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According to 4FYE1: Big History Threshold 1 which is entitled “The Big bang”

everything started 13.7 Billion year ago when a small singularity started to continuously

expand and inflate until it reaches its limit and finally exploding creating huge amount of

hydrogen and helium which later became the stepping stone for everything that

occurred in the past to happen. Starting with the formation of stars, creation of

elements, existence of the solar system and earth, creation of life, taking place of

evolution, discovering of agriculture, picking up collective learning, start of modern

revolution and the hopes of future everything started because of that massive explosion

and without it street lamps won’t be discovered yet alone light. Threshold 1 became a

way for new things to start and thus the threshold 2 which is the formation of stars

began, long time ago the entire universe was covered with unending darkness until a

sudden chain of events occurred resulting to the taking place of fusion which is the

process of combining two nuclei to form a single completely different atomic nuclei.

Creating a very complex entity that is known today as star which is a type of

astronomical object consisting of a luminous spheroid of plasma held together by its

own gravity.

The creation of stars lit up the unending darkness that covered the entire

universe. And just like the concept of fusion and stars in Threshold 2, the alteration of

the design of a street lamp became a platform due to a certain chain of events that

occurred and encountered that made people realize its importance. The desired final

output in 4FYE2 was also the byproduct of enormous ideas that was combined through

the process of fusion that through time accumulated other ideas improving it into a
much more unique and helpful tool, then finally reaching what we have now a days just

like a star accumulating particles and elements to become more complex and huge.

The real reason behind this alteration of design of street lamps is that it gives

people light, it offers a much brighter world and gives comfort by letting them see things

or other people much clearer just like how the stars enlightened our dark lives


Threshold 6 which is entitled “collective learning” became a part for the invention

and evolution of things. It enabled people to share to others what they’ve learned and

experienced through written and spoken means and vice versa. Giving birth to a

different sources of knowledge and a wide variety of it which became a tool for people

to discover a lot more things and create something using the knowledge that they

acquired making a loop of discovering, giving/sharing information, receiving the

information, studying then inventing which led us to the era of invention to what we are


Threshold 7 which is entitled “Agriculture” gave way for the creation of specific

location group settlers. Because of agriculture people stopped moving from one place to

another and started to stay on a single location because they learned how to produce

crops and raise animals replacing hunting which is how they acquire food in the past.

This chain of event led people to gather in one place and form a group, then becoming

a community, evolving into society, turning into empires until it presently turned into

cities. Cities is composed of a territory and massive amount of people and because of

this light became necessary especially at night when danger reaches its peak. Due to
this need the invention of street lights became inevitable. Street lights were used to

prevent or rather lessen the danger at night.

Another threshold that is very much interconnected to this output is the Threshold

8 which is the Industrial Revolution because during this period, started the era of

invention which became a milestone for street lamps to be invented. It started with a

simple camp fire, turned into a torch, changed into a candle, transformed into a light

bulb and finally taking its present form which is fluorescent light bulbs. Meanwhile,

design also plays a vital role in our output, because we came up with an innovative

design that wouldn’t only look pleasing to our eyes but would also contribute a great

amount in the lives of people living in this world.

This design solves the problem regarding power consumption. Through the

altered design, the enormous and unnecessary consumption of power will be reduced

and a much efficient source will be produced and introduced. It also gives a solution to

the lack of street lamps in many places. And lastly, it will greatly reduce the accidents

that occur on streets and roads. It also mitigates and reduces the crime rates that keep

on increasing due to people taking advantage of dark, unnoticed places.