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the Prayer Akasyah

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Bismillah-Holi-ARRAHEEM IN THE NAME OF GOD ALMIGHTY Gracious, Most Merciful(1) Cetera of the
Prophet's Mosque that he said he was:I'm on one day,I sat down in the mosque,the US Gabriel he said:
'O Muhammad that Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala send greetings to His servant and His slaves will
determine the number of hospitality and sesunggohnya tahyat and has given it to thy gifts no one has
ever given a gift to anyone,first of master and no later than the slave master

.And the Prophet said:What a gift,O my brother Gabriel?

(2) The said Gabriel AS:No reward prayer knows except Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala whatsoever.O
Muhammad,if it is made to be the word of the trees,and the water will be improved,and all the people
past and all those who would later builders correspondence would beno power all their correspondence
will reward this prayer.So it seems, O Muhammad,whoever reads this prayer it is as if he read the
prayers of the congregation.

Whoever reads this prayer with a sincere heart of Muhammad,that he wants to see the Lord's servant, O
Muhammad,in his will,to God Almighty be that.

(3)And when reading the prayers for the sick,He healed the pain of Allah Ta'ala.

(4)Whoever reads this prayer as subtracting difficulties expensive food and hunger,Allah Almighty would
put them in it,and when reading the prayers of those who are thirsty,Allah Ta'ala will it be satisfied with
idzin Allah Ta'ala.

(5)And when the people who read the prayers of the debt,the debt would be discharged Allah Ta'ala.
(6)And he prayed this correspondence porcelain basin with musk or Zafran,seven days drunk in the
morning before eating anyting,then the Almighty Allah has bestowed the perfect smart and understand

(7)And if they are taken from person who is sick,heal it with idzin Allah Ta'ala.

(8)And when it is written on the time of the dead,Allah Ta’ala described his grave and revealed Allah
Ta’ala in his grave one hundred thousand (100,000)of angels in his grave until the day of Judgment.

(9)And he lost the property purchase or sahyanya run,then worship it four times and is read in every
offered Fateha- 1 time and QulhuwallahuAhad-100 times,and then the prayer,read this prayer with
authentic faith,He's Peliharakan Allah from all danger and destruction.

(10)And whoever bears this prayer with him and read it on seumor live once,then ask forgiveness for
him by the Angels.

(11)The Prophet said:Whoever believes there is no prayer and no glory for him,so that I am away from
him at the last day.

(12)And he fisted it will intercede and prevent it from people who are Muslim,Allah would torture him
on the Day of Judgment.

(13)And whosoever shall read this prayer,He delivered Allah Ta'ala seeker and no preferred for a doubt.

(14)And Sayyidina Abu Bakar said Nash R.A. that the Prophet Muhammad said to me:Read this prayer do
you leave behind.Always read the prayer for you is blessed by God Almighty and the Holy Quran hafiz

(15)And the word of Sayyidina Umar bin Al-Khattab RA:With thanks to the prayers of the Zahir Islam
(16)And said Uthman bin Affan RA:With the blessing of this prayer,I collect the Quran

(17)And Sayyidina Ali RA said:Whoever bears this prayer,his face on the Day of Resurrection Allah will
shine like the full moon and calculate them with around a little and Allah Ta'ala will enter him into

(18)And the Prophet's Mosque No one is better than this prayer.

(19) Sufian Tsauri RA said: Whoever carries these prayers read it once, and there came down to him
100,000 angels in the hand of every one of them, a golden plaque and said to them all: O Servant of
Allah, do not you are afraid because we love you till the Day of Judgment.

(20)And the Jibrail AS says: Allah Ta'ala has his reward in the treasury of the Throne before being made
into this world
500 years. And they are
gift from Allah Ta'ala azza wajalla to Lord of the slaves, Ya Muhammad, and to the people of
Tuanhamba. And whoever reads this prayer with a valid faith at the beginning of the month of Ramadan
or at its center or at
Finally, that is Allah Subhan
ahu Wa Ta'ala made 70,000 angels from all the angels and each
-All the angels 20 mouths and every-
every mouth of his tongue pronouncing the tasbih to Allah Ta'ala with no other languages
resembles something else for that person
read this prayer. And it wakes up from his cave, dismissed Allah Ta'ala
for him eighty angels with them, with each angel a flag from Nur with him. And his face was greenish
above the emerald and the second hand was far from the yakut and his temples like pelipis bidadari.

And it is for him in heaven some awkwardness,every marriage has four doors.At every door,70,000
children fairies he prayed for those who read this prayer.And is behind the child's angelic 70,000 angels
in the hand of every one Kadah contains four kinds of drinks in the cast with mandil of Nur and Matari
topped with musk express it.This is a gift from Allah Almighty to so and so son of so and so who read this
prayer,at the beginning of the month of Ramadan,in the middle of it,in the end,on Friday night.And that
reward is not know him,but God Almighty whatsoever.

(21)Yes Muhammad
Whoever reads this prayer will be ta'jub from him all the angels and all beings
the light of his face erupted from his tomb and said all of them: 'An angel!' then call upon him who cried
out from the presence of Allah.
a'ala that, this is my servant from the people of Prophet Muhammad SAW. who bacado'a at the seumor
of his life once sincerely. And whoever reads this prayer or stops with it
sit on the throne and walk all the angels round
shake it to the Throne. Then hear from Allah the Almighty
That's why it's down to you.

(22)And the Prophet Muhammad by God's glory and his greatness,by his first,and soit was the
Prophet:Whoever reads this prayer seumor life once given him a reward as Allah Ta'ala reward all Auliak
and all Asfiak and the ascetic of men and women.And Allah Ta'ala will dipintak goods from all the work
world and and the Hereafter,and Allah
Almighty tell the seeker with an excess of Allah Ta'ala

(23)And he doubts he would cry,then disbelieve,so that he and cover you with Allah from that

(24)And sesunggohnya have taught this prayer to God Almighty will Sayyidina AKASYAH in itself.Starting
this prayer many benifits in this world and the Hereafter,with the blessing of this prayer,Insha'Allah
Ta'ala.And perfect this sermon and the prayer is that Mubarak Antahyul Kalam.


Prayer akasyah