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Catanduanes Island Buffet

Buffet is a style of food service in which the varieties of ready food dishes are displayed according to the
sequence on the table either hot or cold and guests’ serve those foods themselves. Generally, buffet is a
self-service style of dining which the costumers pays a fixed price for having food and is entitled to
select as much foods as he or she wants. Buffet dining style is such a style having food which is very
popular, hundreds of countries like USA, Canada, Australia, and Sweden. Actually the concept of buffet
style dining credited to the Swedish tradition. In the present age buffet- style dining has bevcome very
popular in all over the world because, buffet is such a style of serving food where is no problem to get
food by wish and choose oneself. And there is no probability of wasting food unnecessary. Buffet system
can control one’s own portion size and side dishes. And now a days if you look to any kind of occasions
like wedding, holidays party, general party then you will find that there are buffet style dining is

Catanuanes island buffet will be the first buffet restaurant here in Virac, Catanduanes wherein it offers
variety of menu that will enlightened people to diversity of foodservice industry which has a unique
twist of menu and it will also inform and make people experience the distinct food and services. Which
will also give an advantage to Catanduanes tourism.

This will be of great advantage to people in making them aware with the different idea or type of food
service that exists nowadays and it will not make them feel ignorant about it if the experience eating at
this kind of foodservice right these days. The target market/ costumers will be in all ages including
tourists to make sure that our international and Filipino cuisine will be experience exquisitely. The
Catanduanes island buffet will be located at Sta. Elena, Virac, Catanduanes. Beside Landbank and near to
the center mall. The food is bungalow type buffet restaurant.

This kind of food service is a buffet with a special type of meal where is made up with different types of
dishes from what guests take foods and then serve themselves without help of any waiter or server. The
foods are attractively arranged on the table and classified according to the proper sequence required for
a good set up.
Service Description

The type of service that we will be considering is buffet service which has a
decentralized kitchen and each menu has prepared in the long table wherein people will
decide their choice and preferred menu. There will be an allotted amount per menu
package and a time limit to finish the meal with regards to the package that they will be
purchasing. This will be beneficial to family reunion and friendship dates, and even
couple dates to have an economical budget because they, themselves have the freedom
to estimate their foods to consume. This type of service is not common here in our
province, so that they will get t experience an exquisite cuisine and unique taste and
experience during their dining. Moreover, take out foods per package is also available in
our service.

A. Use of Service

Our services will not only includes exquisite and delightful foods/menu, we will also
serve wine, different/ variety of wine and at night there will be designated service
crews, waiters and others so that the service will be pleasing to everyone. Foods are
displayed in tables with trays so that people will be freely choose their menu

B. Marketing Description

Our target will be diversified because people are fond of eating outside nowadays,
different age groups like teenagers, adults and even family who usually eats in fastfood
and other restaurant.
Now, they will be curious and may try our buffet service because of our unique
approach and service. We choose to target these various people so that there will be no
restrictions and limitations in our own service and people will love to get back here as
soon as they experience our delightful restaurant.
Status of Competition

The service we will offer is far from the common restaurants here in Virac, Catanduanes
Island. Buffet serves variety of menu’s for the customers to be able to choose what they want.
Our place is accessible because it is located near where the people flock. Compare to other
food service, we will serve menus that are new and some people don’t have any idea about it.

Target Market

Our main target are the people who works near in our establishment. Student of
Catanduanes Colleges, employees of land bank, centermall and powerzone. Our goal is to
provide satisfaction and good relationship to the customer. We aim to bring the best services
that will satisfy to their needs and wants. At least 200-300 persons per day.