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1 Automotive under-chassis maintenance

1.2 Objectives of training

To deliver updated quality training mainly on automotive under-chassis systems which enable
our clients to upgrade their practical skill, on preventive and corrective maintenance of brake,
steering and suspension system

1.3 Description of training

The training focuses mainly to practice preventive maintenance and troubleshooting techniques
on Automotive under chassis system. Specifically to conduct inspection, repair, adjustment and
testing: on hydraulic brake, pneumatic brake, and different type steering and suspension systems.
1.4 Experiments/Lab. activities

S. No Experiments/ Lab Activities Duration Remark

Demonstration 4
1. Basic work shop safety 1
2. Fundamentals of brake construction and operation 1
3. Fundamentals of brake construction and operation 1
4. Fundamentals of brake construction and operation 1
Brake system 30
1. Diagnose different type brake system troubles 4
2. Adjust external linkages of different brake system 4
3. Test brake booster and bleed hydraulic brake line 4
4. Test and repair pneumatic brake circuit 6
5. Service drum and disc brakes 12
Steering system 18
1. Diagnose different type steering system troubles 4
2. Test/inspect and adjust different type steering linkages 4
3. Overhaul steering gear box 6
4. Service power steering components 4
Suspension system 24
1. Diagnose different type suspension system troubles 4
2. Conduct different type tests of suspension system 4
3. Remove and replace independent suspension components 4
4. Remove and replace dependent suspension components 4
5. Test and adjust wheel alignment 8
Modern features of automotive under chassis system 4
Total duration of Lab activities 80
1.5 Laboratory Info

Name of Laboratory Automotive Engineering work shop

Block No Room No Room No Phone extension
Location Automotive W/S 02 228
Capacity 20 trainees/group
1. Two functional vehicles prepared for training
2. Automotive under chassis training model
3. Dead vehicle equipped with hydraulic brake, hydraulic
steering and independent suspension system
List of Lab equipment 4. Pneumatic brake system training model
5. Dead units of brake, steering and suspension systems
6. Full set hand tools
7. Update power tools SST for each lab activity
8. Manufacturers repair manual
1.6 List of reference materials

1. J. Erjavec, ‘Automotive technology a systems approach’, 5th edition, 2009

2. Toyota training manuals