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Zamil EDS Engg QC note-1

Note: for ease & simplified, refer to manufacture catalog for Vd factor instead of k (Rcos fi + x sing fi) values.



Line analytical calculations according to IEC 60364

Switchboard - Working voltage DB2 , Switchboard , 3~400V 50Hz
Line No 8 , LOAD 8
Load electrical characteristics
Number of phases / Rated voltage U 3~400 V
Installed power Pinst 50,00 kW
Simultaneity η 1,00
Absorbed power P 50,00 kW
Power factor cosφ 0,85
Load type Sockets
Design current Ib=P/(1.732·U·cosφ) 84,9 A

Circuit protection device

Protection device nominal current In 100 A
Basic condition holds Ib < In < Iz 84,9 < 100 < 105,0

Installation Method, Correction factors

Number : 31 (Table A.52.3)
Multi-core cables on perforated tray run horizontally or vertically
Reference Method : E
Air temperature, Table B.52.14 = 35°C
Number of cable trays = 2
Number of cables per tray or ladder = 6
Cable trays are running horizontally
Cables are touching

Ambient temperature correction factor , Table B.52.14 k1 0,94

Grouping correction factor , Table B.52.20 k2 0,73

Cable cross-section sizing

Cable NYY-O 3X50+25 sm + NYY 1X25 re
Maximum permissible conductor temperature θcond,max 70,0 °C
Table with current rating of cables under reference conditions Table B.52.10 col. 3
Current rating of cable from the above table Ir 153,0 A
Current rating of cable under operation conditions Iz = Ir·k1·k2 105,0 A
Cable losses Ploss 8,4 W/m
Cable conductor temperature θcu 57,9 °C
Cable cross-section D 30,0 mm
Cable weight G 2.200,0 kg/km

Cable check to voltage drop

Direct current resistance at 20°C (IEC 60502-1) R20 0,387 Ω/km
Corrected direct current resistance at 70°C R 0,462 Ω/km
Cable inductive reactance (IEC 60502-1) X 0,111 Ω/km
Cable length L 15,0 m
Cable impedance Z = L·(R·cosφ + X·sinφ) 0,007 Ω
Cable voltage drop ΔU = 1.732·Ib·Z 0,99 V
Cable voltage drop % ΔU% = (ΔU·100)/U 0,25 %
Cable permissible voltage drop ΔUmax% 2,00 %
Voltage drop % from the beginning of the installation ΔUtotal 0,66 %

Short-circuit endurance
Prospective short circuit current on switchboard busbars Ik 10,04 kA
Conductor cross-section q 50,0 mm²
Material coefficient for copper conductors k 115 A/mm²

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TiSoft ElectricalDesign LineDetailedCalculationIEC60364
Line analytical calculations according to IEC 60364

Short-circuit permissible cut time t 5 s

Minimum conductor cross-section qmin mm²

Tripping check
Protection device characteristic curve MCB B
Instantaneous element operation current I5 500 A
Source impedance r = U/Ik 0,02291 Ohms
Short-circuit current at the end of the line Io = U/(r+Z) 7.752 A
Basic condition holds I5 < Io 500 < 7.752

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