 17 Fall Break

Date Topic

Tues, Oct 22 Assets: Inventories /Chapter 6

Thurs, Oct 24 Assets: Inventories /Chapter 6

Tues, Oct 29 Current Liabilities/Chapter 8

Thurs, Oct 31 Current Liabilities/Chapter 8

Tues, Nov 5 Exam Prep

Thurs, Nov 7 Exam #3 (Chapters 4, 6 and 8)

Tues, Nov 12 Accounting Cycle/Chapter 3

Thurs, Nov 14 Accounting Cycle/Chapter 3

Tues, Nov 19 Cash Flow/Chapter 11
Thurs, Nov 21 Cash Flow/Chapter 11
Financial Statement Analysis/Chapter 12 (no chapter homework or quiz for
Tues, Nov 26
Thurs, Nov 28 Thanksgiving Recess

Tues, Dec 3 Final Exam Review and Prep

Tues, Dec 10 Final Exam (9:30am section)

Thurs, Dec 12 Final Exam (8:00am section)