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Argumentative essay.

Yasna Barrera Saavedra.

In the last 50 years as the technology expanded as a research subject that could be
applied on a varied range of situations, the life expectancy has increased at least 7 years,
and the quality of life grew up even more. So I agree that technology saves lives, because
it allows to have more control over diseases, it helps in the development of new medical
instruments and allows to innovate in different health related areas.

First, technology helps us to keep control over diseases. To illustrate this point, now days
exists a lot of devices and gadgets which allow people to keep track of some hormone
levels, components concentrations or physical characteristics, like glucose/insulin rate,
blood pressure or heart palpitation’s rate. Furthermore, different apps have been created
to assist people in remembering their medication, take notes of their food ingest during the
day or report some accidents. To sum up, new technology advances allow us to stay more
alert and informed about our sickness or medical conditions.

Secondly, new medicine related equipment and materials have been designed thanks to
technology advances. For example, in the last few years, technology has cooperated in
the creation of Nano technology that concedes us the ability to access difficult parts of the
body. Also, it supported the perfectionism of machines like scan or x rays, to make them
more precise and safe to use. In addition, the generation of brand new antiallergic
materials and easy sterilized tools has decreased the chances of an immune severe
reaction or infections. For this reasons, technology has impulse the development of safer
machines and better medical instruments and materials.

Finally, technology is an important part in the novelty of various health related areas. To
exemplify, if the microscope hadn’t been invent, then millions of people would have died or
will die of unknown and preventable causes. In areas like biotechnology, technology
served in the creation of vaccines, different drugs, in the discovering of the causes of
common illness and design of novel treatments. Moreover, areas like food industry have
participated by the addition of probiotic organism in their products. Along with the robotic
industry which has participated in the creation of implements to simplify the lives of people
with serious medical conditions, those to need prosthetic parts or to help some organs to
fulfill their jobs. Therefore, the participation of different areas in the health related problems
have been possible thanks to technology.

It is unquestionable that with the advance of technology life has become easier and the
illness more treatable and because of this, I agree that technological advance is a
lifesaving subject. As a theme to consider, all advances in history in the beginning were
saw as monster and terrible changes, so it’s natural for people to feel afraid of all the
scientific advances they can understand. To make better use and collaborate to this, keep
yourself informed about the latest innovations in science and technology and you’ll see
that behind every new solution or discover is a lot of well thought modeling and analysis, to
make all products safe for the community.