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Mrs. Muoio-Purple Team 2019-2020

Welcome back! My name is Mrs. Muoio, and I am thrilled to be your L.A. teacher this year. I

hope that you have had a relaxing, productive summer, and that you are ready for an exciting,

challenging year of learning.

Course Objectives:

The objectives of the Language Arts class are to strengthen reading and writing skills. The 8 th grade reading

and writing curriculum will encourage students to use critical thinking skills to analyze what has been read.

We will be reading four core novels, as well as working in book clubs within the classroom.

We will also spend considerable time writing. We will focus on the process of writing, editing, and revising

within various genres, with the primary emphasis on research and argument modes.

Materials / Supplies:

 Reader’s /Writer’s/Grammar /Vocabulary Notebook-Three ring binder for Core

Novel/Book Club assignments, mini lessons, vocabulary, and notes/assignments

 Five Dividers

 Pens, Pencils, highlighter, and sticky notes

 Plenty of loose leaf


 All essays and major assignments must be typed. (If you do not have access

to a computer or the internet, please let me know)

 1.5 Spaced

 12 pt. Font


 Must have a title, name, group, and date in upper left hand corner



Classwork: 40%

 Come to class with required materials daily (BOOK)

 Maintain language arts binder

 Participate in class and whole group discussions

Assessments: 50%

Students will take a baseline, midterm and final assessment, as well as other assessments

throughout the year.

Homework: 10%

Students will usually have homework Monday through Thursday, with occasional homework on

the weekend. This may vary at times based on student progress toward completion of long term

assignments. Students are expected to read for a minimum of 30 minutes a night and record their

reading in their independent reading log.

 If it’s in your locker you have until P.M. Advisory to get me the assignment, or it’s a 0!

 Students may not print the day something is due. It must be printed the day before.

 You are responsible for any assignments/homework when not in class.

 Homework on web site under Purple Team and is updated daily.

Mrs. Muoio Room 211


Sometimes students make the mistake of using a website to help them write a report or complete

an assignment without giving proper credit to the original writer. When you copy what somebody

else has written or take somebody else’s idea and try to pass it off as your own that is considered

plagiarism and it is illegal. Stealing somebody else’s ideas cannot be tolerated. If your work

shows evidence of plagiarism, you will receive a “0”for the assignment and you will be asked to

rewrite the assignment for reduced points.


Please review the above guidelines with your parent. Student and parent must sign below.

Student signature:


Parent signature: