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• The code must be repeated 45 times every time, because this is a manifestation number and when using them
do it with conscience, faith and heart.

• Then can be said as one digit (i.e. 10243 ten thousand two hundred and forty-three), one by one (one, zero,
two, four, three); in pairs or as you which by heart, NO RULES FOR THAT.

• They can be repeated during the day as many times you wish; there are no rules for it.
• The number of days to do it is up to you, they are usually made until what we are asking for comes to
manifestation, there are other codes such as connection to the Earth, etc. that it would be wonderful to repeat
them always.

• They can be done anytime and anywhere.

• Beings of Light do not need any rituals to be heard, however, if someone is motivated to light a candle,
incense, play music, etc., that is up to anyone’s discretion.

• As Agesta tells us, it helps as a lot to count with a rope or necklace with 45 beads or knots.
• You can repeat the code mentally or using your voice. If you get used to the vibration of these numbers you
will be in tune with Higher Dimensions and develop psychic faculties as telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience
and intuition.

• Occasionally find repeated codes, this is not an error; what happens is there are codes with various functions.
• Codes can be said by other person. Just use intention and say: I apply this Code for……… (Name). The Soul
of the receiver will receive the vibration and will apply it in a better way. It is better to make a code for a
person than for several ones, in order energy is not dispersed.





Chakra Angels: 996
Chakra 1 or root chakra (perineum): 760
Chakra 2 or sacral chakra (Three fingers below the navel): 451
Chakra 3 or solar plexus chakra (between the ribs and navel): 293
Chakra 4 or heart chakra (at heart level): 741
Chakra 5 or throat chakra: 986
Chakra 6 or the third eye chakra (center front): 505
Chakra 7 or crown chakra (top of the head): 204
Chakra star in the sky (located on the head, in the etheric body, where you get with your hand palms): 56
Earth Star chakra (located below your feet, in the ground): 264


Animal: 290
Mineral: 720
Plant: 316


Garbage in the water: 929
Oil Spill: 818
Ponds clean – up: 82031
Lakes-Clean -Up: 52127
Rivers Clean – Up: 82030
Decontamination Mares: 7521
Soil clean-up and pH balance: 15027

Open roads: 691
Open the doors of the 5th Dimension, attract light and higher knowledge: 14720
Clearing roads (Crush the head of the snake and your ways will clear): 75.139
Wrong place (can benefit you as you arrive to a new place): 997
Mystery world: 280
Know following step (will show next step we must take): 114
Leave a place where you do not want to be: 72988
Work (finding employment, i.e. the type of work you want to have): 454545/ 16700 /5600
Inner healing:
Accelerate the healing process at all levels: 128
DNA (Restore): 81621
Souls addicted to suffering: 7278
Anguish: 102
Anxieties and disturbances: 1021
Anxiety: 363
Apathy (laziness): 27600
Pending issues (come out repressed issues that stop progress of this and other lives): 791
Fatigue (remove fatigue, exhaustion): 928
Impossible cases (King Solomon): 344
Jealousy: 1015
Physical body: 512
Guilt (get rid of): 339
Heal (heal; this Code gives the desire to be healed. Many people do not want to be healed, because the disease brings
those benefits. Jesus asked the paralytic that was 38 years in the pool of Bethsaida: Do you really want to be healed?):
Sexual performance (fear): 680
Desire to be healed: 111500
Despair: 19
Episodes of past lives (Angel Elyasim, is one of the guardians of our Heart. The heart is a stranger to us, and this Angel
presents it to us. By Through this number Elyasim show us parts of previous existences that need to be healed. As you
know repeating a traumatic experience mentally removes the emotional load of a painful event. If I project, a mental
movie of an incident from the past repeatedly, suppressed energy is released, giving place to healing. For me, the past is
extremely important. Remembering past lives is attracting the truth. Who ignores the past, is sleeping deeply): 623
Frustration (free): 6279
Childhood of Jesus (receive thanks): 144
Light from Sirius or deepening (from Sirius, to send it a painful memory, a block, a situation that is disturbing you, or a
person you wishing send light): 1446
Thought and distant healing (Important): 580
Spiteful persons: 2888
Forgiveness: 888
Disturbance: 1021
Nightmares: 57721
Rabies: 201
Painful memories content during the 9 months in the mother´s womb (heal): 52
Painful memories 9 months to 7 years: 919
Painful memories 7 to 18 years: 59
Uncomfortable relationships: 28
Cell Healing: 378
Distance cell healing: 110834
Healing (restore and protect Ascended Master Kwan Yin code, in case of harm): 33351
Distance cell healing: 110834
Heal who suffered sexual abuse as children: 378
Be healed (this code gives the desire to be healed, Jesus asked the paralytic that spent 38 years in the pool of Bethsaida,
do you really want to be healed?): 111500
Feeling in the wrong place: 997
Ascension symptoms (when a deeper cold is felt): 211
Bilocation (simultaneous presence of a person in two places at the same time): 61522
Erase negative memories of the subconscious: 45600
Channeling (create a favorable environment for the Beings of Light send lights and orientation): 499
Clairaudience (to increase capacity – female Angel Laksmi): 777
Clairvoyance (to develop): 70225
Clairvoyance (these numbers were given to me yesterday (11feb) by Mother Mary in her festivity. Clairvoyance is a
very important faculty especially for healers. It is very useful also to know future events, and through it we can free us
from great evils. I had already given you another number for Clairvoyance: 70225. Keep this in mind also. The topic is
very broad, so the Beings of Light amplify their scope by providing several sacred codes): 2315/1618
Natural gifts (Ruth Andromeda): 49816
Automatic Writing (activate): 6726
Writing and unknown symbols (to perform): 19996
Thymus Gland: 11136
Pineal gland: 52011
Immunity from any disease as Master Jesus closest followers did: 72249
Interpret writing, symbols and unknown languages: 19996
Miracles (to obtain): 4418/1913
Medium (skill development): 58829
Akashic Records (enter): 9871
Psychometrics (code to develop psychic ability to capture people, places and objects energy ): 251,212
Secrets and hidden things (the code speed, because will manifest so quickly that you dream): 2020
Telepathy (promotes contact with the guides): 1000
Telepathy (telepathy Development): 19813
Conscious astral travel: 729
Fatigue (remove fatigue, wear, exhaustion): 928
Power of the Moon: 112
Diamond Energy: 48815
Bad energies (ignore them): 11139
Unhealthy energies, discordant forces (eject from the body): 44
Flower of Life: 3366
Violet Flame of a thousand suns (The Violet Flame pulsates through our Heart Flame and shines in/ through/around from
all inharmonious actions, and all lower human awareness , and all Light obstructions any person, place, condition, or
has placed you in the perfection Life way. Instantly, the Violet Flame Transmute this discordant energy cause, core,
effect, record and memory back into its original perfection): 860907
Silver Violet Flame (for all): 524
Moon: 547
Enhance Reiki: 1515
Give light and comfort to your beloved ones: 025
Alive or deceased (know): 33020
Family relationships: 829
Heal Family Tree: 553
Beloved One disincarnated by your side: 21315
Parental Alignment Syndrome: 62637
Cancel or release karma (we’re often stuck in karmic issues. They prevent us from advancing with ease. This code is to
clear the way for Saint Expedite): 791
Karmic contracts (rid): 1188
Karmic oppressors: 154
Karmic oppressors as neighbors (who use this number will be freed from karmic oppressors as neighbors, that with their
noise and rudeness alter your life quality Life): 119
Akashi Records (enter): 9871
Breaking Karmic Ties: 1579
Karmic revenge (rid): 212
Money (connection to the elemental): 47620
Money (which gives planetary genius Och): 1016
Money (improvement of economic situation): 5701
Money (for urgent cases): 897
Money (when someone owe us): 858
Money (to flow to us): 1122/5701
Money (economic problems): 608
Money (If you use this number will reach them the money they need smooth): 42170
Success in life: 2190
Clean ground for prosperity: 773
Money flow to you: 1122/5701
Economic problems (give worries to God): 608
Prosperity: 079
Recover money (Saint Anthony of Padua): 858
Under astral (removing interference): 237
Hidden enemies: 051
Envy (protection): 615
Mocking spirits (free): 314
Avoid accidents: 748
Negative entities (harmful actions): 401
Implants (astral larvae): 1118
Great misfortunes (rid): 339
Black magic (This code is provided by Ascended Master Kwan Yin): 1617
Black Magic (to hip a problem in the bud, yesterday and today): 44
Black Magic (protected and free work): 111 111 111
Evil Eye: 69900
Disturbance: 1021
Nightmares: 57721
Protection and assistance in case of earthquakes (to have protection and assistance in case of earthquakes, offered by
Mother Mary in her title of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal): 479/484
Ward off curses: 2579
Protect yourself from radiation of any kind: 333444
Desperate situations: 19
Energy vampires (be safe of “energy vampirism” o psychic. You know there are people who have damaged your energy
systems and feed themselves from other people energy): 7000
Energy vampires (avoid encounters. An energy vampire has an internal system of dysfunctional energy. While having a
deficiency of energy in their crumbling energy systems, they feed on others energy. The attack from an energy vampire
may occur during physical contact, shaking hands, or long distance): 441


In Anatomy there is a clear difference between gastrointestinal tract and digestive system. For this publication purpose I
am not considering it in order to facilitate exposure. So I will use the term “systems.” There is a group called Florian
Angels. These Beings appear in the most urgent times, and wish fervently to prepare us to receive the energies of this
June, especially the flow
that will come on 20, 21 and 22. This energy will be intense and transformative, and these Angeles want to strengthen
our “systems” in order to make us successful receptors of the Divine Light. To do this, they have given us some sacred
codes to be shared:
Nervous system 820
Reproductive system 333
Respiratory system 513
Urinary System 56
Digestive System 1520.
Skeletal system 88
Muscular system 1515.
Sympatico system 1515.
Endocrine System 112.
Circulatory system 163
Immune System 765.

Abdominal Bloating 421Acne 879Activate growth hormone 52611Adenoids 11260Adrenal

Hyperplasia 2914AIDS 41188Alcoholism 71566Allergies in general 572/1815Allergies to dust 68Allergy to smoke 37Alopecia

(baldness) 2574Altered cholesterol and triglycerides 72911Alzheimer (people with) 42913Alzheimer (prevention) 5947Amblyopia

(lazy eye) 3894Amenorrhea 754Amyloidosis 790Anemia 71521/11 11 171Aneurysm 2978Anguish 1021Ankles 504Ankylosing

spondylitis 1511Anorexia 27600Anus 927Anus 927Anxiety 363Aphonia / hoarseness 1570Appendix (problems) 511Appetite

(excessive) 551Appetite (lack of) 316Arthritis 551Asperger syndrome 50310Assimilate strength (muscle

development) 58154Asthma 2539Astigmatism 028/14243Athlete’s foot 67 987Atopic dermatitis 123Autism 6927Autoimmune

thrombocytopenia purpura 615Bacteria in general 1310Bags under the eyes 2190Balance 897Baldness 2574Bilirubin (normalize

levels) 721Bipolar disorder 721Birth of new hair 394Bladder 2073Bladder (for pain and inflammation in the walls of the
bladder) 28700Bladder cancer 1577Bleeding (stop) 82971Bloated body (parts of) 578Body weight problems 32194Boils 82913Bone

cancer 27900Bone Marrow Transplant 6314Borderline personality disorder 1630Brain Bleeding 87813Brain cancer 499Brain

tumor 55211Breakdowns 994Breast cancer 53719Breast cancer (prevention) 88719Breast Fibrosis 1570Breasts

(breasts) 857Bronchi 329 or 180Bronchial problems 506Bruxism 568Bulimia 615Burns Overall 25914Caesarea (recover) 579Cancer

(person with) 1577Cancer Metastasis 690Cancer prevention (to autoprotect from this disease) 1188Candidiasis 894Cardiac

arrhythmia 2613Carpal Tunnel 1570Cartilage in joints (regenerate) 2929Cataracts 33129Cavernous Angioma 2194Cell distance

healing 110834Cell Healing 378Cellular inflammation 29111Cellulite 2911Cerebral Autosomal Dominant Arteriopathy

(stroke) 22178Cerebral dysrhythmia 1543Cerebral hemorrhages 373Cerebral palsy 71228Cervical 2799Cervical hernias 711Cervical

vertebrae 2799Cesarean Recovery 579Chickenpox 67112Chikunguya (a type of flu that affects several countries) 515 720Chilblains

(hives, chilblain) 62030Child Deficit Disorder (ADD) 52557Children with lisencefalia 1689Children with phonics problems

(voice) 1529Chills (chills) 212/66/21/812Cholesterol 900/72911Chordoma in the brainstem 7021Chronic disease 763Chronic

tendonitis (shoulder) 72915Circulatory problems 52311Cirrhosis 88818Co-dependency 554Cohen disease 1615Cold and

cough 611Colitis 81420Coloboma iris (eye disease) 3851Colon cancer 29700Common cold 2710Conjunctivitis 82

115Constipation 1501Contagious disease, pests, hazards (San Roque) 556Contractures 1820Correct body

postures 679Cpugh 611Cramps 2733Cranial tumor 1614Cryptorchidism 2979Cuci disease (chronic nonspecific ulcerative

colitis) 573Cystic fibrosis.1086Cystitis 044Dandruff 77216Deafness 721Deep and restful sleep 2820Degenerative

osteoarthritis 11834Dengue 1118Dengue hemorrhagic fever 2080Dental Emergencies 445Dental

problems 2914Dermatomyositis 6153Deviations of the uterus 811Diabetes 22574Diabetic neuropathy 2511Diabetic

retinopathy 15700Diarrhea 557Dietary restrictions (must befriend your body, so that tells you that type of power is what suits

them) 14Diverticulitis 69/2828Dizziness 759, 615 or 764Dropsy cure (the Planetary Genius Phul) 1004Dropsy heal 61800Drug

Addiction 122714Drugs (free of adverse effects) 533Dry Macular Degeneration 385Duchene dystrophy 57389Ductless

glands 534Ductless glands 534Dupuytren’s disease 881Dyshidrosis (blisters with fluid) 89976Dyslexia 11131Dysmenorrhea 191Ebola

(virus) 556Eczema 294Embolism 621Emphysema 75824Encephalopathy 11801Endometrial hyperplasia 7114Epidemics (if

any) 66528Epilepsy 753Erysipelas 61578Esophagus 52189Espodilolistesis Grade 2 616Excess hair (hair) 1594Excessive salivation

and abundant 2123Excessive sweating and underarm wetness 58750Eye burns 25914Eyes 385Eyes (dry) 2017Facial

paralysis 879Fallopian tubes (obstruction) 2115Fecal incontinence 27315Fibroids 62711Fibromyalgia 871/72951Fluid retention (code

Phul, planetary genius that governs the lunar affairs, cure retention) 1004Food addiction 72469Food Allergy 129Foot and left

leg 93Foot and right leg94Fractures that do not soldered (sinartrosis) 1370Free from bad doctors 61Frontal cortical

atrophy 72164Fuchs dystrophy 31613Fungal Growth 2679Gall 801000Gambling 272Gases 511Gastric

reflux 26700Gastritis 44351Gastroenterocolitis 6128Genetic inheritance (negative factors) 314Genetic malformations 6234Get rid of
surgery (More than one of those who will read this message may be afraid to undergo a surgery due to misfortunes in this regard. This

number shall deliver it) 8092Getting pregnant 660Glaucoma 991Gluten intolerance (celiac) 22350Gout 120Growth hormone

(activate) 52611Guillain-Barre syndrome 72080Gum inflammation ( swelling down) 52088Gums 681Hair

(new) 394Halitosis 27600Harmful radiation 333444Hashimoto’s Disease 2980Head (pain) 428Headache 428Heal those who were

sexually abused in their childhood 378Healing at all levels (speed) 128Health and vitality physical body 900Heart 123Heart

failure 670Heart valves (problems) 2060Heel spurs 44956Heller dystrophy 715Hemangiomas

brain 373Hemophilia 31200Hemorrhoids 2579Hepatitis 82 976Herniated discs 52130Herpes 52751Herpes zoster

(shingles) 27500Hiccups 828Hidradenitis921High pressure 54721Hips 711Hits 621Hives 62071Human Papilloma Virus

HPV 10160Hydrocephalus 62100Hyperhidrosis 58750Hyperopia 825Hyperthyroidism 293Hypocalcemia 2120Hypochondriacally

persons 26300Hypoglycemia 1570Hypogonadism 25799 or 12611Hypothyroidism 1966Idiopathic hirsutism 21504Immune

system 616Immunity from any contagious disease as did those closest followers of the Master Jesus 72249Increase height in

children 52611Increasing intelligence 1523Increasing the amount of milk in women who are

breastfeeding 25700Infections 71569Infertility (achieving pregnancy) 660Influenza 630 or 259Ingrown toenails 836Inguinal

hernia 1525Insomnia 531Insulin (resistance) 22573Intestinal inflammation 874/225Irritable colon 429Itching (body itchy) 119Job

syndrome 71950Keratosis pilaris 52983Kidney stones 25809Kidney transplant 901Kidneys 37Lactose

intolerance 21300Language 1111Lateral sclerosis 2114/771Left arm 11Left ear 74Left elbow 7124Left eye 64Left foot 93Left

hand 555Left kidney 105Left knee 54Left lung 15Left shoulder 6420Legs 62070Legs (mobility) 1613Legs (restless legs

syndrome) 6818Lewy´s Body Disease 52130Libido (increase) 11834Libido Increase 11834Lice 10120Lissencephaly

(children) 1689Liver (problems with) 762Liver nodules 27504Liver nodules 27504Lost smell 429Low pressure 11561Lumbar

vertebrae 62731Lupus 599Lymph 37600Lymphedema 1193Maculopathy 380Manhood 333Medicine (side effect) 2929Medulla

tumor 1615 or 900Memory loss 574Meniere’s syndrome 80808Meningitis 2599Menopause 279Menstrual cramps 82552Menstrual

pains 82550Mental disorder 488Mental Illness 8977Mental retardation 524Migraine 67918Misogyny (defined as hatred or aversion

toward women or girls) 891Mobility in the legs 1613MS 52739Multinodular goitre 8116Muscle development (assimilating

force) 58154Muscles (strengthen) 2710Myopia 315Mytomania 1190Nail biting 67120Nails (eating

them) 67120Nausea 112Neck 91Nerves 827Nervous breakdown 9Neuralgia 613Neurological problems 827Neuropathic

pain 2023Neurosis drop 427Nightmares 57721Nodules in the lung 3634Nose 71Obesity (Can be combined with the code 32194 for

weight loss) 989Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) 82935Optic Neuromyelitis 389Osler Rendu disease (Hereditary hemorrhagic

telangiectasia (HHT 27500Osteoarthritis 621Osteopenia 11125Osteoporosis 911/900Otitis 525Ovarian cysts 29800Ovaries 1579Ovary

pains 729Ovary teratoma 1218Pain in general 911Palate Problems 1340Pancreas 159Panic (disorder) 1113Panic attacks 525700Panic

attacks or panic disorder 1113Panic disorder 1113Paranoia 1759Paraplegia 881Parasites 511Parental (Syndrome
alignment) 62637Parental Alienation Syndrome 62637Paresthesia 1639Parkinson 57159Peelings 27603Pelvic floor

(rehabilitation) 9911Penis 333People who do not gain weight 79418Peripheral neuropathy 21402Peristalsis 657Pest

(delete) 1618Peyronie’s disease 133Pharynx cancer 1515Phobias 66/32Phonetics (problems in children) 1529Physical

body 512Physical paralysis 10222Pineal gland 52011Pituitary 11115Plantar fasciitis (damage in the foot by walking

too) 3336PMR 281Pneumonia 1775Pneumothorax 6944Poisoning 198Polycystic ovary syndrome 1614Polyps (colon and

rectum) 58519Poor appetite 316Posture (to correct) 679Pregnancy (problems arise) 52569Pregnancy or become

pregnant 660Presbyopia 61579Procrastination 7039Prolactin (breast stimulation) 856Prostate 37 or 57Prostatitis 5533Proteus

Mirabilis 1315Psoriasis 82074Psychotic breakdown 2090Pterygium (fleshy eyes) 82109Pulmonary Fibrosis 62511Pulmonary

hypertension 54722Pulpitis 1974Purpura disease (purpuric dermatosis) 2715Purulent infections 71569Renal (stone) 25809Respiratory

oppressions 814Respiratory problems 443Rest (this code benefits the physical body) 61271Retinitis

pigmentosa 16500Rheumatism 2777Rheumatoid arthritis 62915Rhinitis 884Right arm 39Right ear 79Right elbow 7123Right

eye 34Right Eye Diplopia (Double Vision) 61318Right foot 94Right hand 777Right kidney 106Right knee 63Right lung 81Right

shoulder 2769Ringing 774RLS Restless Legs Syndrome 6818Rosacea 53357Rotator cuff1112Scalp 2080Scarlet

fever 1180Schizophrenia 2913Sciatica 52037Scleroderma 27600Scleroderma 27600Scoliosis 6579Seborrhea 511Self-esteem 877Self-

healing (stimulates the body’s self-healing capacity) 464Sexuality (related matters, including sexual abuse trauma, dysfunction,

physical pain, guilt, shame, etc.) 111, 222 or 739Sexually transmitted disease 8916Sexually transmitted diseases 8916Shyness 447Side

effects (of medicine) 2929Sinartrosis (fractures not welded) 1370Sinusitis 72120Sjogren syndrome 52179Skin (open

wounds) 8898Skin (problems) 69Skin (to strengthen the body’s skin) 459Skin depigmentation (vitiligo) 515Skin Patches 879 or

32914Skin Patches 879Skull fracture 8006Smell (recover) 429Smoking (quitting) 25543Snoring / snore 2870Sores in the

mouth 1199Sores on the body 5794Spinal cord 79199Spinal Injury 2115Spinal muscular atrophy, Type

2 31560Spine 304Spleen 5993Sprains 123Steiner syndrome 1814Stings 701Stomach 62315Stomach (discomfort) 62139Stomach

inflammation 71588Stomach ulcers 62315 or 3726Strabismus 52190Strengthen weak

tissues 62070Stress 52579Stress 52579Stroke 715Stroke (stroke) 1413Stuttering 28500Successful surgery 42716Surgery (invokes the

Archangel Raphael who gives this kind of gifts, healthy without drugs and without surgery) 55726Swollen areas of the

body 578Teeth 15000Teeth in Adults (regenerate) 53123Telomerase

(activate) 80119Tendinitis 11226Throat 52088Thrombosis 681Thymus Gland 59981Thyroid Cancer 1180Thyroid Gland 67Thyroid

tumor 27500Tics 829Tinnitus (ringing in the ears hear) 690Tonsillitis 696Toxoplasmosis 51519 or 1613Trigeminal

Nerve 3620Triglycerides 72911Tuberculosis 29701 or 67120Tuberous sclerosis 1615Tumor vein, dissolve 1577Tumors (prevent them

from growing) 16404Typhoid 622Ulcerative colitis 81421 or 18Umbilical hernia 2082Unborn Baby 912Urethra 620Uric acid (to

lower) 2050Urinary Incontinence 52524Urinary tract infections 3334Uterine fibroid tumors 03518Uterine polyps 58519Uterus
(womb) 2114Uveitis (inflammation of the middle layer of the eye) 6050Vagina (vulva) 555Vaginal prolapse 2133Varicose

ulcers 1917Varicose Veins 71598Veganism’s 679Vertigo 31576Visual (pain) 44415Visual

Pain(eyes) 44415Vitiligo 515Vomiting 112Vulva 555Waldenstrom’s disease 6093Warts 31921Weak tissues (strengthen) 62070Weight

(weight issues) 32194Wet Macular Degeneration 386Womb (uterus) 2114Wounds 518Wrinkles 11112Young children who do not

speak 1579

All of the messages have been channeled by Jose Gabriel Agesta, traduced by Andelei, and sorted and published
by Veronica Heiland Please respect the source, and don’t share the Sacred Codes
without crediting it.

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