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PRESS RELEASE Paris, 30 July 2019

More than 300 banks across Europe use PRETA’s Open Banking
Europe Directory to facilitate PSD2-compliant access to account
and payment processing

As the PSD2 deadline draws closer, the single, standardised Directory developed by
PRETA represents a reference point for ASPSPs and TPPs access to account.

Paris, 30 July 2019 – PRETA announced today that the number of banks using the
Open Banking Europe Directory to comply with PSD2 access-to-account
requirements has grown to more than 300 financial institutions across Europe.

As of 14 September 2019, banks and other payment service providers are required to
provide access-to-account (XS2A) to authorised third party providers (TPPs), even
when there is no contract in place between the ASPSP and the TPP. The OBE
Directory, developed by PRETA’s Open Banking Europe (OBE) initiative, is there to
secure this process and provides a machine-readable repository of regulatory
information, which is updated hourly and notifies payment service providers (PSPs)
of any critical changes.

“While the European Banking Authority register is aimed at increasing transparency

in the EU, the Open Banking Europe Directory is a unique tool created by the industry
for the industry as a key piece of operational infrastructure,” said John Broxis,
Managing Director of PRETA. “The next phase is to use this directory to provide
transparency to TPPs.”
“When implementing new requirements, the trickiest part is balancing customer
experience on one side and the highest level of security on the other side. To offer
our customers the full advantages of PSD2, we needed to make sure that the non-
traditional payment service providers (TPPs) involved are fully licensed and entitled
to consume customer data. Thus, the cooperation with PRETA provided valuable
grounds for building up our own central access platform for APIs.” Ekkehard Preis,
Head of Holding Banking Operations, Erste Group Bank AG.
In addition to the OBE Directory, PRETA’s Open Banking Europe initiative also
supports its stakeholders with information on each phase of the XS2A lifecycle:
registration and passporting, eIDAS certificates, API security, revocation and disputes
and other PSD2-related topics.

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Press contact

Diana Gangichiodo - Tel: 33 1 80 20 59 29 –

About PRETA S.A.S.

PRETA S.A.S. was created in 2013 to develop innovative services for digital payment
and identity solutions. The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of EBA CLEARING,
a provider of pan-European payment solutions.

PRETA’s objective is to ensure the protection of digital identities and to provide secure
and simple solutions in the online and mobile space. PRETA’s pan-European mindset
encourages the collaboration of all players in the co-operative space with a view to
supporting the European digital economy and Digital Single Market.

PRETA owns and runs MyBank, an e-authorisation solution enabling the exchange of
financial and non-financial information among and between payment service
providers and other market players. MyBank Payments enables customers to pay
online or via mobile channels, directly from their bank account.

Please visit the PRETA website for more information and the latest news.

About Open Banking Europe

Open Banking Europe (OBE) is a PRETA initiative launched in June 2017 with the
aim of fostering innovation, competition and efficiency to increase consumer choice
and enhance security for online payments in the EU.

To do that Open Banking Europe brings market players together with the aim to turn
regulatory requirements into operational reality and to provide the industry with PSD2
directory services.

The full list of Account-Servicing Payment Service Providers (AS-PSPs) and Third
Party Providers (TPPs) that have joined the initiative so far can be found here.

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