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1, 1241 suggestions (redemptory, purifier,

The Fight over Chrysies assembler, stony). Modern scholars
Agamemnon and Achilles argue over disagree with most of them, with the
whether or not Chrysies should be returned majority linking Apollo’s name to the Greek
to her father, a priest of Apollo, or if they word “paella” which means “a sheepfold”
should keep her. and which may suggest that Apollo was
originally merely a protector of the flocks
Briseis and Chryseis and herds.
In “The Iliad”, Chrysies is a maden whose
father is a priest of Apollo. She has been Jan 3, 1241
captured by the Greek general Menelaus fights Paris
Agamemnon. Agamemnon refuses to give
her up when Chryseis’ father wants to pay Menelaus and Paris fight to the death.
ransom to get her back. After a plague Neither is able to hit the other with their
caused by an oracle of Apollo devastates spear and Menelaus breaks his sword on
the troops. Agamemnon is forced to return Menelaus armor. Just as Menelaus is about
Chryseis to her father. He retaliates by to kill Paris, Aphrodite sends him back to
taking Achilles’ slave girl Briseis, who Is the the palace.
daughter of the prince. Achilles decides that
because he has lost Briseis, whom he has Jan 4, 1241
genuine affection for, he will not fight in the The Gods intervene
war against the Trojans. He stays out of the
battle until his bestfriend, Patroclus, is killed Zeus tries to convince the gods to stop
wearing his armor. fighting but they all refuse. Athena then
convinces a Trojan archer to fire an arrow to
Chryseis was daughter to Chryses, himself give the Greeks something to fight about.
a priest to Apollo. When Iliad opens,
Chryses goes before the Greeks, in the Jan 6, 1241
interest of ransoming his daughter, who had Diomedes fights the gods
been taken as captive by Agamemnon, but
Agamemnon refuses to release her. In so When Ares is wreaking havoc on the Greek
doing, Agamemnon invites the wrath of soldiers Diomedes goes and challenges
Apollo, outraged by this slight against his him. With the aid of Athena he manages to
priest. wound him. Zeus then pulls him off the
battlefield an allows the battle to go on.
Jan. 1, 1241
Achilles withdraws. Jan 7, 1241
Hector joins the battle
Achilles decides to return to Chrysies to her
father to stop the plague. Apollo has sent Hector comes back into battle and proceeds
down. When Agamemnon discovers this, he to drive the Greeks back to the ships.
steals Briseis from Achilles. Achilles then
refuses to fight because he was Jan 7, 1241
disrespected. Patroclus part 1
Apollo’s role
Patroclus goes to Achilles and tries to
convince him to fight. Achilles says no but
The origin of the name Apollo is still not
does give Patroclus his armor for when he
properly understood. Many Greeks seem to
goes to war.
have supposed that it stands for “destroyer”
but this was only one of the many
Jan 7, 1241 Jan 13, 1241
Patroclus part 2 The Funeral Games

Patroclus decides to go to war instead of After Patroclus' funeral Achilles hosts many
Achilles. He ends up dueling with Hector different competitions in honor of him with
who promptly kills him and steals Achilles fabulous prizes at stake.
armor from him.
Jan 14, 1241
Jan 9, 1241 Priam and Achilles
Achilles joins the battle
Priam arrives at the Greek camp pleading
After grieving of Patroclus, Achilles is filled for Hectors body to be returned so that he
with anger and vows to kill Hector. But first can have a proper burial. After Priam falls
he gets new armor from Hephaestus that asleep at the camp Apollo wakes him up
cannot be penetrated by a human weapon. and tells him he must go back to Troy.
Priam then grabs Hector's body and goes
Jan 9, 1241 back to Troy.
Hector vs. Achilles

Achilles goes into battle and after a while

manages to force the Trojans to retreat into
Troy leaving only Hector outside. Achilles
then chases Hector around the city three
times before Athena tricks him into fighting.

Jan 9, 1241
Hector vs. Achilles part 2

Achilles and Hector both throw their spears

and miss but Athena returns Achilles' spear
to him. Hector, wearing Achilles' armor,
rushes him, but Achilles, knowing the
armors weak spots, stabs Hector and kills
him. Achilles then drags Hector's body
around the city behind his chariot.

Jan 12, 1241

The Desecration of Hector’s body

While he is mourning Patroclus, Achilles is

constantly stabbing, kicking, and dragging
Hector's body around. The body does not
rot or anything because Apollo is protecting
his body.