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At the end of the lesson, the students should be able to do the following with at least
75% level of proficiency:
1. Differentiate active and passive voice
2. Identify the voice of the verb in each sentence
3. Rewrite the sentences changing the voice from active to passive and vice versa
4. Appreciate the lesson by showing active participation towards the lesson.

Topic: Active and Passive Voice
Reference:Lapid, Milagros G.& Serrano, Josephine B.S. (2018) English Communication
Arts and Skills through Anglo American and Philippine Literature. Page 405
Materials:laptop,TV,chart,handouts, tarpaper

2.Checking of Attendance
3.Short Recall
The teacher will let the students read the following sentences and ask them to identify
the verbs used.
Maze gave a speech.
Vince plays basketball.
Dein sings folk songs.

4. Motivation
The teacher will flash a scenario on the slide.
"Noel saw a pretty girl. He went to talk to her. Her boyfriend arrived. The boyfriend hit
Noel on the head."

Guide Questions:
1.What did the boyfriend do?
2.What happened to Noel?

Voice is the quality of a verb that shows whether the subject is the doer or receiver of
the action.
The Active Voice
Active voice is used to indicate that the subject of the sentence is the doer of the action
and the direct object follows the verb.
A student wrote the winning essay.
Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone.
The chef prepared a delicious meal.
Passive Voice
In passive voice, the subject of the sentence is the receiver of the action.
Examples :
The winning essay was written by the student.
The telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell.
A delicious meal was prepared by the chef.
1.Formula of active voice is Subject -Verb-Object.
2.Formula of passive voice is Object-Verb-Subject.
3. Active voice is direct and concise.
4. Passive voice is usually wordier.
5. Passive voice is indicated by various helping verb be( am, is, are, was, were, will be,
shall be, has been ,etc.)


The teacher will flash a statement on the slide. If the statement is true,the students are
going to show "thumbs up" and "thumbs down" if the statement is fault .

1. If the subject receives the action,the voice is passive.

2. If the object performs the action,the voice is active.
3. Active voice creates interest.
4. Passive voice creates boredom.
5. "The boy kicked the ball" is an example of passive voice.

1. What is the difference between active and passive voice?
2.When can you say that a sentence is in the active or passive voice?
3.How will you change the sentence from passive to active voice?

A. Write A in the blank before the number if the sentence is active and P if passive.
1. Maxwell presented an interesting report.
2. He submitted the annual report of the organization.
3. The town was destroyed by fire.
4. A letter was written by me.
5. A camera is bought by him.

B. Rewrite each sentence changing the verb from active to passive or vice versa.
1.John delivered the message this afternoon.
2.The doctor examined the patient.
3. Sam explored the famous underground river.
4. The director will give you instructions.
5. He repaired the dripping faucet.
6. The lion was killed by the hunter.
7. The Savannah is roamed by beautiful giraffes.
8. The flat tire was changed by Christian.
9. The comet was viewed by the science class.
10. That piece is really enjoyed by the choir.

Write a short description of what you and your friends usually do. Use both active and
passive voice verbs. Circle each verb and identify its voice