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For each question you need to write out an equation and solve Forming an equation when unknown on both

hen unknown on both the sides of equal sign.

it using the methods you’ve learnt.

8) The areas of the shapes below are equal. Calculate the lengths of
1) I think of a number. I multiply it by 6 and add 3. If my answer is
the sides.
75, calculate the number I started with.
2𝑥 + 1

2) I think of a number. If I multiply it by 5 and divide by 8 I get my

answer 10. Form an equation and work out what number was I 𝑥+4
4 𝑐𝑚
thinking off.

3) John is x years old. Ahmad is 3 years older than John. The total of 2 𝑐𝑚
their age is 63 years. Form and equation and work out the age of
9) Ben thinks of a number. If he doubles the number and add 4 he
gets the same answer as multiplying the number by 10 and
subtracting 8.
4) Ahmad is twice as old as Bobby. John is 7 years younger than
Ahmad. If the sum of their age is 38, how old are the three boys?

10) Angela thinks of a number. If she doubles the number and adds 16,
she gets the same answer as multiplying the number by 5 and
5) The perimeter of the rectangle below is 42cm. Calculate the
subtracting 5.
lengths of the sides by forming an equation and solving it.

11) The rectangle and triangle have the same area.


6) A garden measures p metres by 3p + 2 metres.

a) Write an expression that describes the perimeter
of the garden. a) Construct an equation to help find the value of x
b) The garden has a perimeter of 76 metres. Write an b) Solve the equation
equation to show this. c) Which shape has the shortest base?
c) Solve your equation to find the value of p.

7) The triangle to the right 2x - 1

is Isosceles. Calculate the lengths
of the sides if the perimeter
is 68cm.