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Name: Galicia, Tristan Jade N.

Course Title: Literary Criticism
Instructor: Mr. Miguel L. Sison



As you can see in our environment, all of this are created by God. When we say vulnerable is
emotional attack or unprotected or may be associated with poverty those people who belong to the
lower class. Take it all risk, challenges and struggles in order to survive. There’s inevitable
circumstances in our environment unforeseen or suddenly came. This is when how strong are we, there
are things we have weaknesses. As long as we live we fight until the end.

It means you run away from danger. Yes of course as long as we can, we ran or escape away from
danger in order to survive. In reality there are people experiencing mental illness/disorder cause by
stress or may be emotional harm and through this instead of opposing the illness, they prefer suicide
attempt to escape the problems and that the crime for the eyes of God. We have no right to kill our own
life. Escaping the problems is not the solution we have to be stable to resist challenge of life.

When we say unseen battle, were not fighting against human beings but against the wicked spiritual
forces in the heavenly world, the rulers, authorities and cosmic powers of this dark age. An spiritual
war between good and evil. Sometimes we don’t understand but we feel it. Those people the fond to
destroy other people possibility for enviousness or secret anger. They feel there a battle between them
but not a literal fight between them.

It is an amazing story. When we read or heard a story of people who let pass s dense puzzle those
things he/she done and we inspire or motivate because of what they contribute or share to us.

This are children who raise properly by their parents and not neglected. There are parents even if
their children grow older enough, they depends on what parents desire. There are other young people
not like that. They want to follow their way towards their future to success. They don’t want to be
dependable by their parent and that parent give support for them. There are young adult controlling
their emotions and that they rebel parent. Parents should give support not lifetime their children stuck
by their hands.

When we say reassure it is encouraging or cheerful to make you feel less worried. We compare in
our daily life a sunlight give us hope and signs for tomorrow is another day to pursue in life.

Those things are horrible. Not all times we brave. We brave for our life against conflict but one of
those thing is “Death” yes we might not admit it, but that that the reality “no man is an island”.


1. What is the author’s main point of the essay? Which sentence expresses the writers thesis?
The authors main point of view is his father was strict during his time. The sentences express that
My father is a strict man who doesn’t settle anything less than perfection.

2. Where do you find good descriptive details in his essay? In which illustration does the author use
I find in the essay a good descriptive essay those recounts sad story: his widow aunt after husband’s
death and became a mirror of life and she never abandoned her obligation of taking care and nurturing
her only son who lost his father during the Bataan March of the Philippine-Japanese War. I also find in
the essay is Dodong was responsible for providing food, shelter during the time of war and no one
children struggling to survive.

3. Describe some more interesting writing elements in the story (like the use of flashback, the style of
writing, vocabulary, sentence structure, paragraphing, figure of speech, symbolism etc.) What is your
reaction to the first sentence of the first paragraph being repeated in the last sentence of the story?
The sentence structure are well-understand it describes those past things during World War. It retell
the story based on what experiencing in the past. It also use figure of speech like rat-tat-tat falls into
onomatopoeia. My reaction in the first sentence is there’s nothing bad have a repetition word. It
determined we as a human to voice out our thoughts to tell our grievances.

4. Be able to have a good drawing conclusion about the last two or three paragraphs of the story. Your
drawing conclusion should have something to do with life, in general (based or not based on the story).
Every part of life has a horrible experience in the past and it is unforgettable. We fight against
conflict and think about good things we’ve done to surpassed.

5. Would you call the writer (of the story) a sentimental writer and why? What images/illustrations
deliberately convey an emotional stance (emotional perspective), on the part of the writer?
The writer is very emotional those things nowadays is no longer do. During their life, their parents
was so strict compare it the generation now, it a big differences and that is want to convey the writer to
us and emotional way that pinch to our feelings.

1. Do you agree with the statement that “a piece of wood for the fire” (or anything else) could be a
price of life?”
I agree in the statement that’s why in reality of life, there is advantage and disadvantage . Wood for
the fire gives you benefits whatever you do in a right way.

2. Has the author fairly represented the condition of poverty during the Japanese War in the
I’m not totally say that it’s fairly represent it’s there the poverty and the story is horrible in the hands
of Japanese. We know in the history that Japanese was excessively cruel to the Filipinos especially the
remarkable of the history is the Bataan Death March of Filipinos and Americans and subjected harsh
treatment by Japanese guards.

3. Describe some of the situations about “children of the war”.

It gives negative mental health cause of atmosphere of violence. Not enough food, clothes and
shelter. Also known as “neglected child” so child requires basic necessities like drinking water and
sufficient food.

4. Be able to tell an unforgettable experience of your childhood.

During my childhood, my loving grandmother teach me how to sort things in the house, how to cook
a rice and others at my young age and help me for my assignments and I was diffident during my
elementary grade.

5. Put yourself in a position of the 3rd generation of Vincent. Be able to give your honest reaction to
what happened in the story. Note that this will be your psychological perspective.
If I were Vincent it’s deliberately scary for me I dint know what to do. I do not take it, its driving me
crazy. It gives me psychological harm. If others could experience that it would be the same.

6. Prove or Disapprove the assertion that says: The Japanese War in the Philippines is only a thing in
the past.” (Historical/Sociological perspective)
I disapprove for historical perspective that’s why that not only one thing in the past that is a
remarkable how Filipinos was pity that the Japanese before was cruel they made Filipinos slavery and
they want to seize our country same through with the sociological perspective.

7. Do you believe in the assertion that “No matter how strong we are, we which have some sort of
weakness that we cannot face”?
I believe that even we have some sort of weaknesses, we still believe in miracle, the concern and
support of others they encourage us and fight and not loss hope. God is always guiding us to heal us to
overcome those weakness we have.
8. Discuss with your group the idea of “colonization” in Philippine context (Spanish, American,
Japanese colonization). Are there good and bad effects of colonization in our country and what are
1. It describes the period of American colonization of the Philippines. It began with the
outbreak of the Spanish-American War in 1898 when the Philippines was still a colony of the
Spanish East Indies, and concluded when the United States formally recognized the
independence of the Republic of the Philippines. Spanish rule ended in 1898 with Spain's
defeat in the Spanish–American War. The Philippines then became a territory of the United
States. U.S forces suppressed a Philippine Revolution led by Emilio Aguinaldo. The United
States established the Insular Government rule the Philippines. In 1907, the elected Philippine
Assembly was set up with popular elections. The U.S. promised independence in the Jones
Act. The Philippine Commonwealth was established in 1935, as a 10-year interim step prior to
full independence. However, in 1942 during World War II, Japan occupied the Philippines.
The U.S. military overpowered the Japanese in 1945. The Treaty of Manila in
1946 established an independent Philippine Republic. The good things was The Spaniards
removed the pagan practices of the Filipinos and taught them to worship the true God
(speaking as a Christian) They almost unified the Philippines (which later finished by the
Americans succeeding them) Before the Philippines is not a unified nation. Filipinos learned
how to drink coffee and use spoons and fork while eating. Spain brought education even it is
only affordable to the middle class and the rich (mass education of the Filipinos was done by
the Americans) Spain first taught to the Filipinos how some Muslims are deceitful and
barbaric that we should be vigilant of and this vigilance that they had taught can be used in
our present days (even Spain originally brand all of Muslims are evil creatures) One of the
negative effects is the Loss of Identity. They are the remarkable circumstances in the history
good and bad things they have done in our country.

9. (Assumption and Implication). What implications can you give if the Philippines were still
under the Japanese occupation at present?
I think if still under occupation since that they are very cruel and horrible during their time,
still an excessive poverty.

D. IDEAS FOR WRITING. With your group, be able to write something about the following topic
“Being free is an important experience for a young person like me”.

Everyone wants to be free. Free all things they want to it’s a “Freedom of Choice”. A young person
like me should have free experience that’s why I learned something on my own, free to choose what
kind of life that I want, free to burst out my thoughts, I find my ways to become successful, and free to
give lessons and help to others. Nowadays even though we are free were still very careful for those
harmful outside and that’s the thing we always stamp to our mind.

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