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Curriculum Evaluation Through Learning Assessment

Lesson 2


1. This is to identify what the learners will know and be able to do at the end of the course or program.
a. Learning Indicators b. Learning Outcomes c. Achieved Learning Outcomes
d. Comparability of the Learning Outcomes

2. The PQF is the standard which will be aligned to the Asean Reference Qualification Framework
(ARQF) for the comparability of the learning outcomes of the different levels of education ladder; the
PQF stands for:
a. Philippines Quality Frameworks b. Philippines Qualification Frameworks
c. Performance Quality Framework d. Performance Qualification Framework

3. The eight levels of complexity of learning outcomes are based on three domains;
the three (3) domains are:
a. Knowledge, Skills and Values/ Application/ Evaluation
b. Knowledge, Skills and Values/ Application/ Responsibility-degree of independence
c. Knowledge, Skills and Values/ Performance/ Assessment
d. Knowledge, Skills and Values/ Product / Responsibility

4. The level of complexity of learning outcomes of grade 12 is labeled as ______.

a. Level 4 b. Level 3 c. Level 2 d. Level 1

5. What is the Highest Level of competencies in the learning outcomes based on the PQF?
a. Diploma b. Baccalaureate c. Post Baccalaureate d. Doctoral and Post Doctoral

6. The Phillipines Qualification Framework is comparable to the ten member countries of the Asean;
a. Dubai b. Cambodia c. Myanmar d. Brunei

7. Knowledge, Process, Understanding, and Performance reflects different learning outcomes that are
arrange in hierarchy or complexity. Knowledge being the basic level of learning outcomes and
___________ being the advance level of learning outcomes.
a. Process b. Understanding c. Performance d. Values

8. It is a skills that the students use based on facts and information for making meaning and
a. Process b. Knowledge c. Understanding d. Product/performance

9. These are an example of Performance assessment ; Except.

a. oral b. dramatization c. role play d. portfolio
10. Ms. Lim ask her students to present a research report on conservation of indigenous plants. Ms.
Lim is assessing her student by their______.
a. Knowledge b. Product/Performance c. Understanding d. Process
Answer Key:
1. C
2. B
3. B
4. C
5. D
6. A
7. C
8. A
9. D
10. B

Prepared by: Sygi Binoya Saligumba