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100 Benefits of Brahmacharya

1. Clear thinking;
2. Breathe better;
3. Smoother mood transitions;
4. Sharper mental dexterity;
5. More articulate;
6. Better memory;
7. Working through stress more effectively;
8. Increased energy levels;
9. Reduced depression ;
10. Deeper interactions with others;
11. Improved integrity;
12. Boosted confidence;
13. No social anxiety;
14. Better focus on task at hand;
15. Enjoying simple pleasures more deeply;
16. Increased faith in ability to control negative mental triggers ;
17. No risk of arrest or legal troubles;
18. Increased joy;
19. Renewed self-respect;
20. More free time;
21. Need to sleep less;
22. More free cash;
23. Confidence to try new things;
24. Increased humility:
25. Asking others for help;
26. Better partnership with girlfriend;
27. Better ability to learn and remember new thingsand new ‘songs’;
28. Can travel without paranoia of border checks;
29. No worries about of being found by somebody;
30. Not supporting organized crime;
31. True bonds with friends;
32. Better fitness level;
33. New doors opening to spiritual world
34. Confidence to take on any task
35. Ability to strike up conversation with anyone Ichoose without fear or insecurity;
36. No paranoia;
37. Increased motivation for self-improvement;
38. Feeling of wholeness that is not reliant on anexternal source ;
39. Not being enslaved by the need for porn;
40. No more feeling guilty;
41. Saving time;
42. Communicating more;
43. Renewed sense to sensations;
44. So much more energy than before ;
45. Deeper philosophical thinking;
46. Way more patience;
47. Increased brainpower and mental endurance;
48. Regain of focus to finish one job before startingthe next one;
49. Waking up in the morning feeling rested;
50. The return of wit;
51. Improved ability to relate:
52. Regain of job satisfaction;
53. Stronger mental control over moods andthought processes;
54. Better crisis management;
55. Experiencing natural highs;
56. The ability to inspire other people;
57. The development of healthy habits;
58. A sharper mental game;
59. Increased muscle tone;
60. Heightened sense of humor;
61. More love towards life;
62. Better response to emotionally chargedsituations;
63. Renewed sense of life, waking up to greet themorning sun and air;
64. Easier to get out of bed;65. Development of mature, competent copingmechanisms;
66. Feeling in control always;
67. A stronger sense of optimism about life;
68. Being better at controlling other aspects of life,like cooking, exercising etc.
69. Improved quality of work;
70. More present for family and friends;
71. More agility and awareness;
72. No need to worry about porn;
73. I am not constantly craving something everytime I get bored or stressed;
74. Better health, less sickness;
75. Reduced anger;
76. Better communication of feelings;
77. Dramatic improvement of self-esteem;
78. Being more interesting person;
79. Clearer memories;
80. More laughs;
81. No panic attacks;
82. Feeling of more freedom;
83. Better teamwork;
84. Reduced anxiety;
85. No more eye strain or need of eye drops;
86. Reduced paper tissue consumption;
87. The joy of making things happen and beingpowerful;
88. Enjoying the daylight and sunlight;
89. Enjoying the observation of lives around;
90. Better emotional health;
91. Emotional energy savings;
92. Feeling intense emotions without being ruledby them;
93. Strength to keep going when the going getstough;
94. Joy of keeping promises;
95. Enjoyment of the relaxed mental state;
96. Improved courage;
97. Reduced desk clutter;
98. Increased trust;
99. Joy of sharing;
100. Success