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An internship is a period of work experience offered by an employer to give students and
graduates exposure to the working environment, often within a specific industry, which relates to their
field of study.Internships can be as short as a week or as long as 12 months. They can be paid or voluntary;
however, before you start an internship it’s important to know your rights with regards to getting paid or
unpaid .Internship can be done in a range of sectors, including sales, marketing, engineering, graphic
design, management, I.T. and many, many more. Throughout an internship you will develop a variety of
soft skills, including communication skills, personal effectiveness, presentation skills, creative problem
solving and influencing skills.

‘On-the-job’ experience can be as valuable as anything learned in your studies. After all,
you cannot really understand what a job is all about until you have worked in that environment. Internships
are great opportunities to speak directly to people who have experience in the role you aspire to; and their
knowledge of the job and working environment will give you a greater understanding of what it’s all about
and what you need to do to progress.Your career aspirations may change when you’re faced with the true
realities of a role. Internships can therefore be used as a ‘try before you buy’ option, before you embark
on a career and confirm if this is what you want to do in the long term.

The Kerala tourism development corporation is a public sector undertaking that conducts
and regulates the tourism activities of India state of Kerala the KTDC is headquarter in Trivandrum and
has office across all the districts of Kerala the agency also operates hotels resorts and tourist rest houses
in key locations in the state it‘s official slogan is official host to ―god‘s own county‖ it is one of the most
profitable ventures of the Kerala. This internship is done at corporate office of KTDC at Trivandrum in
the marketing department.

As per the revised rule of KERALA UNIVERSITY, the students studying in the
management institutes under the university have to work in a department in an organization as part of the
internship program. Above just an organizational study, the students gets practical knowledge by working
in certain departments. Class room environment and text book knowledge are just theoretical improvement
of brain and capability. It has to be properly apply in a working environment. The working environment
in an organization is always totally different from a classroom so the practical knowledge can be gained
by doing such internship programs in different organization.

An internship is a pre-professional work experience that provides students, recent graduates,
and career changers with a chance to find out more about a certain career. By education, generally mean
formal instruction in a school or a college, whereas Internship programmed imparted at the work place.
Education is theoretical, while Internship program is practical. It is usually formal and aims at the total
growth of an individual. It develops mental skills which enable one to use the knowledge acquired
effectively in problem solving situations. Internship program increase the aptitude, skills and abilities of
employees to perform specific jobs. It leads to the development of manual skills for a particular job . The
internship undergone with the objectives of;

 To understand the organizational profile, organizational structure, and management levels

 To compare the theoretical knowledge with actual practices.

 To know about the various departments and specific department where the internship is doing

 To make an overall study about the organization and departments.

 Work in a specific department with an intention to learn about the managerial functions,

routine works, and important function that are performed by the department.

 To understand about the working conditions.

 To analyse the departmental functions and to see how the employees manage these activities

 To develop the practical and theoretical knowledge about the organization

By working in a certain department of an organization we can get an overview of the department

and organization. The internship is undergone with these type of objectives which helps us to understand
and develop knowledge. The basic purpose is the applying of theoretical knowledge into actual practices.
This should be learned by a student to become a professional. By this we can understand the organizational
structure, functions, routine works, employee details, and basic things about the working situations and
also the details about the organizations.

The study was undertaken to get a clear cut idea regarding the functioning of the
organization. The study is useful in assessing the quality and performance of the organization. The study
covers the entire functioning of the organization, the activities of different departments, the co-ordination
among the departments etc. Also the study helps in bridging the gap between theory and practice of
management. Internship is not only a study about the organization but also a practical training through
working in an organization. This is mainly aims at applying of theoretical knowledge into actual practices.
To mould a student as a professional, there comes the need of the internship. It is essential because the
working conditions and environment in an organizations are totally different form a class room. There
may be stressful situations, work pressure etc. and that have to be deal by the employee. This type of
abilities only can developed by the internship program.

Every organizations differ from its functions. But the basic activities may remain the same. So an
MBA student must understand the basic operations of the organization. Tactical knowledge, problem
solving skill, leadership quality, basic functions these all can be understand by the student from these type
of internship. An internship program is a grand opportunity for a MBA student because if this opportunity
were utilized well, he/she can develop the practical knowledge as well as the opportunity to get placed in
same organization in which the student is working if superiors impressed by his/her work. If student not
get placed in the organization even though he/she get maximum knowledge about organization and
operations performed by the departments. This will be a great asset to a student.



The Kerala Tourism Development Corporation (KTDC) is a public sector

undertaking that conducts and regulates the tourism activities in the Indian state of Kerala. The KTDC is
headquartered at Thiruvananthapuram and has offices across all the districts of Kerala. The agency also
operates hotels, resorts, and tourist rest houses in key locations in the state. Its official slogan is "Official
host to God's own country." It is one of the most profitable ventures of the Kerala government.







*KTDC has a hotel service outside Kerala- Chennai RAIN DROPS


Kerala was a relatively unknown state among tourist circles until the early 1960s. The first
initiative to popularize Kerala as a tourist destination was undertaken by Travancore's Prince Consort Col.
Godavarma Raja (husband of the then Queen of Travancore) started Kerala Tours Limited to popularize
key tourist locations in Travancore Kingdom. When Travancore merged with India, Kerala Tours Limited
became a private entity under the Travancore royal family. For more than 20 years since Independence,
Kerala trend to ignore tourism as a key industry, leaving KTL and other private players to lead the role.
In the 1960s, KTL struck gold, by collaborating with Thomas Cook and started popularizing Kovalam in
western countries which started the advent of hippie culture in Kovalam Beach. The strong inflow of
tourists into Kovalam, started Kerala government to consider tourism as a key industry. Though it tried to
nationalize Kerala Tours Limited, it soon fell into legal issues. This resulted in the government to think
starting a new entity known as Kerala Tourism Development Corporation (KTDC) IN 1966.

Kerala Tourism Development Corporation, fully owned Government Company head

quartered at Thiruvanathapuram in the state of Kerala, has a history of gradual development and
advancement throughout the 44 years of its existence. KTDC is focusing on tourism related infrastructure
and is opening a chain of hotels and transport network for tourist in Kerala. The company was incorporated
on 29th December 1965 by the name ‘Kerala Tourism and Handicraft Corporation Private Limited’ with
an authorised capital of Rupees One crore. The company was registered as a private limited company and
commenced its business on first April 1966 with three hotels namely Aranya Nivas, Lake Palace and
Kovalam complex which have been handed over by the Government of Kerala as capital. On 15th July
1970 the corporation was reorganised with the name ‘Kerala Tourism Development Corporation (KTDC)

The State’s premier destination developer, Kerala Tourism Development Corporation is

registered under the Companies Act 1956. At the time of its incorporation the company was in possession
with the corporate office in Thiruvananthapuram and the three regional offices at

 Trivandrum in the south-region

 Kochi in the central-region and
 Kannur in the north-region of the State.

The regional offices are headed by 3 managers. These regional managers are headed by the operation
manager of KTDC Trivandrum.

At present the corporation has 71 units which include,

 9 premium hotels

 8 budgeted hotels

 14 tamarind easy hotels

 12 motels, three restaurants

 18 RBPs(restaurant and beer parlours)

 1 Central Reservation Cell (CRC),

 3 Tourist Reservation Centre (TRC),

 2 travel divisions and

 1 shopping complex.

Corporation has memberships in prestigious international and national organisations such as

World Tourism Organisation (WTO), Travel Agents Association of India (TAAI), Federation of Hotel
and Restaurant Association of India (FHRAI), and Indian Association of Tour Operators (IATO).
Recently KTDC established a subsidiary company called Tourist Resort Kerala Limited (TRKL) for
forming joint venture with leading players in the tourism industry.

The autonomous body undertaken by the Government of Kerala to provide services to the
tourists coming in the State, KTDC has a wide range of services for tourists such as accommodation,
transportations, sightseeing facilities, vending vehicles and hotels, and reservation facilities, conducted
and package tours etc. Official host of God’s Own Country is the slogan of KTDC, which offers all
excellent easy ways to knowledge of Kerala and gains several awards and recognitions for its hospitality
and generosity. The properties of KTDC ranging from luxury hotels to budget hotels and motels, Yatri
Nivases and restaurants, KTDC aptly qualifies as the official host to ‘God’s Own Country’. The premium
properties of this largest chain in the state are located in the most picturesque theme destinations of Kerala
and give a different ambience of their places especially the Royal Palaces as the island of Kochi, Lake
Palace and Arya Nivas in the jungles of Thekkady, Hotel Samudra waterscapes as the Vambanad Lake

and Tea County at Munnar etc. KTDC also offers Ayurveda Centres, Cultural entertainment and the best
of Kerala’s cuisine at its major establishments.

The most reliable tour operator and travel agent of Kerala Government, KTDC offers
comprehensive holiday package - exclusive escapades offers holiday packages and conducted tours that
are set in the premium properties of KTDC. As a pioneering tourism development corporation, KTDC has
also introduced innovative concepts like Insured Holiday and Rail Holidays, which provide a complete
experience of Kerala. Its service is now able to give the travellers all information regarding ticketing, visa
facilitations, national and international air ticketing and several striking tour packages. Kerala Tourism
Development Corporation is actively involved in building up basic infrastructure needed for the
development of tourism in the State. It has a diversity of hotels from the most luxurious to the most
economical and from small motel to world-class resorts which provide something for every taste and
budget. The company is engaged in renovating all its major hotels like Mascot Hotel, Arya 130 Nivas,
Lake Palace Hotel Samudra etc. located at different destinations of the State. KTDC operates pilgrim’s
shelter at Sabarimala every year and full-fledged restaurants at Pamba to serve lakhs of pilgrims. The
Amusement Park at Veli Tourist Village commissioned recently is an important feature of the tourist spot.
Neeraja the floating restaurant at Veli, Kettuvallams (houseboats) of the Tharavaadu style at Kumarakam
Tourist Complex and other very attractive speed boats and cruise boats are innovative facilities provided
by KTDC for tourists recently

KTDC regularly conducts food festivals in the occasions of Onam, Christmas, Eid etc. mainly at
Mascot Hotel, Thiruvananthapuram and occasionally in other centres across the state. The corporation is
a regular participant in National and International fair like International Trade fair held at Pragathi Maidan,
New Delhi, International Tourism Borse (ITB) Berlin, World Travel Mart (WTM) London and ATM
Dubai etc. KTDC has implemented a year-long umbrella package campaign called ‘Visit Kerala Year
2009’ for non-resident Keralites from January 20th, 2009 with the aim of wooing more domestic tourists
to the state by focusing on Tier-II cities4 .

 vision

Following are the vision statements of KTDC

• To expand its service base to emerging areas and in developing new tourist destinations in the


• To increase Foreign Exchange and Domestic contribution.

• To increase the Employment Opportunity (direct & indirect)

 mission

“To develop infrastructure and quality accommodation options in the State and thereby promoting
tourism as a whole in Kerala”
 Strategic Intents

Being one of the chief promoters of tourism in Kerala, KTDC has been accepted the following
as the strategic intents of the organisation. These strategic intents are acting as interlinks between
the vision, mission and strategic and established Objectives of the Corporation.
• To elevate tourism as the economic and employment priority of the State by using tourism as the

vehicle of growth for physical, social and economic Development of the State.

• To promote sustainable tourism development with focus on Conservation and Preservation of

Heritage through participation of Panchayathi Raj Institutions.

• To ensure quality services in all areas of tourism in the form of regulation, classification and


• To develop infrastructure through private sector and private-public partnership, with government

acting as a facilitator and catalyst.

• To develop and promote tourism products with continuous focus on backwaters, Ayurveda,

performing arts, pilgrim centres, cuisines and ecotourism. While promoting Ayurveda, the value

of naturopathy herbal medicines and tribal medicines will also be given due importance.

• To concentrate on development of basic infrastructure by co-ordinating all line departments.

• To create sufficient quality human resources in the field of tourism within the State and strengthen

the institutional mechanism.

• To enact proper legislation to sustain the industry and to regulate tourism activities through

Government, industry and PRI collaboration.

• To explore and develop new markets for Kerala Tourism products at both domestic and

international levels. • To conserve and preserve the unique cultural heritage of the State.

• To ensure the safety and security of tourists.

1. To promote Kerala as a leading tourist destination

2. To identify key tourist destinations within Kerala and promote it outside

3. To provide auxiliary support in developing key tourist destinations

4. To provide highest quality hospitality services to tourists

5. To act as one-source destination for various information regarding tourist destinations and other

related information.

6. To ensure higher returns to government, through financial and social viable projects, and thereby

provide employment


Since its incorporation in 1966, KTDC has been playing a key role in the development and expansion

of Kerala’s tourism infrastructure in accordance with the government policies. Functioning as a

commercial arm of the Ministry of Tourism, KTDC has been acting as a catalyst in the promotion of

tourism by opening up new destinations and creating tourist infrastructure in the remote regions where

the private sector has been shy of investing. KTDC has played a pioneering and catalytic role in the

growth of tourism in the state of Kerala. Unique in its concept, the Corporation has more than met

demands of a catalyst in tourism development while achieving and maintaining profitability. The

corporation’s major contributions have been in the field of infrastructure development and tourism

promotional efforts. Broadly we can say that KTDC can take the credit for conceptualising the Kerala

Tourism Products, as it stands today and for relentlessly breaking new ground. Its endeavour to open

exotic new destinations which is hitherto unknown on the international travel circuit and to charter

unknown avenues of tourism activity like adventure tourism before introducing them in an acceptable

form both to the national and international levels. The autonomous body under the Kerala Tourism

Department, KTDC promotes tourism in the state and provides necessary services to the tourists

coming to Kerala. KTDC undertakes the establishment of Tourist Informa participating in building

hotels and wayside amenities required for the development of tourism in the state. The development

of tourist related products, development of wayside facilities, and the conservation of nature, history,

heritage, and culture are some of the services of the corporation. Cultural programs, rural tourism,

eco-tours, information Centres staffed with specially trained employees at the different parts of the

state and actively farm related tourism and adventure tourism are all receiving promotional boosts

from KTDC with the support of the State and Central Governments. KTDC provides a wide range of

services for the tourists which include:

• Hotels and Motels

• Transportation Facilities

• Vehicles on Rent

• Wayside Amenities

• Restaurants and Beer Parlours

• Conducted Tours/ Holyday Packages

• Tour Packages

• Central Reservation Cell

• Entertainment Activities

• Handlooms and Handicrafts

• Consultation Services etc.


Heritage Hotels

1. Lake Palace, Thekkady

2. Bolgatty Palace, Kochi.

Premium Hotels

1. Mascot Hotel, Thiruvanathapuram.

2. Hotel Samudra, Kovalam.

3. Waterscapes, Kumarakom

4. Aranya Nivas, Thekkady

5. Tea County, Munnar.

6. Bolgatty Island Resort, Kochi

7. Marina House, Kochi

Budget Hotels

1. Hotel Chaithram,Thiruvananthapuram

2. Periyar House, Thekkady.

3. Garden House, Malampuzha.

4. Nandanam, Guruvayoor.

5. Mangalya, Guruvayoor.

7. Pepper Grove, Sulthan Bathery.

8. Golden Peak, Ponmudi

Tamarind Easy Hotels

1. Tamarind Easy Hotel, Neyyardam

2. Tamarind Easy Hotel, Kollam.

3. Tamarind Easy Hotel, Changanasery.

4. Tamarind Easy Hotel, Alappuzha.

5 Tamarind Easy Hotel, Peermade.

6. Tamarind Easy Hotel, Thrissur.

7. Tamarind Easy Hotel, Guruvayoor.

8. Tamarind Easy Hotel, Mannarkadu.

9. Tamarind Easy Hotel, Nilambur.

10. Tamarind Easy Hotel, Kondotty.

11. Tamarind Easy Hotel, Thirunelly.

12. Tamarind Easy Hotel, Kannur.

13. Tamarind Easy Hotel, Parasinikkadavu


1. Motel Araam, Kottarakkara

2. Motel Araam, Palaruvi

3. Motel Araam, Punalur.

4. Motel Araam, Kayamkulam.

5. Motel Araam, Alappuzha

6. Motel Araam, Vaikom

7. Motel Araam, Athirappally.

8. Motel Araam, Erumayur.

9. Motel Araam, Vadakara.

10. Motel Araam, Kuttipuram.

11. Motel Araam, Kannur.


Budget Hotel

1. Malabar Mansion, Kozhikode

Restaurant & Beer Parlours

1. Karamana, Thiruvananthapuram.

2. Peyad, Thiruvananthapuram.

3. Statue, Thiruvananthapuram.

4. Balaramapuram.

5. Kazhakuttam

6. Varkala..

7. Attingal..

8. Harippad..

9. Karukachal

10. Muvattupuzha.

11. Kanjikode, Palakkad.

12. Kozhinjampara, Palakkad.

13. Ramanattukara

14. Changaramkulam

15. Koyilandy

16. Payyannur.

17. Kanhangad, Kazarcode.

18. Kannur

Share Capital the Corporation was incorporated with an authorised share capital of One
crore divided into One Lakh equity shares of Rs. 100/- each. With the expansion in the volume of business,
the share capital base has also been increased. At present the authorized share capital of the corporation is
Rs.50 crore and the paid up capital is 49.7 crore. The proposal to enhance the authorized capital to Rs.75
crore is under approval with the government. The shares of the corporation are held by the 133 Governor
of Kerala (4979483 shares of Rs.100/- each) and the Secretary of Tourism (One share of Rs.100)5.

KTDC sells packaged tours of Kerala across world, through a network of travel agents and
tour agencies who act as general sales agents of KTDC. More than 20 products are offered by KTDC.
Conducts one-day and two-day sight-seeing tours in major cities as well as in tourist centres. This includes
bus/tourist cars trips and boat ferries. KTDC have several tourist reception centres in all major cities and
tourist centers, from where conducted tours start and end, in addition to providing complementary
information about tourist destinations, maps and guides. Tourism in Kerala now a days growing rapidly,
KTDC brought more changes in tourism sector. Government put more emphasis on this sector not only
for profit but also for the development of the state to improve the foreign reachability. KTDC offer more
services at lower rate with no compromise in efficiency in service.



The official host to God’s own country, Kerala Tourism Development Corporation brings its
extensive understanding of Kerala to offer the most comprehensive tourism network in the State from
reservation to transit, houseboat cruises to heritage tours, motels to information centres, holiday packages
to nice holidays, spice tours to worldwide safaris and more. In order to make the organization functioning
smoothly, KTDC has built a very conformable functional organizational structure.

KTDC is divided into Centralized and Decentralized units. The centralized units are
controlled by the three regional offices of North, South and Central zones of the State located at Calicut,
Thiruvananthapuram and Kochi respectively. Under the Central Reservation Cell there are four Tourist
Reservation Centres functioning at Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi, Chennai and Delhi. The Decentralized
units consist of large number of units such as luxury hotels, premium hotels, budgeted hotels, motels etc.
These independently functioning units have their own administrative and office personnel to look after the
day to day operations. They utilize allocated funds for the day to day commercial functions of the units







The Chairman, who is a nominee of the Development Corporation. One among the Board of
Directors will be elected as the Managing Director to look after the activities and functions of each
departments of the Corporation. KTDC consists of seven Functional departments such as Commercial
Department, Marketing Department, Personnel Department, Accounts and Finance Department,
Engineering Department, Training Department and System Analysis Department. Government, stands at
the top of the management hierarchy of Kerala tourism Development Corporation. The overall working
structure of KTDC is shown below,



In order to make the organization functioning smoothly and effectively, KTDC has been
divided into different functional departments. These departments helps to maintain the overall working
system. All department contribute so much efforts to maintain the balance of the organization. Mainly
KTDC TRIVANRUM has seven important functional departments they are;

1. Commercial department

2. Marketing department

3. Accounts and finance department

4. Personnel department

5. Engineering department

6. Training department

7. System analysis department


One among the departments of supreme importance, Commercial Department consists of two
Commercial Managers, three Regional Managers, Superintendent and other staff members. Commercial
Manager 1 controls the decentralized units and Commercial Manager 2 controls the centralized units.
Beyond the three Regional Offices, the travel and tour section also comes under the Commercial Manager
2. The travel and tour section is in charge of purchasing vehicles including lease and hire purchase,
maintenance and repair of boats and other vehicles etc. commercial department is now turned into
OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT. Even though the name has changed, functions are the same. The
operations manager is the head of the department and has other staff members to coordinate the functions
of the department. Manager must be a member of the purchase committee he/she has the power to decide
the purchasing, leasing, hiring of various things that needed by the hotels, motels, RBPs, etc.


The Marketing Department concerned with the marketing efforts of the final product market
oriented activities is necessary in today’s competitive world.138 Marketing is the process of planning and
executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods and services to create
exchanges that satisfy individual and organisational goals 6. The main function of marketing is managing
relationships in an organisation, with outside vendors, and the consumer. Without marketing there is no
consumer and without the consumer there is no use for the product or service the company is producing 7.
Tourism Marketing comprises fact finding, data gathering analysis and promote ensuring and facilitating
sales, selection of marketing, planning, (distribution), coordination, control and evaluation (marketing,
planning and audit), developing professionally sound personnel 8. Marketing department of Kerala
Tourism Development Corporation is putting their integral effort to satisfy tourists and also transforming
the potential tourists into actual customers. The Department deals with direct selling, organising national
and international travel tour fairs, printing and distribution of various tariff, hospitality, handling customer
complaints, promotion, advertising, publicity, telemarketing etc.


Personnel and Administrative Department is responsible for ensuring the maximum utilization
of the available human resources to achieve the organizational objectives as well as carrier goal of the
employees. In KTDC there are 606 permanent staff 800 contract employees and 532 trainees. Employees
recruited as trainees are usually taken for a period of 6 months, which may be extended for one or two
terms if required. As the main business of KTDC is hotels, which is mainly of seasonal nature, the
organization employs casual labours on daily wage to meet the urgent requirements. The functions of the
Personnel Department consists of recruitment, selection, probation, termination and reversion, seniority,
termination of services, retirement from services, allowances, holidays, working hours, leave, dispensary
action, recovery of damages, industrial relations and trade union matters, and training and development
programmes etc.
Subject to the provisions in the Articles of Association, recruitment to services of the
Corporation shall ordinarily be made by direct appointments, promotions, deputation from other services.
Selection of candidates for appointment to posts under the Corporation shall be made by the Staff Selection
Committee of the Board constituted for the purpose. The Corporation have the right to terminate the
service of any employee by discharge, dismissal, retirement and retrenchment. The Personnel &
Administrative department solves the dispute occurring in the organisation. They render legal advice on
matters referred from various other department of the Corporation on subject to varying from recruitment
and other service matters to commercial transaction. The department organises various training and
development programmes for both new and existing employees in the Corporation with the co-operation
of the training department


Finance and secretarial sections of KTDC comes under the control of company secretary. He
has to perform financial as well as the secretarial functions. In the absence of MD, Company Secretary is
the appellate body. He has to attend the meeting on behalf of the company and has to control and
coordinate the functioning of all units. Financial functions like fund raising and fund allocation is done by
this section. The preparation of final accounts and other major accounts are approved by the company
The Accounting Department deals with the maintenance of records relating to the financial dealings of
KTDC such as the computation of salary and maintenance of accounts of the units etc. Accounting in the
commercial organisation represents writing of financial transactions of the enterprise in a chronological
order under the double entry system of book-keeping in an accrual basis. The centralised and decentralised
units sent the income and expenditure statements and the other necessary accounts to the head office. After
coordinating the necessary accounts, the head office prepares the consolidated accounts for financial
control and uniform collection of the sales analysis statement, sundry debtors’ statement, and advance
received statements are used for management and budgetary control.

O Preparation of advanced capital budgets and budgets for each unit.

O Preparation and maintenance of accounts.

O Preparation of capital budget on the request of the units for capital addition based on future programme

for development.

O Records all details regarding the purchase of goods and its payments.

O Monitoring internal audit system.

O Budget and budgetary control.

O Statutory audit.

O Maintenance of payroll.


The Training Department of Kerala Tourism Development Corporation came to existence

in August 2007, as the Corporation was given special attention to improve productivity of the human
resources. The Training Department is headed by the Manager for Training. The strategic planning of this
department is to improve productivity and increase profit. Training and development programmes are
given to all employees of KTDC in order to improve their technical and behavioural skills. Types of
training provided by the training department of KTDC consist of On the Job Training and Off the Job
Training. On the job training is the most effective but least expensive method as the trainee learns by
experience and making him highly competent. Job Instruction Training is the main on the job training
adopted by KTDC. Off the Job Training consists of lectures or verbal presentation of information by an
instructor to a large audience.

Structure of training department is shown blow;


The Engineering Department of KTDC headed by Chief Corporation Engineer. The department
undertakes all the construction and maintenance activities of the corporation. It mainly deals with the
construction of new hotels, projects etc. The 144 maintenance of existing buildings and properties are also
done by the Engineering Department.
The land required for the construction of hotels and other properties is mainly KTDC undertaken
by acquisition. The government provides the land for the construction of the units. KTDC appoints
external architects for construction works. The necessary materials required for construction are usually
purchased by giving tenders in newspapers. The Engineering Department of Kerala Tourism Development
Corporation is mainly divided into three sections, they are;

Civil Engineering Section

Mechanical Engineering Section
Electrical Engineering Section

The structure of the engineering department is shown below;

Civil Engineering Wing:

The Civil Engineering section of Engineering Department of KTDC deals with:

Construction of plans for the new projects

Prepares plans for the extension of the existing units

Up gradation of the existing units

Maintenance of the existing units

Mechanical Wing:

The Mechanical Wing of the Engineering Department does the repairing works of the lifts, air
conditioners, piping works etc. The repairs of the automobiles and boats are done by this wing and they
have to check frequently the working conditions and functioning of the above said.

Electrical Wing:

The Electrical section deals with all the electrical works in co-ordination with the mechanical wing.


The Systems and Networking division of Kerala Tourism Development Corporation is in

charge of controlling and co-ordinating the entire systems and networking functions of KTDC office, its
hotels and other units. The entire systems coming under KTDC hotels have been linked with the
Centralised Server at the Headquarters, which helps to rectify the software complaints. The computerized
system also helps in collecting the Sales data; identify the changing demand of both customer as well as
market and also the necessary of new technologies.

The functions of Systems and Networking Department of KTDC include:
O Purchasing of Hotel Management Hardware and Software
O To make hand with the Government Projects like e-commerce and IT projects.
O Controlling the entire System activities of KTDC.
O Supplying necessary hardware and software for various departments.
O Maintenance of the systems and accessories of the corporation


. KTDC has been playing a key role in the development and expansion of Kerala’s tourism
infrastructure in accordance with the government policies. For the smooth functioning of KTDC, there are
seven departments playing an important role. They are commercial, marketing, finance, personnel, system
administration and training departments. COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT is one of the most important
functional department. The department is now named as OPERATIONAL DEPARTMENT. The seven
major departments are playing important role in balancing the activities of KTDC. Even though the name
has changed into operational department, functions are the same. Operations department contribute so
many important roles in the working of the organization. The day to day working of the department is

controlled the head of the department. Operations manager is the head of the department and assisted by
the staff. Currently there are four lady staff are working in the department under the operations manager.
The structure of the operations department is shown in the below chart;

In commercial/ operations department, there are two managers one of them are controls the three
regional offices which are situated in Kannur, Cochin and Trivandrum. Those three regional offices are
headed by three managers who are comes under the supervision of the operations manager. And the other
operation manager controls the working of the premium and budgetary hotels of KTDC. Above hotels and
tours& travels, restaurants and beer wine parlours (RBPs) are controlled by the operation manager.

Operations department performing many functions that helps to maintain the balancing
of the organizations activities. Some of the main functions of the department is listed below,

Central Purchase: Commercial Department makes the purchase of the cutlery, crockery, grocery
etc. for the units of KTDC. Quality and price are the two standards taken for the purchase of materials.

General Correspondence of the Units: Commercial Department looks after the functioning of the
units. The commercial department controls and coordinates the functioning of the units.
Keeping of Documents: The department keeps the files regarding the payment details which include
payment of land tax, building tax etc. of the units.

Development and Renovation of Units: Commercial Department provides necessary suggestions for
the development of the Units. The department conducts inspection regarding the performance of the units
as well
As to avoid malpractices within the units.

Customer Support Services: The Department gives necessary support to the customers in case of
credit purchase, advance booking etc.

The Function includes: Assists the Corporation in planning materials and services, and serves an
information Centre on material knowledge relating to price and source of supply and delivery made.

Central purchase are done by the operational department. They seek the need of each and every units
such as hotels, RBPs, and regional offices and also the travels. Or the managers of each and every units
identify the needs of their unit and sent the report to the main head office. The operations managers
carefully analyse the need and took necessary actions. Operations department commonly deal with the
items like,

 Cutlery
 Crockery
 Groceries
 Stationaries
 Sanitary items
 Uniforms etc.

Bulk purchases are done generally through making tenders. Tenders are made by the operations
department. For the short purchases they give authority to the respective unit mangers to purchase. There
are two standers are always considered at time of purchase. They are price and quality. For any purchase
first consider the quality of the material to be purchased. Because quality ensures the goodwill and
reputation of any organization. Tourism industry is fast growing in our country and hotels and other private
tourism industries are growing. So the government and KTDC have a strong belief that the services and
things provided by the organization must be good in quality. Then only the industry can survive. Price and
quality are two sides of a coin. Price is always a factor for surviving because, economic stability and
income can only be controlled by careful spending. So KTDC concentrated on maximum quality products
at reasonable price like any other firms. It’s a simple strategy for achieving maximum efficiency. Tenders
made generally for the period of one year. They find the best companies that can be provide better quality
goods and reasonable price. KTDC hold its market goodwill and reputation through good servicing and
better quality products.
Operations department is controlling every units of the organization. It act as a general
correspondence of the units. This department is looking after its units. And it is controlling and
coordinating functions of the units. Units work on the basis of orders given by commercial department.
Any activities done by the units must inform to the department. Unit managers are always responsible to
operation manager so he should work according to the operations department. Managers of the unit have
power to run the unit carefully. Suggestion and orders are given by operation head. If anything is needed
by the unit, then the manager contact operation department through letter or email. Department analyse
the situation and action will be taken. The staff strength in each department is decided by the operations
Records are very essential for the working of any organization so they must be record and keep
systematically. The records which are related to day to day working and other financial records related to
the units are systematically recorded and kept in the operation department. The document which are related
to the units payment details like purchase orders, tax of land and building, tender orders etc. kept in the
Development and renovation are essential factors. So the units are developed and renovated by the
suggestions of the operational department if necessary. As general correspondence of the units, the
department inspect units when needed and take actions not only for renovation and development but also
for the malpractices and misconduct. If the unit need any renovation, manager of the unit sent a report to
the operations manager then the head analyse report and take immediate action if necessary after
inspecting unit. Beer wine parlours are comes under the operations department, generally they are on lease
base. If a person willing to give a building for the working of beer wine parlour, operations manager
appoint the regional manager for the inspection of the site, manager then sent a report to operations
manager. If the site and other factors are feasible to organization, then they will sign the contract for three
or five years.
Above all the department is very helpful for the customers. Operation department give necessary
support for the customers in case of credit purchase, advance booking etc. because they value their
customers. As department serves the customer with necessary advices, also help KTDC for planning and
working. It assist the corporation in planning material and services. Operational department provide
necessary relevant information about services to be provided in the units and also give price details of
materials. Commercial department deals with the material purchases and operations in units so the
department is capable for giving such information to the corporation.
Above mentioned important functions are done by the operation department. These functions are
some of the most important functions and it need special awareness so they are well monitored and
executed carefully by the department. Each and every staffs and other related persons are doing their job
carefully and sincerely to achieve the organizational goals. As all other department, operational
department is one of the most important department because of its special functions. These functions are
to be fulfilled for the development and survival of the organization. The department control and coordinate
all operational functions of KTDC and its other units as well as the regional offices. Purchase, planning,
inspecting, customer support, supervising, controlling, coordinating, development such all important
functions cannot be performed in the absence of the operational department. As all these are major factors
influencing the survival and development of the organization it need more attention. Operational
department put more concentration on these type of functions and manage it carefully.
The operation managers in the department cannot perform all activities themselves and they are
alone insufficient to control and coordinate all unit as well as the department. Hence the organization
appoint mangers and staffs in each and every units on the basis of need of the units. Managers control the
working of hotels and other regional offices. Managers are assisted by the other officers. They combine
together for the well-being of the organization. These hotels and regional offices are coordinated by the
operation manager to attain the organizational objectives. So operational department is unavoidable
because it covers the key areas of the organization.




During the internship, the operations manager and the senior staff of the department were
assigning tasks. The tasks and duties were,

 Studied about kerala tourism development corporation

 Understand about the rules and policies.
 Studied about the various departments
 Studied about the various operations undertaken by each department
 Got an outline idea about the operations department.
 Studied about the units working under the operations department.
 Visit MASCOT HOTEL, that is a nearby unit of KTDC
 Worked under housekeeping department at MASCOT HOTEL
 In housekeeping department verified the purchase details, stocks, etc.
 Help the senior staff of the housekeeping department in assigning duties to staffs
 Help in verifying purchase details
 In corporate office of KTDC, help the senior staff in typing letters, verifying documents.
 Help the staff to type purchase orders
 Analysed previous purchase details
 During the period of internship help the department in the movement of documents with in the
 Visit other departments to get an overview
 Gathered information about the units working under KTDC


Kerala tourism Development Corporation is the biggest and largest tourism sector organization in
Kerala. As an intern, I learned lot of things about this organization though working in a department of the
organization. Even if I worked in the operational department, I have analyse and understan d the whole

operations of the organization. As an MBA student I have got a real life experience in KTDC.

From this one month touch with the company, I realized that the operations helps in keeping the
company stable from uncertain situations constitute by several departments of the organization.
Operational, marketing, finance, engineering, systems, and training departments has combined together
for the organizational achievements. From working in operational department, realized that this
department covers the key areas like any other department.

An MBA student must have to know about the practical learning also from the real life experience.
This internship platform is become a good opportunity for me to develop practical as well as theoretical
knowledge. Learned about lot of things like,

 Helps to know about, How to apply our theoretical knowledge into real life practices.

 I have learned that, How to manage and coordinate an organizations operations wisely.

 Learned about the overall functioning of KTDC

 Analysed working structure of each and individual departments

 Learned about the functions done by operations department

 Understand about the Duties and responsibilities of workers

 Learned about the qualities to be processed by a professional

As an intern and an MBA student I have learned the above mentioned important things about
the organization through the help of efficient staff and manager of the department. One should know about
these real life experience to develop skill like leadership, efficiency, compatibility, professionalism, etc.
internship helps me to develop a knowledge about organization and departments.


Kerala tourism development corporation is government owned tourism sector organization which
growing in its operation tremendously. KTDC has 71 units within Kerala and one unit (Rain drops) in
Chennai. Tourism is one of the growing industry in terms of goodwill for the state and in economic gain
also. So this organization serving its customers in many ways by providing premium and budgetary hotels,
resorts, tour packages, travels, and also restaurants and beer wine parlours. KTDC is maintaining a healthy
relationship with its customers. The well-organized structure helps to maintain its routine functioning.
Workers of the organization also have a positive and bold attitude towards the organizational objectives.
KTDC always introduce certain policies, plans, and packages for getting the attention of customers.

The above mentioned information about organization is gathered and analysed from my one month
internship program done in operational department of KTDC. It give me fair and precise knowledge about
the working structure, plans, etc. through the program I have understand what are the functions to be
performed by an operational department and how well it performed in moulding the organization in a well-
structured form. During the internship I got chance to visit the units of KTDC and to analyse the working
pattern of units through its department analysis. Continuous touch with commercial department helps me
to gather knowledge about particular department as well as others. Through the close analysis, I have
understood that the operational department covers the important key areas.

A professional need skill to convert theoretical knowledge into real life experiences. Through
internship program one could develop this skill. I learned as an intern from this program that, the ideas,
knowledge, and thoughts developed from classrooms are useless, unless it is converted in to business or
real life practices. Internship became a great platform to me to gain and develop lot of information about
the organization and a business industry.